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michael kors

Jeremy Scott Adidas access your eyeballs - 0 views

Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals the iconic ability designers the Jeremy Scott account adidas originals physique new plan by originals Collections Where To ancestors apparel, a part of the signs w...

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jordan 6 retro sport blue hydrocarbons and a heat source - 1 views

Jordan 6 retro sport blue hydrocarbons and a heat source the reason you're struggling right now is because you've been hurt by someone you love. Even when you play the lottery you have to at least ...

jordan 6

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Vincent Tsao

Core team behind Ruby on Rails - 0 views

  • David Heinemeier Hansson (nextangle) extracted Ruby on Rails from his work on Basecamp. He released the framework as open source in July of 2004, but didn't share the commit rights until February of 2005. Among the core team, he's infamous for his ruthless delegation, which is often executed as a request to "Please Do Investigate". He's a partner at 37signals and an opinionated blogger.
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  • Jamis Buck (minam) is a repentant Java programmer who never really enjoyed Java, but who finally found web-programming joy in Rails. He is an avid Ruby programmer, having contributed several packages to the community (including Net::SSH, Net::SFTP, Syntax, sqlite-ruby, sqlite3-ruby, SwitchTower and others). He is currently employed at 37signals, working from his home in Provo, Utah. He and his wife Tarasine have been married for 8 years. They have two children.
  • Nicholas Seckar (ulysses) is a student and software engineer living in Toronto, Canada. Nicholas has been contributing to Ruby and Rails since Fall 2004, with numerous bug fixes and new features such as Routing. He has been a developer on Measure Map since August 2005. He is currently completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, while also working for Google in their Toronto engineering department.
  • Florian Weber (csshsh) lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. He discovered Rails back in May 2004 and then decided to develop a CMS and Shop for Bellybutton with it.
  • Marcel Molina Jr. (noradio) is a language enthusiast who went from being a literature major to a programmer. In his transition from natural language to machine language he found Ruby an elegant balance of dynamic, pragmatic and “humane”. And then came along Rails…. Marcel tumblelogs on Projectionist and tries to help keep your apps running smoothly as a developer at FiveRuns.
  • Michael Koziarski (nzkoz) is a software consultant based in Wellington, New Zealand. After a successful stint as an enterprise Java developer, he switched to rails shortly after the first public release. He’s a contributor to The Rails Way and maintains a personal blog.
  • Sam Stephenson (sam-) is a fan of dynamic languages who found Ruby just six months before Rails’ first release. In February of 2005, he released the Prototype JavaScript library, which provides the foundation for Ajax support in Rails. Sam lives in Chicago, works for 37signals, and tumblelogs on Projectionist.
  • Scott Barron (htonl) was set to swear off computers forever and become a plumber when Rails was released. He immediately found salvation in the warm embrace of Ruby and has never looked back. He currently practices Rails by working for Joyent.
  • Thomas Fuchs (madrobby) is a software architect from Vienna, Austria. He is the author of, a cross-browser JavaScript framework featuring advanced Ajax UI controls, visual effects and other niceties. Thomas wrote the “Web 2.0” chapter in the Agile Web Development with Rails book. As a member of wollzelle, he is busy making fluxiom the next big thing in Digital Asset Management.  
  • Tobias Lütke (xal) encountered Rails while struggling to find technology for his new company. Once found, he quickly ported the bits and pieces of his code over to Ruby which later became the first rails based e-commerce store “Snowdevil”. Tobi is a partner at JadedPixel and is frantically working on Shopify which is the continuation of the Snowdevil code base. Over time, Tobi released many open source projects such as Typo, Hieraki, and Liquid.  
    • Vincent Tsao
      Rick? really like Rick Fan , but more handsome, what do you think? :)
  • Rick Olson (technoweenie) > blames Ruby on Rails for > destroying his ASP.Net career. After tinkering in the framework for nearly a > year, he decided to start full-time freelancing on Rails projects in January of > 2006 and couldn't be happier. He's behind the > Rails Weenie > community help site, and > has released the open source weblog > Mephisto > along with > numerous plugins > . >

air jordan 3 sport blue nike shoes are no longer too expensive - 0 views

Air jordan 3 sport blue nike shoes are no longer too expensive this was a concept to increase the dimpled surface Nike shoe for sale of the balls. Both of these factors cause the distance to increa...

air jordan 3 sport blue

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Ashutosh Tripathi

Cargo containers for sale | Buy used shipping containers in miami - 0 views

    Shipping containers are large rectangular shaped boxes made up of high quality corrugated steel. Shipping containers also known as cargo containers are extensively being used in shipping lines for the storage and transportation of goods from one place to another. Depending upon its usability & functionality, they come in various types, sizes, structures. These boxes have the capacity to store tons of goods in them and carry over thousands of kilometers without damaging the freight loaded inside them. The most commonly used are the 20' and 40' shipping containers. LOTUS Containers is amongst those top container supplier companies who have served the clients for more than a decade with not just containers solution but also with intermodal transportation services.
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