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Matti Narkia

Could vitamin D really cure your arthritis? | Mail Online - 1 views

    Now a new and controversial book by an American doctor suggests that taking even higher levels of the vitamin - 10 to 15 times the recommended amounts - can work wonders.

    Dr James Dowd, who works at the Arthritis Institute of Michigan, has been prescribing vitamin D to people suffering from chronic disorders such as arthritis, back pain and headaches and the result, he claims, is a huge improvement in their symptoms.

    In his book, The Vitamin D Cure, Dr Dowd describes a number of success stories using this approach. One of his patients, Barbara, for instance, was obese, and suffered from arthritis in one leg as well as high blood pressure.

    As Dowd explains: "In the past I would have given her anti-inflammatory drugs, pain medication, a pill to lose weight and drug treatment for hypertension."
Dannie Addison

Yoga for eczema: Alternative treatment for eczema - 0 views

    Yoga is a good alternative for treating eczema and keeping it under control. Try a daily routine of breathing exercises (Pranayama), poses (asanas) and meditation.
Charlotte Piggush

Could Lettuce Cure Diabetes? - 0 views

    Would you believe that the lettuce you are eating in your dinner salad could possibly be a cure for Type 1 diabetes? A diabetic could be swallowing a capsule containing ground up lettuce with insulin for a few weeks and be cured.
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