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Elizabeth Amrien

New Eastern Europe - The Lingering of the Past - 12 views

  • The idea that Eastern Europe was, or is, a passive recipient of influences coming from the West is not the way life works; there is always an encounter, often an uncomfortable one. In one of Father Józef Tischner’s essays there's a beautiful passage in which he says that the encounter is a moment that initiates a particular drama, the course of which cannot be foreseen. I think that what happened in 1989 was not the filling of an empty space but rather that kind of encounter.
  • Krytyka Polityczna.
  • notion of a socially engagé intelligentsia who believes that ideas are to be lived.
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  • One of the things that made Solidarność so remarkable was that "Solidarity" was not just a slogan or a philosophy: the movement involved an empirical overcoming of long-standing divides between right and left, Catholics and Marxists; workers and intellectuals.
  • What the various totalitarian experiments tell us quite clearly is that most people most of the time are formed by the circumstances in which they find themselves. That does not mean that individual personality variables do not exist, or that there will not always be exceptions. There will always be extraordinary people like Władysław Bartoszewski, who seems to have emerged from childhood with an uncanny moral lucidity. But as a general rule: if you put people in bad circumstances, you will not, on a large scale, get good outcomes.
  • I wanted to write about historical periods prior to1989. But I was, of course, personally experiencing the post-Communist period: as I was sitting in the archives reading about the 1930s, I was also living in the 1990s. So I had this dual experience of discovering the past along with the present.
  • The Taste of Ashes is about how the past lingers and about what the afterlife of totalitarianism has been.
  • One of the first, most naïve questions I wanted to understand was: Why was there no “happily ever after”?
  • I thought that coming to Eastern Europe would be like arriving at a non-stop party, that everybody would be celebrating his or her liberation. Of course, it was nothing like that. The 1990s were in some ways not very happy times at all. There was a sense that now people were suffering and being exploited in entirely different ways from the ways in which they had suffered and been exploited under communism. And there was a sense of the past as tormenting.  
  • In some ways this book is my attempt to explain why the fall of communism in Eastern Europe was not a fairy tale's happy ending.
  • I think this kind of attempt to find a safe place for ourselves in the world will always fail. There is something rootless about the human condition.
  • The idea that Eastern Europe after communism was an empty space to be filled with things borrowed from the West is not convincing.
Martin Burrett

Interactive European History Map - 193 views

    A useful interactive history map of Europe. Watch as boarder move as nations rise and fall.
Terry Smith

Beyond Borders - National Geographic Society - 36 views

    The overall theme of this teacher-tested unit is using maps to understand borders and their impacts in Europe. The materials will help your middle school students to use maps to think about how borders intersect physical and human geographical features, and how those intersections can lead to cooperation and/or conflict. The educator resources provided in the unit include maps, multimedia, and case studies that will enable students to develop skills in map analysis and apply that analysis to specific situations. Other parts of the unit will invite you and your students to explore similar cases in Europe and your own community.
Carmen Pianko - Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day - 65 views

    Video showing changing borders and countries/kingdoms in Europe, 1000AD to present.
Martin Burrett

Toporopa - 94 views

    A well made set of geography and other resources about Europe. Look at maps, Kings and Queens and much more. Resources come in many Europen languages.
Ed Webb

BBC NEWS | Europe | Swedes miss Capri after GPS gaffe - 0 views

    A great example of over-reliance on technology and under-reliance on critical thought.
Anthony Santagato

The Female Factor - In Germany, a Tradition Falls, and Women Rise - Series - - 20 views

  • Ten years into the 21st century, most schools in Germany still end at lunchtime, a tradition that dates back nearly 250 years. That has powerfully sustained the housewife/mother image of German lore and was long credited with producing well-bred, well-read burghers.
    • Anthony Santagato
      It's amazing on how much we don't know. I had no idea Germany had a half day school system. I would love to hear what all interested parties think about this traditional system comapared to a full school day? It must be positive socially and economically since Germany has the highest GDP in Europe
  • “The 21st century belongs to women.”
    • Anthony Santagato
      Belongs to woman and what about the children? They should analyze how this all day system impacts youth and society before they throw away this more humane system
  • “The 21st century belongs to women.”
    Germany moving away from traditional 1/2 day schooling in response to economic demands that require relieving woman of homebound childcare duties
Nathan Hopson

Thoreau - Walking - Webtext - 41 views

  • When I go out of the house for a walk, uncertain as yet whither I will bend my steps, and submit myself to my instinct to decide for me, I find, strange and whimsical as it may seem, that I finally and inevitably settle south-west, toward some particular wood or meadow or deserted pasture or hill in that direction. My needle is slow to settle—varies a few degrees, and does not always point due south-west, it is true, and it has good authority for this variation, but it always settles between west and south-south-west. The future lies that way to me, and the earth seems more unexhausted and richer on that side. The outline which would bound my walks, would be, not a circle, but a parabola, or rather like one of those cometary orbits, which have been thought to be non-returning curves, in this case opening westward, in which my house occupies the place of the sun. I turn round and round irresolute sometimes for a quarter of an hour, until I decide for the thousandth time, that I will walk into the south-west or west. Eastward I go only by force; but westward I go free.
    • Nathan Hopson
      West = new + free, East = old + constrained Not a reference to world history, but to the American context (West = frontier). The Americas were the West (to Europe) and the West was America (as Turner/Billington argue).
  • I must walk toward Oregon, and not toward Europe. And that way the nation is moving, and I may say that mankind progress from east to west.
    • Nathan Hopson
      See above...
Kelly Boushell

Xpedition Hall - 88 views

    Welcome to the interactive "museum" that takes you on geography journeys. Here you'll climb a mountain, hover over the Earth, speed across Europe, visit an archeological dig, and even order sushi-plus games, animations, and more!
Roland Gesthuizen

The Black Plague: A LEGO® creation by Dane Brick : - 6 views

    "One of the most well known plagues of all time was the black plague. It terrorized globally throughout the coarse of the Medieval ages. Reaching western Europe around the start of the 100 years' war (early 1300's) Here is a demonstration, in Lego!"
Martin Burrett

BBC Languages - Christmas - 25 views

    See how Christmas is celebrated across Europe on this BBC languages webpage.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Mapping History - Hundreds of Animated and interactive maps of historical events and eras - 121 views

    Excellent collection of animated and interactive maps about the history of the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Africa.
Sonja Phillips

Two Billion Miles: interactive video story - 76 views

    Take a journey from Africa through Italy to Europe - if successful, you might be able to stay. If not, you could be deported or worse.
pjt111 taylor

Taking Yourself Seriously: Processes of Research and Engagement has been published « The Pumping Station - 3 views

    This is a "field-book of tools and processes to help readers in all fields develop as researchers, writers, and agents of change." For more details and how to purchase: (Printing and distribution in Australia and Europe begins end of March.) Comments on the influence of this book's approach "I was able to get engaged in a project that I was able to actually use in work, which was extremely satisfying. The whole process encouraged me, and I felt very empowered as a change agent, which could be an exhilarating feeling." a healthcare professional and story-teller "I really had not been used to thinking about my own thinking, so learning to do that also helped me to slow down and start to look away from the career path that I had been taking for granted." a biologist-turned-web designer "I found that the experience helped me to accept feedback from other professionals. I am more comfortable with listening to why my own ideas might not work or need further evaluation. This even happens to the point where I find reasons now to seek out this kind of feedback." a teacher "I had viewed research as a process of collecting information into a sort of database and reviewing it effectively. I have now revised my notions to include a more broad understanding of interconnectedness between people and ideas. An important part of research is to keep relationships going." an adult educator "One of the most useful ideas was the use of dialogue, which helps to slow down the procedures used by the company. There's a tension between management's need to make quick decisions and desire to have real dialogue around proposed changes-changes to the internal company operational procedures as well as to evaluating the quality of what the company is doing with its publications." a teacher, currently working in publishing "I was asked to pay attention to what I actually could do instead of what I could not. This enabled me to (1) step back and let go of a huge technic
Jennifer Armstrong

Atlas of World History - 60 views

    Africa Asia and Europe to the year 1000 with interactive maps and map animation.
Roland Gesthuizen

Portraits of School Children in Classrooms Taken Around the World | Feature Shoot - 91 views

    "This ongoing series by English photographer Julian Germain, entitled Classroom Portraits, began in schools in North East England in 2004. Since then, Germain has taken large-scale portraits of classrooms from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and has amassed an impressive 450+ portraits of schoolchildren in over 20 countries."
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