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Jac Londe

"The Tesla Collection" - the most comprehensive compilation of newspaper and periodical material ever assembled by or about Nikola Tesla - 67 views

shared by Jac Londe on 19 Oct 14 - No Cached
    The best source of information concerning this great man.
Jac Londe

Introduction to Electronics - 50 views

    One of the best way to learn, with a teacher it must be even greater Tesla coil hobby kits that shoot lightning and use electricity to play music !
Maureen Greenbaum

A Peek Into the Future: What College Will Be Like in 10 Years - - 51 views

  • the learning experience students receive will probably be fundamentally different from the one they get today.
  • online classes that let students learn at their own pace, drawing on materials from schools across the country—not just a single professor and a hefty textbook.
  • Traditionally, schools have been judged by how many prospective students they turn away, not by how many competent graduates they churn out.
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  • s new technologies seep into the classroom, it will be easier to measure what students actually learn. That will "make universities more accountable for what they produce," Dr. Crow says.
  • The Classroom In the near future, professors will run their courses over digital platforms capable of collecting data on each student's progress. These platforms were initially developed for massive open online courses, or MOOCs. However, universities are now folding these platforms back into their traditional classes because they make it easier to share content, host discussions and keep track of student work. A professor might still "teach" a class, but most of the interaction will happen online.If professors and students do meet in a physical classroom, it will be to review material, work through problems or drill down on discussion topics. Scenes like John Houseman lecturing to an auditorium full of students in "The Paper Chase" will be a thing of the past.
Jac Londe

Conservatoire Numérique des Arts et Métiers - 11 views

    1144 Titles, 2255 volumes
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