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Fred Delventhal - where the words go - 0 views

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Concepts * What is a walk? * What are tags? * What is the Twilight Zone? * Why no photos or videos, just voice? Recording and uploading * How do I record and share an echo? * How do I give recorder permanent permission to use microphone? * I've got a .wav audio file how can I upload it? * How do I encode audios to mp3? Managing echoes * How many echoes can I create? * How do I place an echo on its exact location? * How do I change an echo license? * How do I change an echo location? * How can I change the title of an echo? * How can I delete an echo? Using the site * How do I register? * How do I find echoes from some place? * How can I keep favorites? Community * How do I contact another user? * What should I do if I find an offensive or illegal echo? Legalese * Is Woices free? * Can I modify or redistribute any echo? * Which kind of license do my echoes have? Other * Can I help translating to my mother language? * Will you go GPS? * Problems playing echoes and walks? * How do I report bugs or feedback about woices? Concepts top What is a walk? Registered users can group some of their echoes and create a walk. A walk is a collection of related echoes, usually geographically close so that they can be listened in sucession (during a 'walk'). Walks are dynamic since users can keep adding or removing echoes from their walks.
John Evans

$10 iPad App Setup | My Hullabaloo - 10 views

    "One question I seem to get a lot about the iPad is what apps do I recommend that are free. I am hearing from a lot of teachers that they have no way to add paid apps and thus are stuck trying to find free apps. My experience is that many free apps stink. They have many adds, require in app purchases to be useful, or are just junk. I tend to stay away from most free apps. So what are you to do if the district controls adding paid apps? My suggestion is to build relationships with the decision makers. Don't just ask for a bunch of apps, instead provide documentation and purpose for a few apps you would like to have. I know this process takes time and effort but if you can show the purpose and learning you have a much better chance. If you need lesson ideas I suggest checking out my Pinterest page, and three of my favorite Pinterest pages: iPadsammy, TechChef4u, and Sue Gorman. Look for apps and lesson ideas there and modify them to fit your standards and kids. If I was starting from scratch this is the $10 iPad app setup I would push for in my kindergarten classroom. (I will be posting a $20 setup later)"
Jennifer Dorman

Wilkes U and Discovery Education Collaborate on Online Master's in Instructional Media ... - 8 views

    This fall Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA and Discovery Education, which produces digital media-based learning, are launching a new online master's degree program in instructional media.
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Buy Apple Macbook Air 1.8ghz Processor 512GB Storage RAM: 8 GB Silver - 0 views

    Took a while to bite the bullet and invest in a Mac as they are rather pricey. I am so glad that I did though! I just love this laptop. It's so lightweight and the battery lasts a full day so I don't have to drag a charger around with me. I have used laptops for years and this is the first one that I have found that is truly portable. If you are wanting a good laptop to take with you to school, work or the local coffee shop, I would recommend picking this one. Even if you are new to Mac as the operating system is easy to pick up on.
Nigel Coutts

The rewards of highly collaborative teams - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Not that long ago I was a writer of interesting and engaging educational programmes. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. The programmes that I wrote and shared with a team of teachers were generally well accepted and the feedback offered was always politely positive. I enjoyed writing these programmes but in recent times I have enjoyed even more stepping away from this process and in doing so empowering the team of teachers that I learn with. The programmes that this team produces far exceed the quality I could ever have hoped to produce but more importantly the students are benefiting from their experience of highly engaged and thus engaging teachers.
Sue Hellman

Small Changes; BIG RETURNS - Home - 0 views

    My first blog --> introduces meshows tools I like & questions I am grappling with "When I first started teaching and used to imagine how I'd end up, I thought perhaps I'd be helping student teachers learn how to work in the classroom. Now I think that goal may be within reach, but with a different twist, because I'm getting enormous pleasure from helping colleagues -- many near dinosaurs like I almost was -- renew, refresh and re-energize their work -- by letting web-based tools and resources breathe new life into our work.
Chiki Smith

The Handbook of Cheating Changed The Way I Want My Marriage to Work - 1 views

My hubby and I were married for 2 years but we have been with each other for seven years before we got married. So, it was devastating when I discovered he is cheating on me with his co-worker. I r...

relationships advice

started by Chiki Smith on 15 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Roger Morris

Successfully Launched My writer Career… Thanks John - 1 views

started by Roger Morris on 10 Oct 12 no follow-up yet
Samantha Coleman

The Most Conducive Place To Find Great Teaching Jobs - 1 views

started by Samantha Coleman on 27 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Nica Nogard

Must Have Teacher Interview Guide - 1 views

I am a newly qualified teacher and I am very excited to work on my first job. I already applied to one of the most prestigious universities in our place yet I am a little bit hesitant if I can answ...

teacher interview questions

started by Nica Nogard on 23 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
Vicki Davis

Mr. Tweet -> Your Personal Networking Assistant! - 0 views

    Mr. Tweet will do some homework for you - although I still believe in the randomness and greatness of building a network - I often find people that I thought I was following and wasn't. I don't know how this will work, but am goign to test it out!
Madelyn Powell

On 1st October, 'Jack And Rose' Are Coming To Netflix - 0 views

    If I sing some lines would you try to recognize the song? Alright "Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on…."well, I knew it you will recognize the song and I need to tell this famous song is the love theme song of 'Titanic'. If you're a Netflix user, then I would like to tell that 'Titanic' is coming to your Netflix hood on 1st of October.
Burkhard Landwehr

Anchor - The easiest way to make a podcast - 7 views

    I would also like to share my experience. When I was in college, I had to keep up with fashion shows, because I have been working in the modeling business since the age of 14. There was not always enough time for study. I used site where really great writers work. Before that, unfortunately, there were bad services that did poor-quality work and did not turn it over on time. Don't waste your time and trust my advice. Good luck!
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    Thank you for the feedback. In our case, we provide learning support at
    The author effectively conveyed their ideas, and I appreciate the insightful analysis. However, I would have liked to see a more in-depth exploration of certain points.
    I don't know how I got to this page but I did. Thank you for actually being honest.
Child Therapy

Coaching Both Parent And Child - 1 views

I want to see my kid happy and grow to his full potential. That is why, when I see him having trouble opening up to me or to other people, I feel bad as a parent. I feel that I am not doing a good ...

started by Child Therapy on 27 Sep 12 no follow-up yet
Sheri Edwards

Explaining Collaboration to Learners - 0 views

  • In a collaborative workspace, people amplify one another
  • The first is, “Accept every offer.”
  • “Make your partner look good.”
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  • Focus on “This is what I have, what can I add to it?  How do I make my partner look good?”
  • An interested person leans in and listens closely when group members have something to say; an interested person is curious about solutions other than the first one suggested.  An interested person is more concerned about the process than their role in it.  An interested person does more to amplify the people around them.
  • receive information as well as send it.
  • Communicate, Not Transmit
  • Collaboration in the Classroom? So, what do learners need to know to better understand what collaboration really means? Collaboration absolutely requires the participation of two or more people; if you could accomplish the work by yourself, you’re cooperating, not collaborating. Collaboration Is enhanced by “accepting every offer” and “making your partner look good.”  Focus on what you can add to what others have suggested rather than revising or fixing their ideas or solutions. Collaboration is facilitated by group members that focus on being *interested* rather than being *interesting* - be curious about others’ ideas, explore the possibilities, enjoy the process rather than focusing to quickly on the outcome. Collaboration demands bi-directional communication in which your ideas are shaped by the ideas of others; you must work to make sure your ideas are comprehensible.
    Collaboration vs cooperation
    collaborate vs cooperate: teaching it "This is what I have, what can I add to it? How do I make my partner look good?"

3V0-624 Dumps - 3V0-624 VMware VCAP6.5-DCV Design Exam - 1 views

Few days ago, I have got a chance to attempt VMware 3V0-624 Exam. I was very excited, but more worried as I had less time to spend with the VMware certification books. Then, one day while i was sea...

3V0-624 exam Dumps VMware Braindumps Coupon promo code Questions Practice Test

started by josephmark9 on 17 Aug 18 no follow-up yet

1Z0-974 Dumps - 1Z0-974 Oracle Cloud Services Practice Test - 1 views

Few days ago, I have got a chance to attempt Oracle 1Z0-974 Exam. I was very excited, but more worried as I had less time to spend with the Oracle certification books. Then, one day while i was sea...

1Z0-974 exam Dumps Oracle Braindumps Coupon promo code Questions Practice Test

started by josephmark9 on 17 Aug 18 no follow-up yet
John Evans

Why Aren't We Talking More About iTunes U? - iPads in Education - 8 views

    "With so many schools adopting the use of iPads I find it strange that we aren't hearing more about the incredible opportunities available in iTunes U. Well I suppose it isn't that strange given that schools in the early stages of transitioning to an iPad platform are extremely busy and learning one more thing can seem overwhelming. Trust me, I understand that, but I believe if you were to learn one more thing it should be about the power of iTunes U. The possibilities of this incredible tool are endless. I'd like to provide you with just a few examples of the many uses of iTunes U in the hopes that more schools will join this incredible network of learning resources."
Doughlas David

One Step Closer To Your Dreams - 1 views

The trains and railways provide speed and ease to travelling passengers. I love trains and that motivates me to Become a train driver. I really want to drive a train myself. I want to take every ...

Become a train driver

started by Doughlas David on 01 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
trade4target trade4target

Low crude prices good for India and indian stock market - 0 views

    According to Richard Gibbs of Macquarie Securities reduced crude prices goes in favour of the Indian economy and gives RBI a scope for monetary accommodation Richard Gibbs Global HD, Macquarie More about the Expert Richard Gibbs, Global Head of Macquarie Securities is upbeat on India because he thinks there is room for structural expansion and the demand is much better than anywhere else in the world. According to him reduced crude prices goes in favour of the Indian economy and gives RBI a scope for monetary accommodation. It is also likely to produce some tailwind for the global economy. "It certainly provides latitude on the trade side but also in terms of the inflation side for the economy as well." The house remains a buyer on India. What is the sense you are getting. Are we now facing a fairly big challenge to global growth and therefore are risk assets going to head lower? A: I think the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is articulating that fairly well as we move into the IMF World Bank annual meeting in the next few days. It really is a case where the US is I suppose the best if you see IMF's parlance and that's for investors who have been searching for growth is a disappointment. So, now I suspect we are going to have people turning back towards in search for yield and that has become difficult as well with the expansion in quantitative easing measures around the world but most particularly by the European Central Bank of course. At the end of the day lower crude prices are probably growth positive and the issue there is whether they pertaining further disinflationary pressure/deflationary pressure in the major economies. Certainly for an economy like India, cooling in crude prices is a positive. It certainly provides latitude on the trade side but also in terms of the inflation side for the economy as well. It's a bit of a two-edged sword as I suppose in that sense but overall lower crude prices are likely to produce some tailwind for the global eco
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