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Margaret Moore-Taylor

Social Pragmatics Checklist, free PDF download - 62 views

    For over 6 years, this PDF search engine has made finding PDFs, eBooks and documents a breeze. Download and print, or read online. PrintFu is the original free PDF search engine.
Bob Rowan

Technology Student Association - 39 views

    Mission: Leadership and opportunities in technology, innovation, design and engineering. Members apply STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts through co-curricular programs. Suggested by Deb Rottinger, 5/11/2012
Maria Papazoglou

Infotopia--A Google Alternative Safe Search Engine for Students - 184 views

    Described as an academic search engine that points to trusted resources as sites have been selected by educators.
Roland Gesthuizen

100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars » Online Universities - 2 views

  • While burying yourself in the stacks at the library is one way to get some serious research done, with today’s technology you can do quite a bit of useful searching before you ever set foot inside a library.
    "Undergraduates and grad students alike will appreciate the usefulness of these search engines that allow them to find books, journal articles and even primary source material for whatever kind of research they're working on and that return only serious, academic results so time isn't wasted on unprofessional resources."
Deborah Baillesderr

Kiddle - visual search engine for kids - 91 views

    "Visual search engine for kids, powered by editors and Google safe search"
Jac Londe

Maps Engine - 69 views

    Google map engine creator. The new way to create and edit a map for GMap. It is the way Google invented to pronote their for business platform.
Judy Robison

Thematic Mapping Engine - - 64 views

    Thematic Mapping Engine provides users with a very simple way to create Google Earth kmz files. Thematic Mapping draws on data provided by the United Nations to create maps depicting all types of development data and environmental science data. Users select a statistical indicator category, select a year or range of years, and the manner in which they would like the data displayed in Google Earth.
Glenn Hervieux

Photos For Class - The quick and safe way to find and cite images for class! - 9 views

  • includes built-in #creativecommons search engine. Great search engine for free images that include image citations. Safe G Rated images.
Martin Burrett

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine - 94 views

    Great Encyclopedia for Artists and researching Art
    A search engine for art and artists. Find what you are looking for by name, location or artistic style.,+Craft+&+Design
Martin Burrett

EarthEcho Expeditions: What's the Catch? - 5 views

    "Teachers in England are being invited to join a professional development opportunity through EarthEcho International sponsored by the Northrop Grumman Foundation. The 'EarthEcho Expeditions: What's the Catch?' programme leverages the rich Cousteau legacy of exploration and discovery to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education alive for today's 21st-century learners and their educators. The free, expenses-paid opportunity is planned to allow secondary school teachers to participate as Expedition Fellows to learn first-hand from scientists and engineers the consequences of fisheries mismanagement and how this can be changed for the better with new technological approaches and discoveries."
Kalin Wilburn

CC Search - 7 views

    A Creative Commons-based search search engine of search engines.
    A Creative Commons Search Engine
Martin Burrett

Ecosia - The green search - 57 views

    Cleanse your techie soul a little by using this fully functional Bing/Yahoo search engine that donates money to the WWF to protect the rainforest.
Holly Barlaam

STEM Resources from Discovery - 54 views

    Siemens STEM Academy--lots of teacher resources, webinars, professional development resources, etc. Teachers can also upload and share resources. STEM (science, engineering, technology, math)
Martin Burrett

SongZilla - Search and stream online music - 63 views

    A great simple music search engine that streams free music from Grooveshark on an uncluttered page. Search by title, artist or album.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
Amy Burns

MelZoo - 4 views

    Exciting search engine with a split screen. One side shows list results and the other side shows actual web page from the search!
Judy Arzt

13 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers | Search Engine Journal - 57 views

    13 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers | Search Engine Journal
Martin Burrett

TalkMiner - 81 views

    A search engine for video lectures. The site has over 28,000 lectures archived on a range of topics from some of the biggest lecture producers, including TED.
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