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Nancy Schmidt

"What's Good" is Better than "What's New?" | Practical Theory - 1 views

    • Nancy Schmidt
      Don't always add because the media touts something as the best new trend in education. We must marry the best ideas of the past to our current world...must identify what students need to be success then identify what is the best technology that will help them achieve that knowledge.
    Let's not lose sight of what constitutes good teaching by following the hot trends.
Roland Gesthuizen

BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - Futuristic school has circular classrooms - Maths - 42 views

    As building work gets underway for a new school, Gareth Nutt, head of property and regeneration at Neath Port Talbot council, describes its unusual circular design. The classrooms in this new school will be circular so all pupils feel included. The building environment is controlled with windows which automatically open when rooms get too hot. This clip was first published on BBC News Online on 15 January 2009. Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
Martin Burrett

BBC Questionaut - 73 views

    I love this site from the BBC with stunning visuals and a great soundtrack. Travel through a strange world answering questions about English, maths and science earning fuel for your hot air balloon. Click on the characters to unlock the questions. Designed for KS2.
Y Rodriguez

Hot Bookmarks | Diigo - 10 views

shared by Y Rodriguez on 25 Apr 12 - Cached
Brianna Crowley

Hot Button Issue: What is "fair" in teacher evaluation? | CTQ - 73 views

    A collection resources by teacher writers and educational policy experts on the controversial topic of teacher evaluation.
Jon Tanner

Why Inquiry Learning is Worth the Trouble | MindShift - 98 views

    Chris Lehman, principal of the Science Leadership Academy, talks about hot to guide kids to think about their own thinking.
Linda Lyster

Concept to Classroom: Course Menu - 80 views

    FREE, self-paced workshops covering a wide variety of hot topics in education including assessment, multiple intelligences, constructivism, inquiry-based learning, and cooperative learning.
Martin Burrett

Teachers: Is AI Coming to Take Your Job? by @AIConf2018 - 16 views

    "Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at the moment, with estimates varying wildly about how many jobs will be replaced by machine learning algorithms. Whatever the outcome, in reality, it is clear that schools will need to change, in order to prepare their students for the resulting impact on society and the skills needed for future employment."
Dallas McPheeters

How To Increase Higher Order Thinking - 82 views

  • Solutions to the world’s problems will never be found in textbooks.
    • Dallas McPheeters
      Great Quote and good opener to class time because students realize the teacher is not taking a position of having all the answers. Good flattener.
Darcy Goshorn

Bloom's Taxonomy According to Pirates of the Caribbean - 121 views

    The six levels of Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives as found in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Music from Pirates I and III
Kathleen N

State of the Art - With a Private MiFi Hot Spot, Be Online Wherever You Like - - 0 views

    Personal WiFi to go. Available via Verizon 3G network. Can use in lieu of home router. What happens when students start showing up to schools where personal laptops are banned?
Fabiola Berdiel

Contextual Analysis- Uganda (Sarita Vengal) | International Field Program Seminar-Spring '11 - 11 views

  • Food and grocery stores definitely plays an important role in this community. There were also an unexpected amount of African art and music stores. I think diaspora communities like this have a lot of meeting and community aid establishments to help immigrants navigate the American system of living.
    • Fabiola Berdiel
      Very insightful contextual analysis
  • I honestly didn’t see too many advertisements outside of the West African diaspora context. The ads that I did see were not billboards or real advertisements. There were mostly posters or small signs showcasing the sales in each of the stores.
  • As a native New Yorker, who grew up in an Indian diaspora community, I felt like a lot of the sights resonated with my childhood.  And to make things even more familair, I lived in Niger for a few months and did feel a certain connection to the area.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • I also didn’t see that many women walking around, it was mostly men who were hanging around local hot spots. The women that I did see, were going somewhere specific and not really hanging out outside.
  • Contextual Analysis- Uganda (Sarita Vengal)
Paul Marshall

BBC News - Mobile internet use nearing 50% - 12 views

    • Paul Marshall
      OK, it's the UK, but Chile is bound to be hot on thie heels
Ruth Howard

Margin Notes | Australian researchers bypass media to tell their stories | University Affairs - 1 views

    • Ruth Howard
      Hot topics are covered by multiple points of view by 'The Conversation' a news site developed by Australian academic researchers and journalist/ editors
Martin Burrett

Hot Potatoes Home Page - 74 views

    A downloadable cross curricular tool for making cloze texts, cross words, quizzes and more.
Al Tucker

Education 2011: A case study in seniority-and burn-out - Buffalo Spree - September 2011 - Buffalo, NY - 74 views

  • The following year teachers are required to “map” curriculums, a long process with no apparent functional use. Teaching for Understanding and Cross Curriculum Literacy are two trendy new programs promoting the latest hot topic. Everyone reads Active Literacy before author Heidi Hayes Jacobs arrives amidst great fanfare to promote her comprehensive program, which administrators cherry-pick, then forget. By 2008 the latest buzz-phrase is Professional Learning Communities. The high school adopts this concept at considerable cost and strife. Three years later Principal Power moves on, and PLCs fizzle. With each new initiative Sara’s enthusiasm diminishes. She has twenty-two years of books, binders, and workshop folders stacked in a file drawer, representing hundreds of hours of abandoned work. Sara digs through the strata like a scientist noting geologic eras. She ponders the energy spent on each new program, technological advance, and philosophical shift, and decides the only way she’ll make it to retirement is to stop caring so much. President Obama introduces the Race to the Top Fund, and by 2010 New York has successfully secured its slice of the cash cow. Common Core Standards are developed in 2011, and a system is put into place to rate teachers based on student test scores. Epilogue In 2013 the anti-union movement hits NY State and teacher unions lose the right to collectively bargain. With the help of key Assembly members, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Governor Andrew Cuomo push through legislation they had endorsed for years eliminating the time-honored practice of laying-off teachers by seniority—“last hired, first fired.” A new math teacher is hired at Sara’s school. Being young and unattached, Bob impresses the new principal, who sees to it that he is not assigned the “problem” kids. Sara remains a competent and dedicated teacher, but the fire is out. She is asked to mentor Bob, but feels no motivation to train the competition. Bob can’t help but notice that Sara shows little interest in the newest reform initiatives. In 2014 a math position is cut due to budget constraints. At half the pay, Bob is clearly the better choice. Sara is laid off, and at age fifty, with a son in college, she joins the unemployed.
    this article seems to chronicle the last fifteen years of my career - but the characters names are all different.
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