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started by philadelphiaweb on 28 Apr 14
  • philadelphiaweb
    There are certain tips to be followed while renting Dumpster Rentals in Philadelphia. Determine the size that needs to be rented. Garbage can occupy more space and it would be cheaper on a long run to order 20 yard than a 10 yard. Second tip is, the container rented includes a weight limit and this is based on the size of the container. It is always recommended to schedule the deliver Philadelphia dumpster rental one day before. Rental period can vary by market and rentals can include only fixed number of days. Nominal fees need to be paid when the rental period if extended.

    If you plan on having the container on a driveway, it is always recommended to place large board or plywood to protect the driveway. The board can spread out the load where the container contacts the driveway. This can prevent the container from leaving a permanent mark in the driveway. The container should be loaded to an appropriate height that is marked. The pickups are scheduled till the project is completed. Ensure the container is removed and there are no other vehicles blocking the container. It is very critical to ensure the driver can access the container so there are no additional charges involved. Once the container is loaded with the junk materials, it is taken to landfill station. Before they are dumped, it is weighed. If the container is above the weight limit the customer us responsible for additional weight charges. Last tip is to ensure there are no hazardous materials.

    20 yard dumpsters Philadelphia

    Getting organized before getting final quotes

    Take few moments to gather information on rental companies. Basically there are some pieces of information needed. The first and foremost thing is know what type of waste material is going on the container. This will help the rental companies to determine the size of the container. If there is uncertainty about the size of the container, it is always recommended rent dumpsters Philadelphia to go for a larger size. Second thing is to know the type of waste materials that are disposed. Make sure the type of wastes that are prohibited from being placed in the container. Once the size is determined, provide the rental company with specific date and how many days the container should be rented out. This will allow the rental companies to check the inventory and ensure the correct size is available. Some of the rental companies have limited stock and it is best to organize them and then contact the companies at least one week in advance.

    Contact companies for price quotation

    Once the information is gathered, it is time now to receive the final price from the rental companies. Put together a list of all reputable rental companies. Simple way is get the names and ask friends and neighbors for recommendation. Once the list is gathered, call every company to get the price quotation. The rental prices can be quoted in different ways. Understand all the additional fees and other penalties involved. Some of the companies provide quotes only on size of the container whereas some other provides price based on size as well as weight of the waste. Ask every company if there is a weight limit. Before renting out Philadelphia construction dumpsters, always look for the information as mentioned above.

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