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Roland Gesthuizen

Lewisville's texting-in-class program gets thumbs-up from teachers, students | Dallas-Fort Worth Communities - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News - 57 views

  • After they finished answering the question about the Kashmir conflict via their smartphones and other devices, Harris’ students said the technology allows them to share more information and exchange ideas with each other.
  • being able to use technology you’ve grown up with just feels natural. “It fits in with what we’re doing at home,”
    While the Lewisville school district still restricts regular cellphone use in the classroom, the policy is being loosened to allow the program to be used by the school's teachers when they feel that technology would enhance learning.
Oscar Tapara

Statemnent:Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security - 21 views

    Dallas ISD's Job not covered by SS.SS
David Hochheiser

Let's Go Back to Grouping Students by Ability - Barry Garelick - The Atlantic - 3 views

    • David Hochheiser
      Terribly generalized.  
  • treated accordingly.
    • David Hochheiser
      Mistreated accordingly.
  • ...22 more annotations...
  • Students were tracked into the various curricula based largely on IQ but sometimes other factors such as race and skin color.
  • public schools have done away with "tracking"
  • deemed low achievers or of low cognitive ability?
  • Jonathan Kozol brought accusations against a system they found racist and sadistic.
    • David Hochheiser
      He condemns a lot more than the eduction system.  His approach to reform is much more like Finland's, holistic.
  • to restore equity to
    • David Hochheiser
      As if it ever existed?!
    • David Hochheiser
      This is an essential issue.  Are we doing it well?
  • Kozol and others did not go away, and the progressive watchword in education has continued to be "equality."
    • David Hochheiser
      I never knew that equality had such a nasty undertone to it.
  • -- a practice viewed by many in the education establishment as synonymous with tracking
    • David Hochheiser
      It is "tracking." I'm not sure what his point is here.
  • Unfortunately, the efforts and philosophies of otherwise well-meaning individuals have attempted to eliminate the achievement gap by eliminating achievement.
    • David Hochheiser
      Again, a nasty generalization.  Not only that, but the following practices he cites aren't products of heterogeneous grouping.  
  • In other words, the elimination of ability grouping has become a tracking system in itself that leaves many students behind.
    • David Hochheiser
      Now he's just not making sense.
  • Dallas Independent School District
    • David Hochheiser
      Ed research from Texas??  They want to teach evolution in science classes.
  • The rise of computer-aided learning might make it easier for them to instruct students who learn at different rates.
    • David Hochheiser
      Is this a for or against grouping statement?
  • this enables students placed in lower-ability classes to advance to higher-ability classes based on their performance and progress.
    • David Hochheiser
      Practices do not support this assertion.  Upward trajectory is very limited.
    "Mark Bowden on Being in the Slow Kids' Class"
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