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Glenn Hervieux

27 Padlet "Best of Education" walls - examples - 83 views

    Good examples of how Padlet walls can be used to curate and share resources.
Glenn Hervieux

How to Use the New Version of Padlet - 75 views

    Richard Byrne demos the updated version of Padlet. Some nice new features to an already great tool.
Amy Burns

Free Technology for Teachers: Padlet Introduces Usernames to Replace Email Sign-in - 47 views

    Padlet is an easy to use backchannel and informal assessment tool.
Glenn Hervieux

Uses for Seesaw in the 1st Grade Classroom - 30 views

    "Uses for Seesaw in the 1st Grade Classroom" Here are some of our favorite ways one teacher used Seesaw in her classroom this year. Examples displayed on a Padlet wall.
Loli Olmos

blocs de poesia - 0 views

    Ejemplo de para qué sirve
Michelle Mattson

Paper for the web | Padlet - 81 views

    "We give you a blank wall. You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful."
    "We give you a blank wall. You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful. "
Diego J. Vigueras Gonzalez

PADLET - 21 views

    Muro para pegar post-it

ASCD Express 11.06 - Use Mobile Tech to Challenge and Engage Students - 34 views

    • ddavisfife
      iMovie (dynamic videos) another option WeVideo
  • students were challenged to think deeply
  • I gave the students complete autonomy on how to execute the task, which also increased their excitement about the assignment.
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • Devices should drive engagement, pique curiosity, and encourage creativity.
  • If teachers design the activity well, students will be too absorbed in what they're doing to be off task.
  • one device to explore
  • another device, they posted
  • They posted their inferences to a shared Padlet wall so they could see one another's posts in real time.
  • they had 20 minutes to complete the activity, which was enough time for them to accomplish the task without getting bored or wandering off task.
  • Students have more opportunities to learn from one another, and they begin to value their peers as resources in the classroom.
  • It's hard for me to imagine that devices are a distraction if students are challenged and engaged.
  • This collaboration makes it hard for a student to be off task because the group relies on each member to contribute to the final product.
  • shared Google Document
  • dynamic videos
    • ddavisfife
      dynamic videos ~ WeVideo
Lauren Rosen

Dotstorming - 90 views

    Create a pinterest-like board, participants can add their own ideas, youtube videos, images, etc. Vote on the ones that you like the best. It's like combining padlet, pinterest, and the now defunct Google moderator. 

Paper for the Web | Padlet - 1 views

shared by steveatschool on 04 Jan 14 - No Cached
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