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Pat Hundelt

Oil Spill: Loop Current and winds | Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota | 10 Connects - 7 views

    current wind direction
Lara Kessler

Wind Energy - 0 views

    How wind power works
Lara Kessler

Science News for Kids: Feature: Power of the Wind - 0 views

    A cool page on how wind power is transforming or changing how we get electricity these days.
Lara Kessler

Crash Course in Wind Energy - 0 views

    How a wind turbine works
Lara Kessler

The Energy Story - Chapter 16: Wind Energy - 0 views

    How wind energy works
Martin Burrett

Windy - 14 views

    "A mesmerising animated map is weather and other data layers, including winds, wave direction and and height, clouds, CO2 concentration and much more."

Hydrogen vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 13 views

    • dpurdy
      Is hydrogen sustainable? depends on the source. see this highlight.
  • While methods of hydrogen production that do not use fossil fuel would be more sustainable
  • The challenges facing the use of hydrogen in vehicles include production, storage, transport and distribution.
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  • The hydrogen infrastructure consists mainly of industrial hydrogen pipeline transport and hydrogen-equipped filling stations like those found on a hydrogen highway. Hydrogen stations which are not situated near a hydrogen pipeline can obtain supply via hydrogen tanks, compressed hydrogen tube trailers, liquid hydrogen tank trucks or dedicated onsite production.
  • Hydrogen use would require the alteration of industry and transport on a scale never seen before in history. For example, according to GM, 70% of the U.S. population lives near a hydrogen-generating facility but has little access to hydrogen, despite its wide availability for commercial use.[64] The distribution of hydrogen fuel for vehicles throughout the U.S. would require new hydrogen stations that would cost, by some estimates approximately 20 billion dollars[65] and 4.6 billion in the EU.[66] Other estimates place the cost as high as half trillion dollars in the United States alone.[67]
  • Hydrogen fuel does not occur naturally on Earth and thus is not an energy source, but is an energy carrier. Currently it is most frequently made from methane or other fossil fuels. However, it can be produced from a wide range of sources (such as wind, solar, or nuclear) that are intermittent, too diffuse or too cumbersome to directly propel vehicles. Integrated wind-to-hydrogen plants, using electrolysis of water, are exploring technologies to deliver costs low enough, and quantities great enough, to compete with traditional energy sources.[2]
    Fuel cell cars are expensive.  The fuel cell costs a lot
Martha Hickson

Melville House Books » Random House makes history, says it will sell books to libraries with no restriction on number of loans - 34 views

  • threw caution to the wind and announced they’d struck a deal with libraries: It was going to raise the price of its ebooks to library wholesalers, but once a library had bought the book, that was it. They could loan it out as many times as they wanted and never have to pay for it again.
  • Random House ,  threw caution to the wind and announced they’d struck a deal with libraries: It was going to raise the price of its ebooks to library wholesalers, but once a library had bought the book, that was it. They could loan it out as many times as they wanted and never have to pay for it again.
Stephanie Gray

Student Resource Center Gold Document - 0 views

  • Buffalo Ridge is a plateau stretching 150 miles from Sisseton, S.D. to Storm Lake, Iowa. There, amid corn and soybean crops, some 670 wind turbines spin steady gusts of wind into energy. Over the course of a year an average of 1 billion kilowatt-hours can be generated, enough for 172,000 households.
    • Stephanie Gray
      Testing out the use of Diigo in the databases.
Jennifer Carey

End of Quarter Wind-Down & My Battle with the Lernaean Hydra - 36 views

    Anyone else finishing up a grading period?
kwan tucksoon

Free Technology for Teachers: The Long and Winding Road - 193 views

  • Lesson learned – technology that doesn’t work has a negative effect on motivating technology integration.
    • kwan tucksoon
      This is a great quote for edtech integration.
Martin Burrett

UKEdMag: Assessing Without Levels: …12 Months On by @musingsofmrb - 9 views

    Wind back 12 months, Year 6 SATs, in their old form, were over and we were beginning to plan for a whole new world….assessing without levels. Every discussion threw up problems and positivity about how we moved forward was severely lacking...
Jeff Andersen

Reading reduces stress levels - 20 views

    There are many ways to reduce stress levels; going for a walk, listening to music or drinking tea are all popular ways of winding down. None of these will come as much of a surprise, but have you considered the stress reducing benefits of regular reading? A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. (The Telegraph, March 2009)
Nigel Coutts

Are we there yet? Are we there? - The Learner's Way - 6 views

    This much-maligned question seems so appropriate for education's recent history. All that was normal, everything that was routine, all of our structures, have been turned upside down and hurled into the wind of COVID19. From having spoken of a future dominated by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), we have found ourselves living in it. Innovation and creativity became the new normal as we "Apollo 13" schooling into a model that met the demands of emergency remote learning. The pressure, the workload, the demands on our time and the cognitive load have all been immense, and so it seems fitting to ask "Are we there yet?".
David Hochheiser - 87 views

    students can design, build, and test a wind turbine.
Elaine Vazquez

Solar Storm Smacks the Earth -- And We've Got Video - 3 views

  • to a bow wave in front of a fast moving vessel. In the shock, electrons and protons were accelerated to nearly the speed of light and appear in the video clip as streaks of light as they hit SOHO’s detectors
    • Elaine Vazquez
      What is solar wind?
  • analogous
  • analogous
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • charged particles
    • Elaine Vazquez
      What are charged particles? I thought I knew, but I actually forgot. I think I'll call my mom later and ask her about charged particles.
  • “the most intense solar energetic particle storm since 2005.”
    • Elaine Vazquez
      Are things going to get worse? I will be reading to find this out.
Vicky Gawor

Facebook's New Data Center Will Be Powered by the Wind | - 13 views

    • Vicky Gawor
      This article is important for 5th graders

The Dicey Calculus of Contemporary Cooking - - 37 views

  • What's the difference between a 10-inch skillet and a 12-inch skillet?
  • Not just a mere two inches. The larger pan has 44% more surface area.
  • the rate of evaporation of a liquid is proportional to its exposed surface area, a sauce in a larger, flatter skillet will reduce far more rapidly than one in a taller, narrower pan
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  • A cook who doubles a recipe but keeps the same size pot and the same cooking time will wind up with a watery sauce.
  • try to stir-fry a batch of meat in a 10-inch skillet instead of a 12-inch skillet, and "instead of sautéeing you'll end up steaming it.
  • Think you can substitute an eight-inch cake pan for a nine-inch?
  • Don't—the nine-inch holds 27% more batter.
  • one teaspoon of table salt is equivalent to 1.5 teaspoons of Morton or two teaspoons of Diamond Crystal.
  • "I don't have table salt at home, because I made that mistake too often," Mr. Willoughby says.
    Interesante artículo que relaciona matemáticas y cocina. Porcentajes, áreas, volúmenes...
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