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Martin Burrett


    Acrostic poetry writing activity
    A great interactive acrostic poem maker. It explains what acrostic poems are when gives helpful hints as children write their own.
Martin Burrett

Children's Poetry Archive - 88 views

    A great poetry site for children. See poems on a range of topics and most poems have an audio of the poet reading their poems.
Martin Burrett

Poetry by Heart - Poems for Primary - 23 views

    "A superb resource for learning poets at primary schools. Record pupils reading the beautifully illustrated poems and listen back to them."
Martin Burrett

ThumbScribes - 112 views

    This is a great site for encouraging writers to create stories, poems and songs collaboratively. The site limits how much a user can write and can invite friends or the public to continue and edit a piece of writing.
Michele Brown

12 Awesome Poetry Project ideas with Haiku Deck - 65 views

    Showcasing twelve terrific poetry projects from our incredibly creative community of educators. You'll find projects for first graders and high schoolers, and everything from sensory poems to color explorations to poems about polliwogs. (We also think any of these would be just as fun for adults to try - a little creative expression is always good for the soul!)"
Deborah Baillesderr Poems - Quotes - Poetry - 28 views

    Huge library of poems
Martin Burrett

Writing Sparks - 16 views

    "A superb creative writing site to stimulate ideas for opinion pieces, news articles, stories or poems. There is a teachers area with whole class whiteboard resources, and a pupil area where your pupils can write their pieces and print."
Annette Lamb

Dreams - - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More - 0 views

shared by Annette Lamb on 23 Jun 09 - Cached
  • Life is a broken-winged bird
    • Annette Lamb
      This is really cool!
    A great poem from the early 1900s
Chai Reddy

John Lundberg: Should Students Be Memorizing Poetry? - 2 views

  • Memorizing a poem, in a strange sort of way, gives that poem access to you more than you're giving yourself access to it.
  • A poem can be a sort of anchor in the drift of the world. Whether it serves as a bit of wisdom that helps keep you centered, or, in my case, as a feeling, a moment of beauty and power that helps keep my other feelings in perspective.
  • Do you agree?
Susan Harari

Typography -- Speak with Conviction - 71 views

    Poem by Taylor Mali (

Pinterest - 39 views

    Dimension ball of a poem
Susanna Livingston

22Math Poems.url - 14 views

    Great Math Poems for the elementary teacher- helps students remember math concepts much quicker and with ease
Mark Gleeson

Writing Ballad Poems through ICT tools - 59 views

    An outline of an upcoming unit on writing Ballad Poetry as a Narrative form using Edmodo and other Web 2.0 tools for writing collaboration
Clint Heitz

Anatomy of a slam: "there will be poems" - 3 views

    How to put together and promote a poetry slam. Includes ideas and examples.
Deborah Baillesderr

The Addiction Poem Everyone Needs To Hear - 56 views

    ""Make your heart the strongest muscle that you've got." Those words are part of rapper IN-Q's "Addiction Poem," which narrates the video above. The powerful three-minute clip was posted to YouTube by Burning Tree, a long-term treatment program for substance abuse. The video contains a universal message of hope -- a reminder that we're not alone and that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel."
N Carroll

Shadow Poetry -- Resources -- Types of Poetry - 6 views

    This page contains all types of poetry - gives the definition of they type of poem; the set up; and several examples.
Patricia Christian

Grammar and Poetry - 92 views

    Poems received in 2001

YouTube - Remarkable Leadership - 53 views

    An inspirational leadership poem by Kevin Eikenberry set to music. It is about leadership and you
Sydney Lacey

Schools Matter: A Teacher in Florida - 37 views

    A Teacher in Florida by Jamee Cagle Miller 2009 Seminole County Teacher of the Year This poem has reached the office of a Senator and may be read at the next voting of the bill (if it gets back to the senate). It is in the hands of the Orlando Sentinal and could be published there. She wrote the words many of us want to shout out:-)
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