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started by ameliapaten on 11 Sep 18
  • ameliapaten
    Gone are the days when infants, adults and children had to suffer from allergies in silence. Medical science and research have now introduced many diverse and useful treatment options for people that suffer from allergies. Allergies take place when your body comes into contact with an allergen. The allergy might also be the cause of a food substance you have consumed.

    Over the last ten years, you have seen that people today take control of allergies with the help of many treatment options. Some of the biggest allergy options have been listed below -

    Allergy medicines
    Several medications are available for the prevention and treatment of allergies. Your doctor will inform you about the over-the-counter and prescription drugs that are available at your disposal when it comes to treatment and prevention of allergies.

    Allergy shots
    Allergy shots help your body get used to the allergens that trigger the symptoms of allergy. These shots are not a cure or prevention for allergies however they make your immune system strong to fight them.

    They contain the life- saving doses of epinephrine that addresses severe allergic reactions in the body. They are given to you on prescription by your doctor.
    You should know when to use your auto-injector. Keep it handy at all times. This will help you combat the issues of swelling and difficulties of breathing. Also, make sure that a loved one knows how to use it in case you are not in a position to inject the medication yourself.

    Keep the auto-injector at room temperature as extreme heat and cold will harm the substance inside and make it ineffective when allergy strikes.

    Mast cell inhibitors
    They are available in the market and are called cromolyn sodium. They are useful for the treatment of allergic symptoms like itchy eyes and a runny nose.

    Non-Drugs - keep natural remedies in mind when it comes to allergies
    There are allergic treatments in the form of non-drugs or medications. They are subjective measures that you can embrace to avert allergy triggers. It is important for you to keep away from allergens as much as you can. Ensure you consult your doctor and get an allergy test done. He or she will provide you with a detailed insight about the allergy you suffer from.

    Prevention is always better than a cure. It is wise and prudent for you to ensure that you are informed about the allergy you suffer from. At the same time, if a loved one suffers from an allergic reaction, keep medicines and other preventive measures in hand.

    You should take steps to make your environment allergy proof as well. In the case of pollen, ensure that you keep the windows closed and the air-conditioner on at all times.

    Therefore, if you suffer from allergies, ensure you have the above medications as well as natural remedies in mind. Be ready and prepared. Take an allergy test to be assured. Consult a good doctor and keep yourself ready, alert and informed- prevention is always better than a cure!

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