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started by michael kors on 16 Aug 12
  • michael kors
    Farrar of the German philosopher, he once said, "chaos is beautiful", this sentence appears in the autumn and winter series Jeremy Scott Adidas clover Jeremy Scott, fully reflects the series. This bright spot in the entire series of the whole than this section of the shoe JS Bear tie-dyed sunflower theme. JS Bear series seems to have become a tidal range shoes and Jeremy Scott Wings is not to be missed.wufengfengmaple20
    The devil in this series of shoes, designer Jeremy Scott in the 1960s tie-dye sunflower splashed on the toe characteristics of a unique fluorescent green suede background full of teddy bears and cute expressions and sandblasting the surface of the uvula Meng extreme. Jeremy Scott, interesting shoes design,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings again initiated adidas clover JS large Flex Gladiator sandals, shape, and then point the concept of Roman shoes, but the front looks like a boxing boots, the use of high-quality leather and brass ring Kong, the shoes look special and texture.
    The most important thing is, the Adidas Jeremy Scott are still using well-known to reverse the system of Adidas soles, foot bend freely, but also to avoid the soles lack the flexibility to harm. Often feel the ground is too close friends, sandals flexibility is ideal for use in the past wearing sandals. Jeremy Scott bold and exaggerated style of Adidas Jeremy Scott design is always the shoes of the people surprised design on the tongue is constantly changing, but also very popular all.

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