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Desktop engineering and CAD CAM - 0 views

    Desktop engineering and CAD CAM. ModuleWorks, the top provider of CAD/CAM application elements for machining and simulator, now offers specific elements for the optics production market.
Fred Delventhal

Atmosphir - Free Video Game / Creation Tool for Mac and PC - 0 views

    Atmosphir is a free video game / creation tool for Mac & PC. Design mode lets you create enormous 3D platforming levels filled with fun gameplay elements like power-ups and fireballs, while Play mode lets you explore through the thousands of diverse user-created challenges being uploaded every day.
Fred Delventhal

Portraits of Learning 2008 Contest - 0 views

    What: Technology & Learning invites K-12 students to participate in the sixth annual digital photography contest. The competition, open to all K-12 students, challenges you to capture-and share-your unique vision of the world. If you have an artistic side, you also have the option to digitally enhance your photos with your favorite imaging software. The best digitally enhanced photo wins a special prize from Adobe. Other prizes include a digital camera, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and more!
Amanda McKay

The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham - 4 views

  • Tables charting the chemical elements have been around since the 19th century - but this modern version has a short video about each one.
Kim T

/ :: The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables / - 0 views

    Each element has links to various types of periodic tables people have done.
Jennifer Dorman

myVRSpot - 8 views

    MyVRSpot is the most innovative way to connect true Web 2.0 with curriculum content, combining elements similar to the online publishing of YouTube and the personal space of Facebook.  MyVRSpot provides students with a hosted web space (webspot) to upload their videos, audio files, and pictures, all while exploring in the District's "safe backyard."  All media is controlled and monitored before going online for others to view.  This allows for students to still become those "push button" publishers without the district having to worry about inappropriate content within a multimedia sharing environment.  With MyVRSpot, students become researchers, developers, and producers of their own webspot, giving them the sense of ownership.
Brenda Muench

Storycaching - 0 views

    Main Menu Home Articles Submit Article Google Gadgets Site Search Contact Us spacer.png, 0 kB Home arrow Articles arrow Storycaching Storycaching PDF Print E-mail The premise of Storycaching is to combine the use of a GPS with an iPod where a user goes to a specific place using map coordinates, then listens to a podcast (audio on demand), usually a story, that takes into account the nature of the area where the listener is now located. Like geocaching, a cache may be located at the site and can contain some relevant objects that add a physical dimension or symbolism to the cached story. Storycaching is designed to enhance the experience of both the storyteller and the listener. By allowing the storyteller to reference elements in the environment where the listener is located, the listener is provided a third dimension to the story, that of authentic physical feelings and sensory input. Storycaching is a concept created by Dr. Martin Horejsi at The University of Montana-Missoula. For example, a girl walks to a distinctive place in order to listen to a story on her iPod. Using map coordinates and a GPS, she climbs part way up a hill on the edge of town. When arriving at a specific spot according to the GPS, she locates a small box containing some relics. Sitting on a rock, she holds the objects in her hand listens to a sound file on her iPod. Overlooking the valley, the power of the Native American elder's words stir her emotions as landmarks, smells, the wind, and other sounds are referenced in the story, all possible because the person telling the story knows that the listener will be in a specific place while listening to the story. Or maybe, the story was recorded years ago when the elder sat in the very spot where the young girl now sits. A connection with the story is forged in a way never before experienced alone. Another example is where a high school student studying earth science walks through a river drainage with his teacher. But his teache
Rob Jacklin

Quietube makes YouTube watching distraction-free - 0 views

    Quietube is a new tool to enhance the YouTube-watching experience. The idea is that you can watch just the video, with none of the other YouTube page elements. To do this, you simply add its bookmarklet to your browser's bookmarks toolbar, and click it on any YouTube page.
Tim Childers

Cell Size and Scale - 16 views

    A great visual of the element of scale. Use the slider bar to probe deeper into the unseen.
Amanda Youngblood

Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie - 14 views

    Online moviemaking where you basically just type in your script, add elements, and bam! it does the hard stuff for you!
    Cool tool that lets students (and adults) create animated movies - easily! And, it's FREE!
Mary Phillips

twitter for teachers guide - 0 views

    Great guide about using Twitter as a teacher. Good walkthroughs and lots of multimedia elements.
Dean Mantz

All sizes | QR Code Periodic Table with Symbols | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 11 views

    Each element of the Periodic Table is a QR code and connects to video upon scanning. 
Nigel Coutts

Making Compassion the Fifth C of Learning - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    The question of what learning matters most to our students is one that I return to regularly. A fascinating range of models are available each with similar elements but presented in a slightly different manner. Most could be summarised by the 'Four C's' model outlined in 'Most Likely to Succeed' by Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith. Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity are vital and each plays an important role in allowing us to manage the complexity of modern day life. Beyond being relevant to success in the classroom the Four C's are the foundations of life-long learning but I question if alone they are enough. I believe we must include a fifth; compassion.

Mechanical Engineers for Transportation services - 0 views

    Mechanical Engineers for Transportation services The look elements of transport technological innovation relate to city preparing, and include technological
Randy Rodgers

GoNoodle - 13 views

    Interesting site offers short "brain breaks" in the form of videos incorporating colorful characters, subject content, and yoga-like elements such as stretching, breathing, mild exercise. Goes along with research into exercise/activity and the brain.
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