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Roland Gesthuizen

Teens, Sleep and School - 1 views

  • Research shows that teens need eight to nine hours of sleep at night, as compared with eight hours needed for adults. However, they are not getting enough sleep.
  • Tests by a professor at Oxford suggest that "students perform better in the afternoon, because their body clock is programmed about two hours later, possibly for hormonal reasons."
  • One solution is for parents to impose earlier bedtimes on their teenagers. A recent study found that "Teens whose parents pack them off to bed at 10 p.m. are less apt to become depressed or have suicidal thoughts than their peers who stay up much later."
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  • parents can strive to get their teens less wired at night. This can be achieved by discouraging them from drinking caffeine past 12 noon, and by keeping TVs, computers, and especially cell phones out of their room at night.
    "Research has shown that teenagers don't get enough sleep at night and go to school tired. Some experts believe the cause is biological. Others believe that teenagers stay up late because of adolescent distractions. Early high school start times can also contribute to teens' tiredness. This article will explore possible causes and solutions to this problem."
Martin Burrett

Day Night Demonstrator - 0 views

    Help your students understand day/night, moon phases and seasons with this great tool.

Summer Camp Dates, Prices & Themes - 0 views

  • Week 1Jun 11 – Jun 17Super Heroes/Cartoons: DC or Marvel, Sponge Bob or Flintstones… Come dressed as your favorite super hero or animated star.Week 2Jun 18– Jun 24Disco Night: Friday Night Fever! Bell bottoms, tie dye and disco balls - GROOVY!Week 3Jun 25 – Jul 1Hawaiian Luau: Break out the grass skirt and flower shirt and get ready to limbo!Week 4Jul 2 - Jul 8American Spirit: What better way to celebrate the 4th of July week. Come dressed as your favorite American hero. Great fireworks display over Marsh Lake highlights the week.Week 5Jul 9 – Jul 1580s Night: Go back in time to whenneon, scrunchies, leg warmers and parachute pants were all the rage!Week 6Jul 16– Jul 22Sports Mania: Break out your favorite sport/team colors or come dressed as your all time favorite sports hero. Celebrate to the best “time-out” music we can find on a Jock Jams CD.Week 7Jul 23– Jul 29Christmas in July: July 25th is halfway to Christmas so why wait. Lets celebrate now!Week 8Jul 30– Aug 5Country Hoe Down: Pull out your cowboy boots for a foot stompin’ good time as we country line dance (or look like we’re trying anyway) and wear our 10-gallon hats!Week 9Aug 6 – Aug 12Night at the Oscars: Dress up in your best formal wear, as your favorite big screen actor or as the paparazzi who follow them!
  • CartoonsWeek 2June 26 – June 30Wild Wild WestWeek 3July 3 – July 7American SpiritWeek 4July 10 – July 14Sports ManiaWeek 5July 17 – July 21Tecumseh-saurusWeek 6July 24 – July 28Pirates of TecumsehWeek 7July 31 – Aug 4Superheroes
    Stealing Theme Ideas
Andrew Katz

The Starry Night - Google Art Project - 102 views

    • Andrew Katz
      Zoom in on "Starry Night".  Show students the thickness of the paint.  
Tony Iannone

Moving Toward the Paperless Institute - National Writing Project - 16 views

  • But in our 2007 summer institute, we facilitators wondered aloud, "What if these responses could be put online?" Within minutes, Eric ignited a sea of change in Red Clay by creating a way for fellows to answer these questions via an online survey tool. Now, instead of mad scribbling, happy goodbyes, and plans for beer that night, the sounds at the end of any day in the summer institute have become mad typing, happy goodbyes, and plans for beer that night."
    This quote gets me thinking about ways that our own Writing Project is moving towards a paperless institute.
Roland Gesthuizen

Parent-Teacher Meetings: What Works | Parentella - 86 views

    "As an educator in my twelfth year of teaching, I've had my share of meetings with parents. There have been Back to School Night "conferences," "junior was misbehaving, so please come meet with me" conferences, and more. There are a few things that I have found that work well with regards to the special relationship between parents and teachers."
Martin Burrett

Word Tamer - 3 views

    Superb story writing tutorial site with videos and tools to fire the imagination. But be warned - make sure you have a sofa to jump behind if viewing at night.
Martin Burrett

Relaxing sounds - 5 views

    A site with four relaxing sound scapes from a forest, the sea, a rain storm and the sounds of the night. Perfect for setting a scene for writing or a warm down activity.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Martin Burrett

Online Audio Stories - 113 views

    Listen to audio stories ranging from Rapunzel to The Night Before Christmas. Each story has the accompanying text.
David Sebek

Listen Up - What Teachers Wish You Knew - 49 views

  • With summer quickly fading into the distance and school starting again in North America parents are doing their best to gear up for another year. Sometimes it can seem positively overwhelming so before panic strikes, here are some things teachers would love for you to know to make the upcoming year a smashing success.
    Great resource for open house or parent night
Doris Pymble

Sea and Sky - Explore the Oceans Below and the Skies Above - 103 views

    Astronomy night is coming up soon, visit this great website for resources.
Doris Pymble - 106 views

    Astronomy night viewing information for your local area.

Mischief Night: The Obama Zombie in Context | text2cloud - 0 views

    What does the circulation of the Obama Zombie image have to tell us about the role of education at the current moment? Reflections on the power of images when images are everywhere.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS on Vimeo - 100 views

    Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who to my knowledge shot these pictures at an altitude of around 350 km.
    Fascinating time lapse video from the International Space Station showing a view of the globe including cities lit up at night, and the Northern Lights flickering in the upper atmosphere.
K Couch

New NASA Images Show The Earth's Electric Light Show : The Picture Show : NPR - 4 views

    Updated "Earth at Night". NASA images showing light on Earth. (Composite images with cloudless skies)  Good for teaching light pollution or energy use 
Jac Londe

Earth at Night 2012 - 59 views

    I live in Australia and I have NO idea what all those lights are in the OUTBACK!! There's more light in just a few spots in the Outback (and there's LOTS of those shown in the image) than in the WHOLE of New Zealand? What gives? Mining? Aliens? A data ERROR? The ABC .net site explains that the lights are bushfires! As the images were taken over a number of months, the fires may not have all been burning at the same time. April (when the images were started) may be a the worst time for fires, however, the Outback is usually dry and fires would occur at any time.
    I also live in Australia and have to agree with Colin - why so many lights in the outback? The outback of Australia is very sparsely populated and there are no big cities to generate these sort of lights. Maybe it is the aliens!!!
Don Doehla

Relationship Building Through Culturally Responsive Classroom Management | Edutopia - 29 views

    School behavior problems often originate outside of the classroom. For example, asthma is the number one cause of absenteeism. When asthmatics are unable to sleep at night, they miss class or arrive at school so sleep drunk and irritable that disruptive behavior ensues, getting them tossed out of class. Consequently, they fall more behind in classwork, which increases academic struggle. More outbursts and further truancy results.
Steve Kelly

9 Ideas to Help Explain Common Core to Parents -- THE Journal - 2 views

  • 9 Ideas to Help Explain Common Core to Parents
    Resource for #BTS #BacktoSchool night for #Parents in #LMTSD to explain #CCSS #CommonCore State #Standards...
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