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PEEL Paragraph Writing - Virtual ​Library - 26 views

    website about PEEL paragraph writing

Writing Essays in History - Macquarie University - 9 views

    Macquarie University referencing guide for Chicago style modern history 
Marti Pike

No Grading, More Learning - 29 views

  • Each week, two students led a discussion in class on the week's readings and ideas -- and those students determined whether or not their fellow students had met the standards.
    • Marti Pike
      What is the antecedent of those?
  • she believes students did more work under this system
  • writing (she read every word, even while not assigning grades) was better than the norm.
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • less jargon
  • thesaurus-itis
  • While the students are ending up with As, many of them are doing so only because they redid assignments that were judged not sufficient to the task on the first try
  • didn't complain,
  • They reworked their essays,
  • "peer pressure
  • changed the dynamic from "a single teaching-student interaction to multiple teacher-student/student-student interactions
  • equal plane."
  • I wanted to give the feedback." But reducing the feedback to a letter grade? "It's intellectually stultifying.
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