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raya samet

SearchCredible - 31 views

    A search engine that allows you to enter your query, then select a credible source to search for that term in. These include JStor, the Library of Congress, Ebscohost, Eric, the Internet Archive, and many more.
Roland Gesthuizen

Twitter - a great search engine! « On an e-journey with generation Y - 34 views

    Use twitter as a search engine. Instead of getting information from eg google  you get people when searching for a topic on twitter. People who are interested in talking about a topic at a certain time. Can find out very interesting and sometimes specific information that is better than a google search. In some particiular circumstances there are commentators or companies who would be worth following.
Gloria Yakes - 3 views

    An introduction to WolframAlpha and all that it can do-----worth the time it takes to watch it!
Teresa Ilgunas

Wolfram|Alpha - 2 views

    Amazing, just about to launch in May '09. Ask a question, it'll go out
Marge Runkle

Collecta - 0 views

    Collecta monitors the update streams of news sites, popular blogs and social media, so we can show you results as they happen, including Twitter
Teresa Ilgunas

The University of South Carolina Beaufort-Search Engine 101 - 0 views

    tutorial for how to refine your searching
Diane Mohney

SortFix - Improve your Search - 42 views

    SortFix is the best way to search the Web, makes Google and Yahoo search easy and fun and also improves the results.
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