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Martin Burrett

Snoring - 75 views

    A fun logic game where players must use animals to push a sleeping elephant. Probably not quite so much fun for the elephant. Play full screen at
    My students love this website and especially this game. I thought it was just a silly game at first, but it is actually pretty good for puzzle solving, etc.

Resisting Elephants Lurking in the Music Education Classroom - Thomas A. Regelski, 2014 - 2 views

  • An elephant in the room” refers to an obvious problem that remains unmentioned and is suffered silently. Music education has many such ‘elephants’ in its classrooms, and music teacher educators often seem resigned to working around them or worry about confronting them. Others are in collusion with these ‘elephants.’
  • This problem stems from the elephantine belief that a music educator must first and foremost be a good musician and that such training is sufficient to being a good teacher.
Martin Burrett

Zoo Web Cam - 128 views

    This is a link to San Diego Zoo where you can view live video feeds of animals in their enclosures, including elephants and pandas.
Holly Barlaam

The Surfing Scientist - 70 views

    Lots of little science demonstrations
    Cool science info geared toward kids in the form of tricks, demos, and conundrums. Examples include,"Ever wondered what would happen to the sea level if all the icebergs in the ocean melted?" and elephant toothpaste.
Sydney Lacey

Education Week: It's the Classroom, Stupid - 52 views

  • Without these instructional supports, expectations for teachers and students are unrealistic, and the system is set up for failure.
  • Instead, outside management systems and managers must be imported.
    Opinion article regarding school reform and how "instructional mismanagement" is often the elephant in the room.
Kate Tabor

The Elephant in the Room « Shelf Talker - 43 views

    Race and how it appears in Young Adult publishing
Tricia Hunt

How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom (Video Playlist) | Edutopia - 1 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      Not really finding this video as helpful.  Twitter has been a round for a while and I am very acquainted with its uses.  Note - video was created in 2009...four years ago!
    • Tricia Hunt
      There is NO WAY it is acceptable to friend our students on facebook.  I agree that we should not make social media the elephant in the room.  I just do not see how it is appropriate to be friends with a student on facebook.
    • Tricia Hunt
      I would challenge kids to use their OWN digital devices (iPhones, etc) and see if they can make connections with what they see to what they are learning in school!
  • ...2 more annotations...
    • Tricia Hunt
     around forever!  I already know to use it all the time in the classroom.
    • Tricia Hunt
      Globe on Wii for Geography is obviously a HUGE engagement for kids!  Internet what...they can do that on a computer.  Wii Sports....of course the kids enjoy it, but who has time for it?

Eastern Africa - New World Encyclopedia - 1 views

  • worldwide fame for their heavy concentrations of what is often termed the "big five": the elephant, water buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhinoceros.
  • African scholars have attempted to classify the peoples of Eastern Africa. The population is fragmented into many subdivisions based upon lineage—patrilineal in some areas, matrilineal in others—language, religion, subsistence and habitat among others. Despite such fragmentation and differences, the various groups tend to share much of their culture in common
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