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Elizabeth Resnick

Digital Collections - Harvard College Library - 2 views

    "To enhance access to its rich and varied collections, the Harvard College Library has digitized thousands of historical photographs, pamphlets, manuscripts, books, music scores, rare maps and other rare and unique materials. The vast majority of these images are freely available online for public access"
Tracy Watanabe

Harvard ALPS - 73 views

    Harvard education online classes, professional development, and resources ALPS = Active Learning Practice for Schools
Roland Gesthuizen

Harvard Referencing Generator | Essay Tool Box - 105 views

    Harvard Referencing Generator for books, chapters, journals, websites and even emails.
Kim Ibara

New Service From Harvard Aims to Replace Classroom Lectures - 9 views

    Eric Mazur's (Harvard physics professor) new software to support his teaching methodology (the "flipped" classroom). Learning Catalytics. Intriguing!
Stephen Davis

Robert Duke: Why students don't learn what we think we teach - 87 views

    Video of a Harvard lecture...interesting stuff!
    Video of a Harvard lecture...interesting stuff!
Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G)

Which Kind of Collaboration Is Right for You? - 1 views

    Free online business articles and news at Harvard Business Review. Read a preview of Which Kind of Collaboration Is Right for You?, by Gary P. Pisano, Roberto Verganti.
Kevin Jarrett

Report Calls for National Effort to Get Millions Of Young Americans onto a Realistic Path to Employability - News Features & Releases - 29 views

    Harvard GSE research. College isn't for everyone.
Adrienne Schroeder

Project Zero: Current Projects - 49 views

    Harvard team of educational thinkers and innovators whose principal inventories include researching beliefs, attitudes, policy, and how to make change
Megan N-B

Healthy Eating Plate & Healthy Eating Pyramid | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health - 9 views

    How does this compare to "My Plate"?
    How does this compare to "My Plate"?
Andrea Raven

edX - 42 views

    Free online college courses  offered from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, etc
Javier E

Getting Into the Ivies - - 0 views

  • For American teenagers, it really is harder to get into Harvard — or Yale, Stanford, Brown, Boston College or many other elite colleges — than it was when today’s 40-year-olds or 50-year-olds were applying. The number of spots filled by American students at Harvard, after adjusting for the size of the teenage population nationwide, has dropped 27 percent since 1994.
  • The share for any individual college is minuscule, of course. In 2012, about 33 out of every 100,000 American 18- to 21-year-olds were attending Harvard, down from 45 per 100,000 in 1994. These changes in the share tell you how much harder, or easier, admission has become for American teenagers on average. Between 1984 and 1994, it became easier at many colleges. The college-age population in this country fell during that time to 14.1 million in 1994 from 16.5 million in 1984, and the number of foreign students was relatively stable.
  • Over the last 20 years, several large colleges, like N.Y.U. and the University of Southern California, have improved markedly, effectively increasing the number of seats on elite campuses
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  • For students from the Northeast applying to elite colleges in the region, college admissions have probably become even more difficult in recent decades than these statistics suggest. Not only have colleges globalized, they have also become less regional, admitting more students from states like North Carolina, Texas and Washington.
  • On average, about 15 percent of students at elite colleges receive Pell grants, which as a rule of thumb go to students in the bottom half of the income distribution.
  • Low-income applicants are left to compete for the remaining slots with applicants who have the highest test scores, most impressive extracurricular activities and most eloquent essays.
    After reading this i felt I could assuage the parents group at my daughter's school who were heartbroken that their siblings were not accepted into the school as well.
Justin Medved

How TED Connects the Idea-Hungry Elite - 43 views

  • By combining the principles of "radical openness" and of "leveraging the power of ideas to change the world," TED is in the process of creating something brand new. I would go so far as to argue that it's creating a new Harvard -- the first new top-prestige education brand in more than 100 years.
Ann Steckel

Harvard Study Finds Teens Online Lack Ethics - 72 views

  • In their research, the team has found that most young people are devoid of ethical thinking or consideration for others when using the web.
  • encourage us all to mentor young people on using social media for social good.
  • The online behaviors of youth and how to improve and correct them are part of how James feels new media can be used to address the world’s challenges
    The biggest take-away for me was that adults were largely lacking presence in the online life of youth. And, even though this was less true for tweens, the focus was primarily on consequences for poor choices, not digital citizenship. For me, this reflects a larger cultural shift that is occurring and the continued blurring of ethics/morality and the destructive influence of Hollywood.
Sheri Edwards

Open Collections Program: Expeditions and Discoveries - Sponsored Exploration and Scientific Discovery in the Modern Age - 1 views

    Search for maps, photos, documents of sponsored scientific discoveries in Harvard's Open Collections Program
Marsha Ratzel

Harvard University Press - Field Notes on Science and Nature - 93 views

    Slideshow runs to reveal pictures from famous scientists' notebooks. Kids would be amazed to see the detail of work these hold and hopefully inspired to replicate the greats.
    Gorgeous I'd love this for my kitchen garden students to inspire journals.
Keith Rowley

Harvard Working Knowledge: Why Leaders Lose Their Way - Bill George - 1 views

  • Leaders who lose their way are not bad people; rather, they lose their moral bearings
  • we all have the capacity for actions we deeply regret unless we stay grounded.
  • Self-reflection: a path to leadership development
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  • narcissistic wounds from childhood.
    • Keith Rowley
      Their "crucibles." Or, as Eckhard Tolle calls it, "pain bodies".
  • What's the purpose of my leadership?
  • Why do I want to lead?
  • Often they reject the honest critic who speaks truth to power.
  • these problems are neither their fault nor their responsibility. Or they look for scapegoats to blame for their problems. Using their power, charisma, and communications skills, they force people to accept these distortions, causing entire organizations to lose touch with reality. At this stage leaders are vulnerable to making big mistakes, such as violating the law or putting their organizations' existence at risk. Their distortions convince them they are doing nothing wrong, or they rationalize that their deviations are acceptable to achieve a greater good.
    • Keith Rowley
      George W Bush!
  • Values-centered leadership
  • Leaders can avoid these pitfalls by devoting themselves to personal development that cultivates their inner compass, or True North.
  • reframing their leadership from being heroes to beingservants of the people they lead.
    • Keith Rowley
      Values-centerd leaders are "Go-Givers"
  • Leaders can avoid these pitfalls by devoting themselves to personal development that cultivates their inner compass, or True North. This requires reframing their leadership from being heroes to beingservants of the people they lead.
  • discipline
    • Keith Rowley
      Meditation is a good discipline to practice.
  • meditation
  • A system to support values-centered leadership The reality is that people cannot stay grounded by themselves. Leaders depend on people closest to them to stay centered. They should seek out people who influence them in profound ways and stay connected to them. Often their spouse or partner knows them best.
  • rue North Groups
    • Keith Rowley
      What is this???
  • Spouses and partners can't carry this entire burden though. We need mentors
  • heir choices don't matter, as long as they relieve stress and enable them to think clearly about work and personal issues.
  • Surround yourselves with people who will be honest with you about how you really are and what you are becoming, and then make them promise to not hold back… from telling you the truth."
    Values-centered leadership. Bill George is great!
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