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    It was pleasant to hear approving words again, even if she had little idea what they meant."There's plenty of folks hereabouts who'll have something to say about you letting Sue marry a Cracker-for all that everybody likes Will. They'll say in one breath what a fine man he is and how terrible it is for an O'Hara girl to marry beneath her. But don't you let it bother you.""I've never bothered about what people said.""So I've heard." There was a hint of acid in the old voice. down burberry men
    "Well, don't bother about what folks say. It'll probably be a very successful marriage. Of course, Will's always going to look like a Cracker and marriage won't improve his grammar any. And, even if he makes a mint of money, he'll never lend any shine and sparkle to Tara, like your father did. Crackers are short on sparkle. But Will's a gentleman at heart. He's got the right instincts. sweatsuit hydrogen Nobody but a born gentleman could have put his finger on what is wrong with us as accurately as he just did, down there at the burying. The whole world can't lick us but we can lick ourselves by longing too hard for things we haven't got any more-and by remembering too much. Yes, Will will do well by Suellen and by Tara.""Then you approve of me letting him marry her?""God, no!" The old voice was tired and bitter but vigorous. "Approve of Crackers marrying into old families? Bah! Would I approve of breeding scrub stock to thoroughbreds? Oh, Crackers are good and solid and honest but-""But you said you thought it would be a successful match!" cried Scarlett bewildered."Oh, I think it's good for Suellen to marry Will-to marry anybody for that matter, because she needs a husband bad. And where else could she get one? And where else could you get as good a manager for Tara? But that doesn't mean I like the situation any better than you do. cheap tracksuit adidas
    "But I do like it, thought Scarlett trying to grasp the old lady's meaning. I'm glad Will is going to marry her. Why should she think I minded? She's taking it for granted that I do mind, just like her.She felt puzzled and a little ashamed, as always when people attributed to her emotions and motives they possessed and thought she shared.Grandma fanned herself with her palmetto leaf and went on briskly: "I don't approve of the match any more than you do but I'm practical and so are you. And when it comes to something that's unpleasant but can't be helped, I don't see any sense in screaming and kicking about it. That's no way to meet the ups and downs of life. Sac Chanel

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