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Ruth Howard

The "Shock Doctrine" comes to your neighborhood classroom - Mobile - 43 views

    via @IanChia Capitalism and Technology take advantage of economic downturn (Shock Doctrine tactics) which fuel policies with vested interests not education reform at heart.
Roland Gesthuizen

What's the problem with 'inappropriate relationships'? « newteachersblog - 1 views

    "The news this week that a teacher and a student are in a relationship will come as a shock to many, particularly as the teacher is twice the age of his fifteen-year old pupil. But people of a certain age - those schooled in the 1970s and 80s for example - may be able to recall a variety of incidents of teacher-student flirtations, liaisons and even relationships that while never approved of, didn't seem to shock then in the way that they do now."
Martin Burrett

Worldometers - real time world statistics - 125 views

    An interesting and shocking site which shows live statistics for world population, economics, the environment, and many more. Useful resource for sparking debates.
Jim Aird

California Bill Would Force Colleges to Honor Online Classes - - 13 views

    Being in this world I was happy to see our innovations being shared. When I read the comments (unfortunately closed ATM) I became aware of the largely unfavorable reactions to solutions that we are a part of. I was shocked. So many people willing to throw stones and to assign conspiratorial motivations to the "improvements" being introduced.
Mark Gleeson

Technology - Providing Incredible Opportunities for Students whether we want it to or not - 4 views

    If you believed the media shock jocks, every kid on the internet is either an idiot or in great peril. But I want to tell a different story starring my daughter, her best friend and a small group of friends ( including my opportunistic son!). This is a completely different story that highlights the amazing opportunities that today's available technology offers our students. It's also a story about how, if given the freedom, children will take what we 'make' them do at school and take it to a whole new level that the limited minds of us teachers don't even plan for. It explains why student led learning can be a success if we don't restrict our students from going beyond our stated objectives. It shows how true engagement doesn't need a teacher or a classroom for children to achieve great things and how technology can allow young students follow their dreams with the restrictions we had in the past.
Martin Burrett

Actually Giving a Damn: The ONLY Thing That Matters? by @RichardJARogers - 7 views

    "The events in this article are based on actual occurrences. The names and, in some instances, the genders of individuals have been changed to protect the individuals' privacy. The aroma of coffee did little to awake the senses. For a sleepy NQT who was in his first week back at school after the Easter vacation, the old routines were a sharp shock to the system."
Maggie Tsai

McCunications: The power of Diigo - 0 views

  • What I like is that Diggo not only lets you easily save items, it lets you highlight the "good parts" so that when you go back to the article you can easily find them. That turned out to be a real asset when I was working on my part of the JACC Norcal keynote a couple weeks ago.It's been a real pressure cooker of a semester, so I had very little time to put my JACC presentation together. However, I'd been bookmarking, highlighting and saving relevant blog posts and articles into my JACC list on Diigo (yes, you can categorize what you save) for weeks. So when I finally sat down to create a presentation, I had everything I needed at my fingertips. I was able to put it all together in a day. (By the way, you can view that presentation, Journalism in the Starbucks Era, on SlideShare, another great online tool.)But after downloading a Diigo update this morning, I realized I'm just scratching the surface of what you can do with Diigo. For example, my previous blog post on Greenspan's sudden epiphany...well, I posted it direct from Diigo while reading and bookmarking the article. Pretty cool, huh?When I ran through Diigo's "how-to" overview this morning, I found several other things I didn't know. In addition to using the one-click "Send to Blog" feature, you can also use Diigo's "send" feature to:send annotated and highlighted pages by emailpost to other websites such as twitter, facebook, delicious, etc.Cool! I'm using it for a tweet next.
  • But what really caught my attention was the idea of using Diigo as a hub for group research projects. You can set up a group Diigo account to share bookmarks, and make it public, private or semi-private. This has real potential for students working on group projects, especially since Diigo's "sticky note" feature also lets you add comments to the material you save, in addition to highlighting key passages.OK, I'm sold! I'm going to start demo-ing Diigo for my students.
Peter Beens

Nurture Shock : A 5 Minute Intelligence Test for Kids - 0 views

  • But the two tasks I’ve described are a real test for children, developed in Switzerland. They are phenomenally accurate at predicting full-scale intelligence scores. On 5 and 6 year-old kids, this simple test is virtually synonymous with a 90-minute intelligence test of their full cognitive capacities; the two tests have a 99% correlation. It turns out that kindergartners who are really good at sorting line length and relative weight are the exact same kids who score high on tests of conceptual reasoning, memory, and attention.
Charles Youngs

Special Report: Hounduran Teachers Get Shock Treatment - 39 views

    Post-coup regime in Honduras carrying out unprecedented assault on most organized sector of the resistance, the teachers. Government slashes salaries, steals pensions, fires, threatens, jails, and in some cases, murders teachers and union leaders. "Once you accept the unions are the enemy, you can accept the organizations can be destroyed." Reports claims regime leaders got privatization ideas from US.

Buying Copyrights, Then Patrolling the Web for Infringement - - 55 views

  • “I was shocked,” Mr. Hill said. “I thought maybe it was a joke or something to scare me. I didn’t know the picture was copyrighted.”
    The article describes a company named Righthaven that purchases the rights to stories and images from newspapers. It then sues anyone who uses the material without copyright clearance. They seem to specialize in non-corporate infringers who are likely to settle before a trial. Bloggers beware!

2008 World Population Data Sheet - Population Reference Bureau - 61 views

  • United States Italy Dem. Rep. Congo Population mid-2008 305 million 60 million 67 million Population 2050 (projected) 438 million 62 million 189 million Lifetime births per woman 2.1 1.3 6.5 Percent of population below age 15 20% 14% 47% Percent of population ages 65+ 13% 20% 3% Life expectancy at birth 78 years 81 years 53 years Annual births 4.3 million 568,120 2.9 million Annual deaths 2.4 million 575,300 0.8 million Annual births minus deaths 1.9 million -7,200 2.1 million Percent of population undernourished <2.5%
    • taconi12
      the stat about mortality in women is amazing.  make sure to use in lesson plan
  • Worldwide, women now average 2.6 children during their lifetimes, 3.2 in developing countries excluding China, and 4.7 in the least developed countries. Lifetime fertility is highest in sub-Saharan Africa at 5.4 children per woman. In the developed countries, women average 1.6 children. The United States, with an average of 2.1 children, is an exception to this low-fertility pattern in the world’s wealthier countries.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • n those countries, 1 in 75 women still die from pregnancy-related causes. In both sub-Saharan Africa and in the 50 countries defined by the United Nations as least developed, that risk is a shocking 1 in 22. In stark contrast, about 1 in 6,000 women in the developed countries die from pregnancy-related causes.
  • es fewer than the minimum calories required to lead a healthy active life. That figure rises above 60 percent in several sub-Saharan countries.
  • developed countries, 35 percent of the population consum
Elaine Vazquez

Solar Storm Smacks the Earth -- And We've Got Video - 3 views

  • to a bow wave in front of a fast moving vessel. In the shock, electrons and protons were accelerated to nearly the speed of light and appear in the video clip as streaks of light as they hit SOHO’s detectors
    • Elaine Vazquez
      What is solar wind?
  • analogous
  • analogous
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • charged particles
    • Elaine Vazquez
      What are charged particles? I thought I knew, but I actually forgot. I think I'll call my mom later and ask her about charged particles.
  • “the most intense solar energetic particle storm since 2005.”
    • Elaine Vazquez
      Are things going to get worse? I will be reading to find this out.
Kathleen Howard DaQuanno

Shock Waves Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty - 14 views

    spatial inequality, climate change, poverty
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