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Simplified "Focused Research" | Diigo - 38 views

  • Focused Research is a  feature that allows you to re-use your saving preferences with minimal effort.  Once you are in the research mode, the same set of tags, outliner and group are automatically applied to every item you save or annotate.
  • window
  • Research is a  feature that allows you to re-use your saving preferences with minimal effort.  Once you are in the research mode, the same set of tags, outliner and group are automatically applied to every item you save or annotate. This can b
    • Jennifer Weible
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  • turning on or off the “Remember saving preferences” option anytime you like
  • d it and ren
    Diigo feature for saving bookmarking preferences
Martin Burrett

Sonic Pi - 13 views

    "This is an amazing Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi download which combines coding and composing music. Within a few minutes everyone can begin to make something tuneful and after a few lessons your students may even come up with a symphony or two."
Martin Burrett

3D Charts - 22 views

    "A useful 3D chart creator from Microsoft. This Windows app allows you to create scatter plots, bar charts, line graphs and geospatial data maps."

Keep Students On the Cutting Edge of Learning - Tech Learning - 9 views


The World Trade Center: Statistics and History - 8 views

    • dawnprovost
      Good information for the background paragraph of the essay.
    • dawnprovost
      Use for background paragraph of essay.
  • Faced with the difficulties of building to unprecedented heights, the engineers employed an innovative structural model: a rigid "hollow tube" of closely spaced steel columns with floor trusses extended across to a central core. The columns, finished with a silver-colored aluminum alloy, were 18 3/4" wide and set only 22" apart, making the towers appear from afar to have no windows at all.
    MLA Citation: In-text Citation: Summary: Evaluation: Reflection:
Martin Burrett

Polyup - 10 views

    "A superb 3D coding platform for building the skills to build simple code and to understand the basics of algorithms. You can also create your own game levels and share them using a QR code."
Martin Burrett

Minetest - 30 views

    "Free, open source version of Minecraft. Enable 'Creative Mode' to let your pupils to build as their imagination and creativity allows. Download for Windows, Mac or Android devices. The game is supported by a community and a huge set of mods to modify the game for individual needs."
turner paddock

6 Powerful Learning Strategies You MUST Share with Students - 118 views

    Interview with Megan Smith and Yana Weinstein ( transcript): Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:41 - 61.7MB) What does the word "study" mean to you? Have you ever told your students to study for a test? Have you ever actually taught them to study?
Martin Burrett

Stop Motion Studio - 36 views

    A nice iOS/Android/Windows app for creating stop-motion animation. The basics are free allowing you to record and add sound to your animation and to export it in many formats and places. In-app purchases available to allow you to do more if required.
Martin Burrett

SoloLearn - 53 views

    A breathtaking array of 'learn to code' Apple, Android and Windows phone apps. Learn C++, Python C#, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Java, CSS, php and Swift via the site or apps. These are 'must try' tools for anyone starting out with coding. The site even has a 'Code Playground' to experiment with your code.
Martin Burrett

Plumbago from Microsoft - 55 views

    A superb Windows app which turns your touchscreen PC into a powerful note and sketch pad with a huge range of tools.
Rachel Hinton

12 Windows shortcuts every educator should know - Microsoft in Education Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs - 132 views

    "Teachers are busy people. While juggling student instruction, assignment review, lesson preparation, and professional development, you need technology to work for you, not against you. Here are some nifty time-saving techniques so you can focus on the things that matter."
    Only one of these tips is limited to Windows 10.
Alias Librarian

Chrome Extension - Gradebook Split | Teacher Tech - 64 views

    Allows for side by side windows which really help when grading.
Deborah Baillesderr

Seesaw - The Learning Journal - 57 views

    A student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and share artifacts of learning. Teachers get student work organized in one place and parents get a window into their child's day!
Glenn Hervieux

Free Technology for Teachers: Three Tools Students Can Use to Create 3D Models Online - 88 views

    "Your school might not have a 3D printer yet, but your students can still create 3D models online with these free online tools." These tools can be used on a variety of devices, including iPads, Mac, Windows, and there are a couple that can be used on Chromebooks.

Presentation Next - 6 views

    useful Windows app for creating Prezi-like presentations. You can create your presentations offline and they are based of HTML5, meaning that the files can be viewed in most modern browsers, even mobiles and tablets.
Jac Londe

CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software - 24 views

    For windows.  May be an alternative to QuickTime Player for Mac.  Want to use this for screen casting.
    Desktop video capture tool the best free tool to explain a web concept in a little clip that is related to a matter in a cursus.
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