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Josh Flores

Gender Games - Born on Sideline, Cheering Clamors to Be Sport - - 20 views

  • taking their place in a thriving American tradition that has been around for nearly as long as football
    • Josh Flores
      Model for Argument and Rhetoric
  • taking their place in a thriving American tradition that has been around for nearly as long as football
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  • athletic feats of grace and strength
  • a complicated and emotional question has arisen: has cheerleading become a true sport?
  • For many women
  • especially those who worked at the forefront of the push for equality in college sports, the answer for a long time was no
  • endorsing an embarrassing holdover from a time when girls in tight-fitting outfits were expected to do little more than yell support for boys
  • skeptical of high schools and universities that counted female cheerleaders as athletes as a way to evade their obligation to provide opportunities for women in more traditional sports, like softball and soccer
  • Why should cheerleading not be considered a sport when it required a complex set of technical skills, physical fitness and real guts?
Martin Burrett

Sports involvement linked to fewer depressive symptoms in children - 4 views

    "Participation in team sports is associated with fewer depressive symptoms in children, whereas non-sport activities have no association with symptoms, according to a study in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, published by Elsevier. The association was found only for boys. The findings suggest that exercise could have anti-depressant effects in adolescents. "These interesting results provide important clues as to how exercise benefits mood in children and reveals the important role that gender plays in these effects," said Cameron Carter, MD, Editor of Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging."
Martin Burrett

Sworkit - 4 views

    A great random workout generator. Choose the type of exercise and set the timer between 5-60 minutes. This could be used as a 5 minute challenge in a sports lesson. The site works well on mobile devices, but there are apps for Apple and Android devices to download.
Marc Patton

Enter to win true sport award for your middle or high school program - 2 views

    The life lessons learned through sport transcend the athletic experience. The True Sport Awards program offers FREE curriculums, resources, and the opportunity to receive program funding for high-impact programs that teach young people ethical decision-making skills, integrity, body type & body image differences, healthy lifestyle nutrition, smart consumerism around dietary supplements, and the dangers of performance-enhancing substances.

Maths and Sport: Countdown to the Games | Maths and Sport: Countdown to the Games - 4 views

    Free online mathematical resources exploring maths and science through the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
MichaeL Gurr

Stages of Learning Sport Skills - 38 views

  • Stages of Learning Sport
  • cognitive stage
  • Beginners are not always aware of what they did wrong, nor do they know how to correct errors. They need basic, specific instruction and feedback during this phase.
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  • understands the fundamentals of the skill and is in the process of refining the skill
  • experience fewer errors and can detect some of them on their own
  • more consistent and learners begin to know what is relevant and what is not.
  • point the skill is well learned
  • performs the skill automatically without having to focus on execution
  • few errors and athletes can detect and know how to correct them. They can concentrate more on other aspects of the game.
  • athletes transition from learning the goal of the skill to perfecting it, coaches can diversify instruction and practice conditions.
  • For closed skills, practices should be structured to match the conditions of competition. For open skills, the coach must systematically vary the conditions under which the skill is being learned and performed in preparation for competition. See Training Variation
Jeff Andersen

Colleges Using Athletics to Boost Profile - Athletic Business - 1 views

    For many students, the college experience includes game days watching athletes wearing the school colors take the field or court. But in today's environment of rising costs, soaring student debt and declining enrollment, college and university leaders are sometimes finding they have to explain the need for what has become an "arms race" among athletic departments. The argument might be made that much of the money that is required to keep college athletic teams going comes from ticket sales and outside sources such as alumni contributions. The other side of that coin is that some of the cost is borne by students, even those with no interest in sports. In the case of private institutions, it is up to school officials to decide whether the expense is worthwhile. The public has an obvious and greater role in the determination of the role and funding of sports in state institutions.
Rebecca Frazee

Tablet computers are a game-changer in professional sports - - 25 views

  • Tampa, Florida (CNN) -- In the halls of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers practice facility, players can be seen carrying iPads everywhere they go. They're not goofing off or taking a break, it's part of their weekly football practice.
    • Rebecca Frazee
      Here's my comment!
    "Tablet computers are a game-changer in professional sports"

Summer Camp Dates, Prices & Themes - 0 views

  • Week 1Jun 11 – Jun 17Super Heroes/Cartoons: DC or Marvel, Sponge Bob or Flintstones… Come dressed as your favorite super hero or animated star.Week 2Jun 18– Jun 24Disco Night: Friday Night Fever! Bell bottoms, tie dye and disco balls - GROOVY!Week 3Jun 25 – Jul 1Hawaiian Luau: Break out the grass skirt and flower shirt and get ready to limbo!Week 4Jul 2 - Jul 8American Spirit: What better way to celebrate the 4th of July week. Come dressed as your favorite American hero. Great fireworks display over Marsh Lake highlights the week.Week 5Jul 9 – Jul 1580s Night: Go back in time to whenneon, scrunchies, leg warmers and parachute pants were all the rage!Week 6Jul 16– Jul 22Sports Mania: Break out your favorite sport/team colors or come dressed as your all time favorite Sports hero. Celebrate to the best “time-out” music we can find on a Jock Jams CD.Week 7Jul 23– Jul 29Christmas in July: July 25th is halfway to Christmas so why wait. Lets celebrate now!Week 8Jul 30– Aug 5Country Hoe Down: Pull out your cowboy boots for a foot stompin’ good time as we country line dance (or look like we’re trying anyway) and wear our 10-gallon hats!Week 9Aug 6 – Aug 12Night at the Oscars: Dress up in your best formal wear, as your favorite big screen actor or as the paparazzi who follow them!
  • CartoonsWeek 2June 26 – June 30Wild Wild WestWeek 3July 3 – July 7American SpiritWeek 4July 10 – July 14Sports ManiaWeek 5July 17 – July 21Tecumseh-saurusWeek 6July 24 – July 28Pirates of TecumsehWeek 7July 31 – Aug 4Superheroes
    Stealing Theme Ideas
Martin Burrett

Hitting the target - angles - 56 views

    A great sport themed maths game to help students learn about angles and how to measure them.
Martin Burrett

Better Bracket Maker - 71 views

    A simple site that makes tournament boards to see who will play who. Great for sports or competitions in class.
Martin Burrett

Maths learned best when children move - 25 views

    "Children improve at maths when instruction engages their own bodies. This is one of the findings from a recent study coming from the University of Copenhagen's Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports. The results also document that children require individualised learning strategies."
Martin Burrett

Girls need more positive experiences of ball skills - 3 views

    "Children's positive perception of moving is an important supporter for natural physical activity and developing motor skills. A study at the University of Jyväskylä suggests that children had high perceptions of motor skills. Some gender differences were identified, however: girls were better in locomotor skills and boys had higher perception and actual skills in ball skills. "Because ball skills are typically utilized in versatile surroundings and good ball skills are a predictor for more frequent physical activity levels in adolescence, we should encourage girls to play more with balls already in early education," says PhD student Donna Niemistö from Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences. "In boys, there could be more locomotor skills like galloping and hopping involved. Niemistö concludes, "All children regardless of gender have a right to have positive and encouraging experiences of movement.""
Mark Trerotola

How It's Made : Science Channel - 51 views

    Videos on how things are made; from sauces to sports equipment.
Tracy Sheehan

Spreety TV Online : Watch TV Shows Online Free - 90 views

    There is an amazing amount of free TV online. The challenge in enjoying is simply knowing where to look. As a guide of online TV, Spreety provides easy to navigate links to the highest quality, legal entertainment choices, including popular online TV shows, classic TV shows, music videos, news, online sports, and movies online. Our research of trusted online TV sites is the foundation for the free and safe guides of Spreety TV Online and iPhone TV Online.
Chris Friberg

Boston sports - 14 views

Kelly Boushell

Smilebox - 59 views

    What is Smilebox? At Smilebox we believe that how you share your photos should be as memorable as the photos themselves. So we've designed a new way to bring your photos and videos to life. Our simple application lets you quickly and easily create slideshows, invitations, greetings, collages, scrapbooks and photo albums right on your computer. With more than 1000 customizable templates to choose from, you'll find inspiration around every corner. Whether you want to drop a photo into an everyday greeting, put together a slideshow for your sports team, or create a special holiday keepsake book, the result is professional and one-of-a-kind.
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