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Debi Griggs

Google Custom Search - Learning Communities Search Engine - 0 views

    Custom search engine to find information about learning communities in Education in select US Schools and in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
Eva Adams

Google Custom Search - Nutrition - 0 views

    I have created a custom search engine for my third grade students to use while we are studying nutrition.  The students will use the search engine to help them gather more information about topics studied in class, as well as to find interactive applications that will allow them to practice the skills learned in class-such as reading nutrition labels and creating a balanced diet. 
    In doing a few searches of my own, with this search engine, I realize I may have to provide the students with a list of key words for them to use in their searches.  This will be a first time experience using a search engine in an academic setting for most of my students.
    Key words that 3rd grade students would most likely use when searching (to work on projects for meeting our standards) include: nutrition labels, exercise, food labels, healthy snacks, planning meals, balanced diet, calories, nutrients, healthy eating
    Something like this would come in handy for me in my high school English classroom. I do a "food" unit with my AP kids. The links are helpful. Now though, I'm hungry!

Google Custom Search - Games for the Classroom - 6 views

    Some guidelines for evaluating e games for the classroom and research methods.
Kinga Jacobson

Google Custom Search- Moodle Open Source Course Management System Resources - 6 views

    I really like the idea of Open Web because it has the capability to bring people of all backgrounds and nationalities closer to each other. By sharing resources, communicating and learning together everyone gets perspectives they would not think of otherwise and all users benefit from a wealth of resources otherwise unavailable to them. Free is good because it eliminates societal differences, keeping "the human" forefront.

    In consequence, I created this Moodle Open Source Course Management System Resource Search Engine to help anyone who is interested in finding out more about this great worldwide educator tool. Thanks and enjoy!

    Kinga N. Jacobson
    Door County / Wisconsin
Kristina V

Google Custom Search- PC virus protection and security - 7 views

    A custom search engine designed to provide information on protecting your PC from viruses, repair tools, rebuilding and/or repairing the damage and safeguarding against security issues. This engine does not cover Apple products at this time.
    Just tried 'trojan' in the search box - looking great Kristina
    Thank you for this useful info! I may have found an answer to my computer crashing during video playback.
Joshua Herrell

Spanish Grammar and Verb Conjugations Search Engine - 4 views

    I have created (and already put onto my online classroom's homepage) a customized Google search engine. Students will be able to practice Spanish verb conjugations and Spanish grammar by just clicking on the link. Students will then put into the search engine word or words such as: subjunctive, por vs. para, preterite vs. imperfect... I have then selected the best Websites out there for pratcice and immediately students will be taken straight into a multitude of activities for students to practice. I have already had two students today try it and they love it. This means no more time wasted searching the web for quality Spanish activities to practice that will give you immediate feedback.
Kevin Schuchmann

Let Me Search Twitter For You - 2 views

    A website that creates a link to any Boolean search of most recent tweets on Similar to the Google version:

Kevin Schuchmann

Let Me Google That For You - 10 views

    Great for leading students to the correct Boolean search of a topic.
    Thanks Kevin!

    This is a curious little program.  The designers intent is to give a quick lesson in how to search.  
    As an online teacher I often get questions like what is Moodle?  If I type that query into this program I get a url that I can sent back to the student.  It shows them how to query Google then delivers them to the Google results page.  Hmm  I wonder if that would be enough to make the point?

    I also wonder how long this will be around?  I'm guessing Google didn't authorize the use of their logo on the site. 

    I like it for now!
Michele Koper

Psychology Personal Search Engine - 0 views

    This search engine is useful to find resources for introductory psychology.
Kevin Schuchmann

Addictomatic: Inhale the Web - 10 views

    inhale the web. Instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic.
    OK Kevin, this has a real cool factor. I'm sharing this with colleagues today!
Kevin Schuchmann

Google Trends - 2 views

    Search Engine trends from Google. I like referring back to this page every so often for current trends.
Sue Zittlow

Review of Comparing Visual Search Engines - 0 views

  • SearchMe
  • Visual search engines offer the results of your query visually, presenting a graphic oriented interface that, depending on the type of search, shows a large snapshot or a thumbnail-size image of websites or products
  • visual interface
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • SearchMe, uvLayer, Viewzi, and oSkope
    Search Me is one of my favorite search engines. It is visual, easy to use, intuitive, very visual, and soon will allow me to take my searches with me (currently it uses cookies to store your searches and what pages you looked at). This article reviews a number of visual search engines.
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