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Nancy Schmidt

Langwitches Blog » 21st Century PD- Practice What you Preach - 74 views

    • Nancy Schmidt
      Anyone have ideas on how to model 21st century skills in an environment which blocks many of these web2.0 tools?
    Nancy: You need a phased attack. Phase one involves marshaling the technologies you do have handy to create communication with parents. Use Twitter for homework updates, essential questions about reading assignments, a "writer's tip of the day" etc. This is what I call a "tier 1" communication. This technology gives few details, but provides parents talking points during dinner conversation with their kids. Then use your website to add the major details, evaluation rubrics, blogging, etc. What I like to provide are "desktop" videos that capture you using or modeling Web 2.0 technologies, and their potential in the classroom. Post these on your website and say something like, "Blocked here at [your school] but you can perhaps use these tools at home..." When parents start to see the same text appear over and over as a caption or comment in your video, they just might get angry enough to go to the superintendent, or the IT "integration specialist" and say, "Enough! Give this teacher the tools she needs!" We're fighting this battle everywhere. Educators are being treated like children who don't have a clue. Keep fighting the good fight and good luck!
Derrick Grose

Ballads Not Bullets - 8 views

    School Libraries in Canada provides links to free documentaries on food-related topics with a particular focus on "Ballads Not Bullets" which focuses on how First Nations singer and actor Tom Jackson escaped from the streets to use his music to fight against poverty and homelessness; the film demonstrates the importance of using personal talents and skills to give back to society.
    School Libraries in Canada provides links to free documentaries on food-related topics with a particular focus on "Ballads Not Bullets" which focuses on how First Nations singer and actor Tom Jackson escaped from the streets to use his music to fight against poverty and homelessness; the film demonstrates the importance of using personal talents and skills to give back to society.
Comrad Compadre

DOJ won't help FCC fight state laws that harm municipal broadband | Ars Technica - 1 views

  • DOJ attorney told a federal appeals court last week that "Respondent United States of America takes no position in these cases."
    • Comrad Compadre
      Arguably one of the best lines to come out of the US DOJ
  • The DOJ's decision to stay out of the case was cheered by Randolph May, who was an FCC lawyer between 1978 and 1981. May opposes both the municipal broadband and net neutrality decisions and today runs a "free market-oriented think tank" called The Free State Foundation. He wrote that "the Department of Justice's curt statement advising the court that it takes no position in the appeal of the FCC's preemption of state laws restricting local government broadband networks is very curious. As someone who served as FCC Associate General Counsel, I can tell you this is a very rare occurrence."
Kelly Sereno

SIRS: Turn Off the Cell and Tune In - 64 views

    • Kelly Sereno
      con - Argument #2
  • There is an epidemic of under-the-desk text messages during class, a virtual economy of exam pictures posted to Facebook, a trade in school fight videos on YouTube, they say. To combat it, the county school board voted Thursday to ban cellphones and other electronics during the school day, even as many school systems across the country are loosening their rules.
    No cell phone use in schools - text messages, cheating, school fights
April Grybosky

Access to articles : Malaria in Africa and WHO - 0 views

    Gates grant to fight Malaria
Wayne Holly

Seating Chart Maker - Seating Chart Maker - 149 views

    Seating Chart Maker is an application that can help you get all your students where they belong. Whether it's a child with vision issues who needs to be in the front of the class, or those two kids who just cannot be allowed to sit next to each other-too much talking or too much fighting-this tool can help you spend less time figuring out the classroom logistics and more time teaching your students what they need to know. And isn't that really why you teach? Written by the spouse of a teacher, Seating Chart Maker runs under Windows and is a free download.
Roland Gesthuizen

5 myths about teachers that are distracting policymakers - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post - 111 views

  • Political leaders at every level are demanding we evaluate and pay teachers based on student test scores and value-added statistical formulas. If that turns out to be a bad strategy, the long-term ramifications for the nation could be staggering.
    "Now's the time to transcend the usual debates over how to make our schools better and our teachers more effective - and break free of the myths that keep us fighting 20th century battles. Instead we need to look hard at the realities, framed by research evidence as well as the challenges teachers face everyday"
Philip Vinogradov

MetaBlast - 8 views

    The last remaining plant cell in existence is dying. An expert team of plant scientists have inexplicably disappeared. Can you rescue the lost team, discover what is killing the plant, and save the world? Meta!Blast is a real-time 3D action-adventure game that puts you in the pilot's seat. Shrink down to microscopic size and explore the vivid, dynamic world of a soybean plant cell spinning out of control. Interact with numerous characters, fight off plant pathogens, and discover how important plants are to the survival of the human race.
Marc Patton

Engineer Your Life - Homepage - 0 views

    Welcome to Engineer Your Life, a guide to engineering careers for high school girls! Imagine what life would be like without pollution controls to preserve the environment, life-saving medical equipment, or low-cost building materials for fighting global poverty.
Kalin Wilburn

Adopt A US Soldier - 2 views

    Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will nott go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed troops and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragment and express gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces.
Kate Pok

Idaho Teachers Fight a Reliance on Computers - - 32 views

  • Last year, the state legislature overwhelmingly passed a law that requires all high school students to take some online classes to graduate, and that the students and their teachers be given laptops or tablets. The idea was to establish Idaho’s schools as a high-tech vanguard. To help pay for these programs, the state may have to shift tens of millions of dollars away from salaries for teachers and administrators. And the plan envisions a fundamental change in the role of teachers, making them less a lecturer at the front of the room and more of a guide helping students through lessons delivered on computers.
  • “Teachers don’t object to the use of technology,” said Sabrina Laine, vice president of the American Institutes for Research, which has studied the views of the nation’s teachers using grants from organizations like the Gates and Ford Foundations. “They object to being given a resource with strings attached, and without the needed support to use it effectively to improve student learning.”
    • Kate Pok
      What a pity, a sign of how little respect people actually give to the profession of teaching; the only profession where people don't take the comments of practitioners seriously.  Can you imagine saying to your doctor, "I know this is your diagnosis, but I'm going to go with my Great Aunt's diagnosis."
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • They complain that lawmakers listened less to them than to heavy lobbying by technology companies, including Intel and Apple.
  • under the state’s plan, that teacher will not always be in the room. The plan requires high school students to take online courses for two of their 47 graduation credits.
    • Kate Pok
      I actually find this somewhat little research exists as to how students are actually learning online.  Are they using Facebook or are they going through MIT's Open Courseware?  I'm inclined to think the former.  I'm slowly adding more and more technology to my classes and frankly, I'm surprised that students are not more technologically savvy... the first and second digital divides are increasingly evident...
    • Carol Pearsall
      Interesting article, however, you can't ignore that students today will be doing a significant amount of learning on a computer. If our high school students can't master managing an online class in high school, how will they fare later on? It's another learning tool. 2 classes out of 47 credits? How is that detrimental to the development of lifelong learners? We can research until the cows come home, but at some point if we don't dive in, we miss the boat. While we can all wish for all our students to graduate high school and then go on to college, the reality is that most of them won't. That's reality... Preparing our kids for future learning and building those skills necessary to be successful to master online courses is a skill they will need to succeed in their digital world.
Steve Ransom

Idaho Teachers Fight a Reliance on Computers - - 1 views

  • how teachers would be trained when some already work long hours and take second jobs to make ends meet.
    • Steve Ransom
      The stark reality policy makers seem to ignore
  • Giving them easy access to a wealth of facts and resources online allows them to develop critical thinking skills, he said, which is what employers want the most.
    • Steve Ransom
      No... TEACHERS help students develop critical thinking skills. Information and tools are but opportunities to be leveraged..
  • said there was no proof that the technology improved learning
    • Steve Ransom
      A typical politician who doesn't bother to really investigate the full body of research. There's also no proof that pencils, football, and textbooks improve learning either.
Mrs. Powers

Presidential Debate: Substance Trumps Rhetoric, Obama Appeared Shaken When Confronted With His Own Record AND THE MATH For The FIRST Time Ever. - Lisa Schneider's column on Newsvine - 0 views

  • e resilience and the determination of the American people, we've begun to fight our way back.
  • determination of the Am
  • we've begun to fight our
Steve Ransom

Trends in Bullying and Peer Victimization - 1 views

    "In this bulletin, we will summarize the trends, from youth sur‐ veys that have tracked bullying specifically, and also those that have tracked closely related phenomena such as school assaults, school thefts, school fighting and school hate speech."
karen walstein

Human Trafficking: Flight Attendants Fight Back for Victims - 14 views

    • karen walstein
      another sticky note
  • There's no evidence that the Super Bowl has a higher than average rate of human trafficking. But sex work does spike when travel increases for a big event, experts say. And sex work and human trafficking often go hand-in-hand.
  • Victims sometimes appear drugged.
Christian King

Free Mind Mapping Software, Freeware, Create mindmaps for brainstorming, problem solving, rational analysis, and decision marking. - 137 views

    I've used many mind mapping tools and find them lacking in functionality (xmind) , expensive (inspiration) or very hard to use (Free Mind). Most of these tools will not allow you to have 2 main topics and create a double bubble map (like a venn diagram). Edraw Mind Map has a very easy to use ribbon interface similar to Word 2010 and tons of built in symbols and mind mapping templates. It is free for educational use and their site has tons of video tutorials that cover all the nifty features. It's the first mind mapping program where I felt like I wasn't fighting the interface.
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