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Diane Cooper

Human Development | Free Lesson Plans | Teachers | Digital textbooks and standards-alig... - 0 views

    • Diane Cooper
      Great lesson plans for the Child development teacher with developmental stage websites.
Paula Quenoy

Planboard - Lesson planning made easy for teachers - 5 views

    It's an online lesson planner made for teachers. Create, share, and manage lesson plans with simple and easy to use lesson plan templates.
Travis Gibson

Travis Gibson Search Engine for PLE's - 3 views

    I've created a search engine for PLE resources for education.
Patricia Christian

Always Write: An Original Writer's Notebook Lesson from Corbett - 3 views

Debi Griggs

A Lesson in Academic Integrity | Faculty Focus - 1 views

  • One of their defenses for the student’s reasoning was that the consequence for taking credit for someone else’s work was significantly smaller than the consequence for taking a zero for his own failure to complete the assignment.
    Hands on lesson in what it feels like to be plagiarized.
    Thanks for sharing, Debi. I'd be interested in trying something similiar...
Michele W.

Online Teacher Tools -- Compiled by Diana Dell - 0 views

    WOW! There are so many teaching aids available online. I like the Rubric Makers and Lesson Plans sections of Diana Dell's Online Teacher Tools article.
Jenifer Melton

Dianne's Digital Discoveries - 1 views

    Lots of great ideas for technology integration in the classroom
Jenifer Melton

The Committed Sardine - 2 views

    The 21st Century Fluency Project blog. Awesome resource for educators.
Jenifer Melton

Scenarios for Computer Ethics - 1 views

    In the age of digital learners, cyber-bullies, emoticons, and texting, we can't do enough to teach Netiquette. This source provides scenarios for students to explore. 1 minute ago
    In the age of digital learners, cyber-bullies, emoticons, and texting, we can't do enough to teach Netiquette. This source provides scenarios for students to explore.
Jenifer Melton

Gaming in Education - 3 views

    Great resource highlighting some of the popular gaming sites.
Jenifer Melton

38 Interesting Blog Ideas for Classroom Blogs - 2 views

    • Jenifer Melton
      A pencast or a digital screen shot/recorder can also be linked to any blog to show a step by step guide.
Kimberley Porteus

Types of Questions for On-Line Discussion | Penn State Learning Design Community Hub - 1 views

    • Dennis OConnor
      Understanding question types will help you craft powerful discussion prompts.  It's better to not to mix your question types in a single prompt.  Avoid creating an elaborate time consuming assignment. Instead work to get folks thinking about a specific aspect of the reading you reference. 
    • Kimberley Porteus
      A nice reminder of the types of questions to elicit online discussions...
    The site is a guideline to help create different types of questions.
    Reminder of types of questions for online discussions
Debby Chaffin

The Teachers Corner - 1 views

    A place to find free ideas for lesson plans.
Jenifer Melton

Tech the Plunge - 4 views

    Building a Student/Teacher Collaborative Website using Google Sites
John Porterfield

Five Technology Lessons Every Teacher Can Teach! - 0 views

    Have you been hesitating to introduce technology into your classroom because you think your tech-savvy students know so much more than you do? Today's the day to conquer that fear with some easy lessons that even a newbie can teach -- and learn from!
Jenifer Melton

Free Technology for Teachers: MOOM - Museum of Online Museums - 1 views

    Interesting resource for students and teachers to view famous works of art in various museums.
Brenda Karls

Lesson 6 - Writing Objectives - 4 views

  • Three Components of an Effective Objective Before attempting to write your own objectives, it's important to understand what an objective should and shouldn't contain. According to Mager (1997), there are three main components of an effective objective: Performance Conditions Criterion
  • The Performance component is a description of the behavior that learners are expected to perform. It should be measurable and observable.
  • The Conditions component of an objective is a description of the circumstances under which the performance will be carried out. It also includes a description of what will be available to learners when they perform the desired behavior.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • The final component of an effective objective is the Criterion. The criterion is a description of the criteria for acceptance of a performance as sufficient, indicating mastery of the objective. In other words, how well must it be done?
    Three components of an effective objective
Carrie Loney

Big Ideas - Exploring the Essential Questions of Education - 1 views

  • methodological doubt," that is, "the systematic, disciplined, and conscious attempt to criticize everything no matter how compelling it might seem
  • "methodological belief," which he defines as "the equally systematic, disciplined, and conscious attempt to believe everything, no matter how unlikely or repellent it may seem
  • Together, these two processes offer us an opportunity to think rigorously without polarization and to embrace contradictions that normally divide us.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • What follows is an approach to teaching critical thinking that includes a "methodological belief" process (the believing game) and a "methodological doubt" process (the doubting game).
    • Carrie Loney
      The belief/doubt game could be adapted toward examining viewpoints in music.
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