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Poornima DSouza

Diversity - 57 views

    All about Diversity, Multiculture, Acculturation and more...
Evgeniya Budenkova

Multicultural student project. Do you want to try? - 31 views

I'm seeking for ESL teachers using diigo and wiki for grouping and the implementation of cooperative learning stratagies at their classes. Let's manage multicultural student projects using wiki & d...

started by Evgeniya Budenkova on 14 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
Marc Patton

Literacy Research Association - 0 views

    The Literacy Research Association (LRA) is a community of scholars dedicated to promoting research that enriches the knowledge, understanding, and development of lifespan literacies in a multicultural and multilingual world.
Lucas Cittadino

Multicultural Paper Dolls - 125 views

  • Multicultural Paper Doll Friends For international studies or Thinking Day ideas.
Gloria Yakes - 64 views

    multicultural tool for exploring holidays and celebrations

8ways - home - 92 views

    The framework is expressed as eight interconnected pedagogies involving narrative-driven learning, visualised learning plans, hands-on/reflective techniques, use of symbols/metaphors, land-based learning, indirect/synergistic logic, modelled/scaffolded genre mastery, and connectedness to community. But these can change in different settings.
Biblioteca Juan  Roa Vásquez

Alineando el trabajo internacional con las prioridades institucionales de la educación superior - WorldWise - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 5 views

  • la importancia que su trabajo puede tener en apoyo a la misión de las instituciones de educación superio
  • ¿Existe un punto de convergencia entre las prioridades internacionales e institucionales?
  • ¿qué hay del ideal de preparar a estudiantes con un amplio sentido de ciudadanía global, capaces de trabajar en equipos y ambientes internacionales, que tengan un refinado sentido de tolerancia y concientización multicultural, que hablen varios idiomas y que tengan un claro sentido de responsabilidad tanto local como global?
    Un reto clave que tienen frente a sí las personas, departamentos universitarios y asociaciones involucradas en la educación internacional 
Florence Dujardin

E-learning in India: the role of national culture and strategic implications - 0 views

    Purpose - The primary purpose of this research paper is to understand the role of national cultural dimensions on e-learning practices in India. India is considered a major player in the world economy today. US multinationals are significantly increasing their presence in India and understanding cultural preferences will help global companies transition better. Design/methodology/approach - This conceptual paper uses the national cultural dimensions of the global leadership and organizational behavior effectiveness project, which is identified as the most topical theoretical framework on culture. The national cultural scores are used to develop hypotheses for specific cultural dimensions. Examples from the literature are also used to strengthen the proposed hypotheses. Findings - This research proposes that national cultural dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, in-group collectivism, and future-orientation influence e-learning practices. This study distinguishes between synchronous and asynchronous methods of e-learning and the role of culture on the same. Future research can definitely empirically test the hypotheses proposed. Practical implications - This study provides strategic implications for multinationals with a guide sheet identifying the role of the various cultural dimensions on e-learning. The suggested strategies can be implemented by multinationals in other countries with similar national cultural dimensions also. Originality/value - This research also proposes a theoretical e-learning model identifying the impact of national cultural dimensions on e-learning practices. This research also provides practitioners a strategic implications model that could be implemented for e-learning initiatives in multinationals.
Lisa Hackenberg

Teaching Multicultural Literature . Workshop 5 . Teaching Strategies . Frozen Tableau - 34 views

    Language Arts
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