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Nigel Coutts

Beyond consumer based ICT - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    There is a change taking place in how schools approach ICT, one that has been coming for some time but is at the point of moving into the mainstream. A subtle but powerful shift that sees ICT build connections with the Maker Movement as a tool for solving what Bronwyn Moreton speaking at the ICT Educators of NSW conference describes as the 'I wish it would . . .' moment where a learner discovers that their technology doesn't do everything they wished it would.
Karla Ruzicka

Vol 24 No 1 (2012): The potential of a game based learning approach to improve learner ... - 2 views

    An interesting article on the usefulness of game-based learning in K-12. In it, the authors introduce term "digital natives" or individuals for whom these technologies are second nature. 
Marie Cristobal

Google Custom Search - Game based Learning Search Engine - 6 views

    This search engine contains effective game based learning resources and interactive tools which can be delivered in-house in corporate universities or training departments.
Dan Flaten

CSE for Game Based Learning for Business Management Related Courses - 1 views

    Here is my Custom Search Engine for Game Based Learning in Business Management Related Courses. URL: Good Luck, Dan Flaten
Jeannine Burgess

Gesture-based Computing - 1 views

    Gesture Based computing incorporates gestural interactions very similar to the way Wii and other games function sensing individual movements either with hand-held devices or sensing the movement of the limbs and body of the player. It is expected within the next four to five years gesture-based computing will become the norm for interacting with a computer, such as you do now with your Smart-phones and iPads. The possibility of gesture-based computing changing the way we interact is all too real. The links associated with this search engine speak of variations of gesture-based computing now and in the future. Have fun searching and learning. Be sure to search for the Sixth Sense.
    Gesture based computing is the future for education
Jodie Banyas

Why Wikis? Student Perceptions of Using Wikis in Online Coursework - 4 views

    This article is from the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching and discusses the uses and limits of Wikis.
Carolyn Jenkins

Project Based Learning Checklists - 1 views

    Templates for creating your own rubrics for writing, science, oral presentation, and multimedia in K-12 grades.
Dr. Jill Klefstad

Active Learning - 0 views

    Hot Links to the components of active learning including strong definitions of active learning or student centered approaches to teaching
Jill Zielinski

Top News - eSN Special Report: - 0 views

  • Project-based learning is a successful approach to instruction for a variety of reasons, its proponents say. For one thing, it helps students retain the information they learn.
    • Jill Zielinski
      Giving students that ability to apply what they are learning moves them closer to integrating 21st century skills.
  • Adaptive Curriculum is an interactive, web-based software product that allows students to conduct scientific experiments,
    How can we transform our classes into a project-based environment
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