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Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G)'s Bookmarks on Delicious - 0 views

    Bookmark references for's book

newspaper map | all online newspapers in the world, translate with one click - 106 views

    Very cool map mashup of online newspapers from around the world. You can filter by language and help them update the map.
Tracy Tuten

Reading and the Web - Texts Without Context - - 18 views

    This article describes a new book, Reality Hunger, which is essentially a mashup of quotes from other sources. The article discusses how are culture of short-form writing and reading is changing literature and reading. The book reminds me of elements of a Humument, which also took the work of another and then augmented that work into a new story and art form.
Enid Baines

Will Power's Shakespeare/Hip Hop Mashup Sets Caliban To A Beat. Because The Olympics, Guys! (VIDEO) (AUDIO) - 73 views

  • Will Power, playwright, rapper, teacher, and possessor of a name you always hope exists but never know for sure, just released a "Tempest"/hip hop mashup.
Deborah Baillesderr

An Epic Mashup of Science and Hip Hop | MindShift - 96 views

    I love inovative teachers!

Bloomfire - 112 views

    A Bloomfire is like your very own mashup of YouTube, Yahoo® Answers, and Facebook - with your people in it, and your logo on it. It's a website geared specifically for easily sharing knowledge and the discussions that surround it. Invite members to find and follow experts, ask questions, and share with others - upload documents, videos, or presentations, record a video with your webcam, or create a screencast on the fly.
Martin Burrett

MPlayr - Listen to the UK, US and iTunes charts - 0 views

    A Grooveshark mashup music streaming site that displays and plays the UK and US top 40.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Martin Burrett

BBC - Dimensions - 69 views

    This is a great Google Map mashup from the BBC that shows things in their true size from your location. From the size of historical battles, to natural disasters, to the size of the moon.,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
Martin Burrett

Paintmap - 63 views

    Find paintings from all over the world by their geographical location with this great Google maps mashup. Great for location-based project work.
Martin Burrett

The Secret Door - 82 views

    Open a door to the world with this intriguing site which transports users to indoor spaces from all over the world with a Google StreetMap mashup. Found via
Tonya Thomas

List of Enterprise Microblogging Tools: Twitter for the Intranet « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing - 8 views

    "List of Enterprise Microblogging Tools"
Ed Webb

Open Educator as DJ - 0 views

    Scott Leslie's presentation
Dominic Salvucci

Mashface Beta - 1 views

    An interactive avatar creation site.
Tracy Tuten

Reading and the Web - Texts Without Context - - 28 views

  • In his deliberately provocative — and deeply nihilistic — new book, “Reality Hunger,” the onetime novelist David Shields asserts that fiction “has never seemed less central to the culture’s sense of itself.”
  • Mr. Shields’s book consists of 618 fragments, including hundreds of quotations taken from other writers like Philip Roth, Joan Didion and Saul Bellow — quotations that Mr. Shields, 53, has taken out of context and in some cases, he says, “also revised, at least a little — for the sake of compression, consistency or whim.”
  • It’s also a question, as Mr. Lanier, 49, astutely points out in his new book, “You Are Not a Gadget,” of how online collectivism, social networking and popular software designs are changing the way people think and process information, a question of what becomes of originality and imagination in a world that prizes “metaness” and regards the mash-up as “more important than the sources who were mashed.”
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Mr. Lanier’s book, which makes an impassioned case for “a digital humanism,” is only one of many recent volumes to take a hard but judicious look at some of the consequences of new technology and Web 2.0. Among them are several prescient books by Cass Sunstein, 55, which explore the effects of the Internet on public discourse; Farhad Manjoo’s “True Enough,” which examines how new technologies are promoting the cultural ascendancy of belief over fact; “The Cult of the Amateur,” by Andrew Keen, which argues that Web 2.0 is creating a “digital forest of mediocrity” and substituting ill-informed speculation for genuine expertise; and Nicholas Carr’s book “The Shallows” (coming in June), which suggests that increased Internet use is rewiring our brains, impairing our ability to think deeply and creatively even as it improves our ability to multitask.
  • Steven Johnson, a founder of the online magazine Feed, for instance, wrote in an article in The Wall Street Journal last year that with the development of software for’s Kindle and other e-book readers that enable users to jump back and forth from other applications, he fears “one of the great joys of book reading — the total immersion in another world, or in the world of the author’s ideas — will be compromised.” He continued, “We all may read books the way we increasingly read magazines and newspapers: a little bit here, a little bit there.”
    Highly insightful and developed argument for how Web 2.0 is changing how we process information, learn, and develop opinions. 
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