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Randolph Hollingsworth

GETideas Virtual Roundtables | Open Education Resources - 39 views

  • Virtual Roundtable Mar 28-Apr 1 led by Vic Vuchic (Hewlett), Timothy Vollmer (Creative Commons), Janet Pinto (Curriki) and Joel Duffin, Tatemae/OER Glue

Expressing Technology: A Roundtable With Sir James Dyson | Epicenter | - 88 views

    Interesting article connecting technology, innovation, and education. Brilliant man - brilliant ideas - read well.
Ed Webb

Education - Watchmen Author Alan Moore on Education - 0 views

  • All too often education actually acts as a form of aversion therapy, that what we're really teaching our children is to associate learning with work and to associate work with drudgery so that the remainder of their lives they will possibly never go near a book because they associate books with learning, learning with work and work with drudgery. Whereas after a hard day's toil, instead of relaxing with a book they'll be much more likely to sit down in front of an undemanding soap opera because this is obviously teaching them nothing, so it is not learning, so it is not work, it is not drudgery, so it must be pleasure. And I think that that is the kind of circuitry that we tend to have imprinted on us because of the education process. Bingo. Such a tidy summary of the Business Roundtable vision of education as preparing workers for the workforce.
Cathy Swan

School FIltering Survey - 38 views

Yes--Youtube is the biggest, but just about any site can and has been blocked...we can request a release on a site, and our techs have been good about doing that...


Ruth Howard

About | Edge - 0 views

  • Edge is different from the Algonquin Roundtable or Bloomsbury Group, but it offers the same quality of intellectual adventure. Closer resemblances are the early seventeenth-century Invisible College, a precursor to the Royal Society. Its members consisted of scientists such as Robert Boyle, John Wallis, and Robert Hooke. The Society's common theme was to acquire knowledge through experimental investigation. Another inspiration is The Lunar Society of Birmingham, an informal club of the leading cultural figures of the new industrial age — James Watt, Erasmus Darwin, Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly, and Benjamin Franklin. The online salon at is a living document of millions of words charting the Edge conversation over the past fifteen years wherever it has gone. It is available, gratis, to the general public.
  • offers "open-minded, free ranging, intellectually playful ... an unadorned pleasure in curiosity, a collective expression of wonder at the living and inanimate world ... an ongoing and thrilling colloquium." 
  • encourages people who can take the materials of the culture in the arts, literature, and science and put them together in their own way. We live in a mass-produced culture where many people, even many established cultural arbiters limit themselves to secondhand ideas, thoughts, and opinions. consists of individuals who create their own reality and do not accept an ersatz, appropriated reality. The Edge community consists of peole who are out there doing it rather than talking about and analyzing the people who are doing it.
    If you love TED this is possibly more rivetting!
Brianna Crowley

When Teachers Cheat: Looking Good, Being Bad - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable - Education Week Teacher - 16 views

    Elementary teacher and 2007 Arkansas Teacher of the Year Justin Minkel explores why a system of standardized testing and the desire to look good rather than BE good, causes disasters like the recent cheating scandals. 
Brianna Crowley

Autonomy and Collaboration: The Strengths of Online Teacher PD - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable - Education Week Teacher - 24 views

    One teacher gives her perspective on online communities as professional development for teachers
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