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A Gardner

The Coolest Things You Can Automatically Add to Google Calendar - 148 views

    Do you use Google Calendar? This Lifehacker bit spotlights cool things you can do with the tool -
    Do you use Google Calendar? This Lifehacker bit spotlights cool things you can do with the tool -
Peter Beens

Google Wave 101 - Wave - Lifehacker - 56 views

    So you've snagged an invitation to Google Wave-or a pal is sending one your way-and you've already taken a look at what to expect. Let's dive deeper into Wave features, etiquette, and extensions.
Roland Gesthuizen

How to Boost Your Reading Comprehension by Reading Smarter and More Conscientiously - 11 views

    With all of the things out there to read on the internet-all of the blogs we want to keep up with and all of the news funneled to us every day-how can you make sure you read each item in a way that really enriches your life? The short answer: You can't, not without help, anyway. Here's how you can stop, refocus, and change the way you read so you'll take more away from it.
Ms. Rowley

Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks - 135 views

    From Lifehacker some neat tricks to find what you are looking for faster with Google.
Kelly Christopherson

Lifehacker - Free Music Archive Puts Thousands of Royalty-Free Songs Up for Grabs - Music - 2 views

    music archive with royalty-free songs. Great for using with students.

Make a Movie Projection Screen out of Tyvek Wrap - DIY - Lifehacker - 59 views

    If you'd rather spend your hard earned money on actual projection and sound hardware rather than a screen, check out this tutorial for turning Tyvek into an on-the-cheap projection screen.
Roland Gesthuizen

Create a Highly Organized, Synchronized Home Folder with Dropbox - 138 views

    "When you love Dropbox like we do, you start syncing more and more stuff. The more stuff you sync, the harder it is to organize. Here's a simple way to sort quickly and stay organized across multiple computers, Windows, Mac, or Linux. We're going to deal with two things here: organization and synchronization."
    Good file management advice for teachers syncing files between home and school across different computers then organizing these into folders.
Carol Mortensen

Five Best Photo Sharing Web Sites - 83 views

    "YouSendIt, a popular service for sending large files to others, has recently added Dropbox-like online storage and syncing. A few big differences: an affordable unlimited storage plan, better sharing control, and document signing."
Kate Pok

Five Best Distraction-Free Writing Tools - 16 views

    title says it all- distraction free writing tools
Maureen Greenbaum

"Study Less, Study Smart": The Best Ways to Retain More in Less Time - 59 views

  • Study in chunked sessions:
  • Have a dedicated study area:
  • Know the difference between recognition and recollection:
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Be ready to teach what you've learned:
  • Read textbooks effectively:
  • SQ3R Method—survey, question, read, recite, review
    A shorter version of the video and the notes, are at: With notes at: (It does seem strange that he says that you can only study effectively for 25-30 minutes and yet his lecture goes for an hour.)
Wayne Holly

Crumbles - 90 views

    Lifehacker: Sure, you can record a video or send email to say what's on your mind. That's boring. A new web site lets cartoon and movie characters speak on your behalf. The site takes clips from TV and movies and creates a short video with a different clip for each word. If they don't have a clip for the word you pick, Crumbles uses a computerized voice. It's a little silly, but pretty fun. . .
Roland Gesthuizen

Use the FEAR Method to Overcome Your Own Fears - 38 views

    "Speaking in front of a crowd, giving an important presentation, going to a job interview-they're all stressful and they can trigger anxiety and fear in even the most stalwart people. So how do you beat it back when you need to? One psychologist suggests the FEAR method, or "Focus, Expose, Approach, Rehearse."
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