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Sandy Madelung

Discovery Education Web2013 : Web 2.0 Tools - 5 views

    Great resource for Web 2.0 tools for everyone.
Patti Kucek

cooltoolsforschools - File Storage - 0 views

    Free file hosting, free mp3 hosting, free mp3 streaming, free mp3 storage, and free image hosting. 1 GB of space that you can access from any computer. 250 MB of daily outgoing bandwidth. Upload files as large as 50 MB. Create up-to 20 folders to neatly organize your files, mp3's, and images.
Scott Carey

Web 2.0 tools - 4 views

Here is a link for Web 2.0 tools. As a part of an assignement I was asked to become familiar with Web 2.0 and post about it. I wa...

web 2.0 tools

started by Scott Carey on 26 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
Maryruth Hicks

Discovery Education Web2013 : Web 2.0 Tools - Video Tools - 4 views

    • Melissa Shasteen
      Animoto would be great to use to create visuals for a new topic. I might use this to build background knowledge before reading a non-fiction text.
    • Melissa Shasteen
      Create an avatar - this would be a different way to engage students for a flipped lesson.
    • Melissa Shasteen
      The free account does not look like it gives you that much. I worry about using too much different types of programs and overwhelming the students.
    Video tools that allow you to create your own avatars and other animations that can be used for teaching and learning. Media-based tools that reach out to diverse learning styles...
    Media-based tools help teachers and trainers reach all learners, regardless of their diverse learning styles. Additionally, tools like the avatar generate demonstrations that foster interactive learning and engagement.
Ruth Bass

10 Things You Didn't Know Dropbox Could Do - 0 views

    Interesting site for using Dropbox a time saver.
Monica McQuaid

teachwithyouripad - Group Collaboration using iPADs - 6 views

    Group Collaboration using iPads - Web 2.0 applications
    iPad in the classroom
Sue Hebson

Survey tool using mobile device - 0 views

    live response option provides formative assessment information
Meredith Smith

Facebook - 1 views

    Facebook pages and/or Facebook groups can be used interactively by people. They can be used for calendars, events, pictures, discussions, links, and there are other possibilities.
    If you use Facebook, be sure to like our E-Learning and Online Teaching page at: ! Daily updates on E-Learning Issues. Job leads too! ~ Dennis
Maggie Rouman

TeachersFirst Review - Tag Galaxy - 1 views

    Tag Galaxy is an amazing way to find a collection of Flickr images to illustrate or reinforce concepts. This site provides an unusual search tool that makes the online combing process a visual experience. This search tool pulls tags from photographs on Flickr, while taking you on a spinning journey through outer space. As the results settle, viewers come to rest in a galaxy containing one large star in the center and a series of outer planets. The central star contains all the images directly relating to the initial tag. The revolving planets consist of similar or corresponding tags. Click on a planet and additional sub-categories will appear. Click on the central star and Flickr images gather, and land on a gigantic 3D sphere. Select a photo to view, read the credits and caption. From here, it is possible to go directly to the author's Flickr Page and enjoy more photographs by the same artist. This site is also intriguing because of the way it illustrates the unfolding of the search process. It is the perfect site to use when explaining how Internet tags work, and how to organize and sort information. The site is the result of a Steven Wood's graduation thesis project while at Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg.
Debi Griggs

- Top 100 Sites of 2011 - 0 views

  • This is ideal for bloggers, web designers, or schools in a one-to-one environment who are looking to create a great-looking mobile app for free or share news/homework in a mobile environment
    Great resource for finding tools for education
Maggie Rouman

Digital Skills Can Be Quickly Acquired - - 3 views

    Pamela Tate, president and chief executive of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, based in Chicago, said digital literacy, including understanding social networking, is now a required skill.

    "They are essential skills that are needed to operate in the world and in the workplace," she said. "And people will either need to learn through formal training or through their networks or they will feel increasingly left out.
Maggie Rouman

Wordia - Games based learning for students - HOME - Edgalaxy: Where Education... - 6 views

    Wordia is a free games-based learning platform - built on the foundations of a dictionary - that blends word-based learning games with interactive video vocabulary.
    Wordia encourages students to learn through play - building subject 'Word Banks' as they compete with classmates and other schools in a fun, competition-led, learning environment.

Landmarks Class Blogmeister - 0 views

  • shortening of the term Web log, the Blog is an online publishing tool that enables people to easily publish their loves, passions, dislikes, peeves, discoveries, and insights.

    Thousands of teachers have discovered the value of classroom blogging, both as an avenue for their communications, but also as a tool for giving voice to what their students are learning and how they are learning.

    Class Blogmeister is one of several blogging engines that have been developed specifically for classroom use. You are welcome to explore the writings of teachers and students alike.

    Class Blogmeister was developed specifically for classroom use which can make it easier for teachers to use than other products.
    Many schools utilize blogs as the portals for communication between the classroom, student, and home. They are easy to use and they are effective communication tools.
Maggie Rouman

"Web Tools 2.0" | - 9 views

    Found this on Amazing source!

    Web Tools 2.0""A One Stop Shop for Educators"
Michele W.

100 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers! - 3 views

    The 100 Web 2.0 tools are listed under the following categories: Interactivity, Engagement, Motivation, Empowerment, and Differentiation. I am not familiar with 80% of these tools and am looking forward to learning about each one.
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