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Larry Murphy Jr

Gesture Based Computing and Its Applications to Education - 4 views

    This is a collection of articles related to gesture based computing and its applications to education.
    This is some very interesting information related to gesture based computing. If you own an Apple, Microsoft, or Android type touch pad device or a smartphone, you are already familiar with the technology. The articles are concerning future applications of this technology to education
    Murph, I really liked the ""Gesture Computing Video". Great resources!
Jay Marston

Prezi - Ideas matter. - 0 views

    Very simple to convert old power point presentations to this format, and much more interesting for the audience to watch.
    This is a great way to change up presentations from the traditional power point format. Working on converting one now, and will share with the group when completed.
    This looks like a much better way to present information, especially to high school age students, than the traditional power point format. I am in the process of creating a brief prezi on European schools of art, that I hope to share when I am finished. Hopefully it can be used whenever you reference a school of art from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism, to give an historical perspective of where that particular school fits.
Naomi Orlovsky

8 Word Cloud Makers for teachers - 1 views

    • Guess the book – works great when you have access to the text of famous books via sites such as Project Gutenberg.
    • Use to introduce a topic – pupils could guess what they will be learning about from a word cloud made of keywords.
    • Comparing different newspapers – look at the same story in a Broadsheet and a tabloid newspaper (website) and compare the wordle clouds produced – how do the words used differ?
    • Self-reflection on work – as Wordle makes a word larger the more frequently it is used, pupils will be able to see at a glance which words or phrases they are over-using. Are they using the word Nice or Good too often?
    • Use to analyse the content and gist a longer written text, especially with exam or higher level groups
    • To introduce new vocabulary or to memorise new vocabulary/vocabulary lists
    • Revision of key topics and vocabulary – pupils can create their own worldes or they can be given them to use
    • To give presentations without reading from a sheet and just using prompts
    • Encouraging creative writing from a selection of key words from a word cloud
    This article helped me understand Wordle's uses in the classroom a bit more.  Originally shared by Dennis O'Connor - Thanks!  Initially, I was finding Wordle as a frivolous toy.  This article made it seem more worth while, and interesting enough to want to utilize it beyond my initial personal word cloud.
suzain johan

online English Training - 0 views

    learn English language step by step, improve your writing reading conversation skill in English language, free download English grammar books,free English learning software, practice latters,application CV in English & prepare your self for interview in English, & many more free English language material:
Kevin Schuchmann

SUPER © (video converter) - 2 views

    Download this application for converting videos into formats that can be used in PowerPoint presentations.
Carol Kubota

Application Directory | LinkedIn - 3 views

    A professional web page which features various applications which can be added.
Carol Kubota

1257439122_80_EducationalSocialNetworkingWhitepaper.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 3 views

    Do you want to know about Web 2.0 and the opportunities it has for instructors? You will probably find the answers here.
Carol Kubota

RoyalBromptonV3.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 0 views

    Learning to reflect
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