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Megan Reif

Elections and Events 1811-1849 - The Library - 11 views

    • Megan Reif
      NOTE: 1849 has information primarily from 1839 except first highlighted yellow section
  • Indirect elections are “in use between 1840 and 1872.  Indirect elections enhanced the political power of the hacendados, because voting districts often coincided directly with the boundaries of haciendas.  The first stage of an indirect election, when voters gathered to choose electors, occurred in the cantones, the administrative sub-units of a municipality.  Cantones often were made up of nothing more than one or two haciendas, giving landowners a clear advantage to control the selection of electores.  Above and beyond all other aspects of the electoral system, the oral vote [in use until 1950] insured the predominance of patron-client relations” (pages 65-66).  Describes process for recording oral votes.  “Throughout the nineteenth century, national politics followed to a great extent the rise and fall of alliances between departmental networks.  For instance, in the mid 1840s San Vicente and San Miguel were allied against Sonsonate and San Salvador” (page 163).
  • o Vasconcelos “al término de su gestión promovió su reelección, para lo cual reformó la Constitución el 9 de marzo de 1849.  Deseaba otro mandato constitucional de dos años para reconstruir Centroamérica.  Francisco Dueñas y el Coronel Nicolás Angulo se opusieron a esta reforma, alegando que se quebrantaba el ordenamiento constitucional” (page 140). Figeac 1938:  “Don Doroteo Vasconcelos se portó a la altura del deber patriótico en el primer período de su Administración, pero cometió un grave e imperdonable error:  permitió que lo reeligieran para un segundo período presidencial.  La Constitución Política entonces vigente, prohibía en su artículo 44 la reelección del presidente de la República, y para dar el paso apuntado se dispuso la reforma [de 9 de marzo de 1849 de la Cámara de Senadores]” (page 171). Leistenschneider 1980:  “En marzo de 1849 la Asamblea Legislativa reforma el Art. 44 de la Constitución Nacional, el cual fijaba el período presidencial para dos años, prohibiendo la reelección; la reforma permite la reelección de Presidente por una sola vez” (page 88). Monterey 1978:  Marzo 17, 1849—“La Asamblea Legislativa…convoca a los pueblos a elecciones de Presidente del Estado, Diputados y Senadores” (page 85). December Monterey 1978:  Diciembre 1849—“Se efectúan en el Estado de El Salvador las elecciones de Autoridades Superiores; fué reelecto el Presidente don Doroteo Vasconcelos” (page 93).  “Se presentaron como principales candidatos a la Presidencia de la República, los señores Doroteo Vasconcelos y Lic. Francisco Dueñas” (page 94). El SalvadorAcronyms1811-18491850-18991900-19341935-19691970-19791980-19891990-19992000-2009More than one electionSources UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla,
Mr. Mohan

Iraq Holding First Election since U.S. Troop Withdrawal | United States Institute of Peace - 5 views

  • s itself a triumph of sorts
    • Mr. Mohan
      Why is this a triumph and is this a sign of hope?
  • The process does, however, face some challenges.
    • Mr. Mohan
      Be alert for the challenges
  • three provinces forming the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) hold their elections separately.
    • Mr. Mohan
      Why are the Kurdish regions different?
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Kirkuk
  • parties representing the ethnic and religious diversity of the province have not been able to agree to hold elections
    • Mr. Mohan
      Is this a positive/negative?
  • Baghdad decided to postpone elections in the Sunni-majority western provinces, Anbar and Nineveh, for security reasons
    • Mr. Mohan
      What do the two areas not holding elections have in common?
  • harbinger
  • In terms of a national identity, it might imply that certain provinces are less important than others
  • Given the toxic political environment, the rivalries and electoral history in Iraq, the integrity of elections will come into question by some.
  • Political and other differences are normal, but it is important that they are dealt with peacefully through a process of dialogue and problem-solving
Warren Apel

Ecoballot - 70 views

    Online paperless voting system for schools. Good for school board elections, student government elections, and teaching government / civics class.
Monroe Berger

Key Part of Voter ID Law in Pennsylvania Is Delayed for Election - - 0 views

  • A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday delayed full implementation of a highly contested state law requiring strict photographic identification to vote in next month’s election, saying that the authorities had not done enough to ensure that potential voters had access to the new documents.
    • Vivien Kloss
      this is the first paragraph
    • Monroe Berger
      This is my first article
  • Judge Simpson said in his Tuesday ruling that for the presidential election of Nov. 6, voters in Pennsylvania could be asked to produce the newly required photo IDs, but if they did not have them could still go ahead and vote.
    • Vivien Kloss
      judge ruling
Charles Cooper

Super PACs: How We Got Here, Where We Need to Go - 26 views

  • Not content with this, all these lawyers and campaign professionals came up with the next big idea — only months ago.  Let’s film candidates talking about their issues, and run the ads in key states, but it won’t count as “coordinated” with the candidate under the FEC’s “Swiss cheese” definitions because the ads won’t have the candidate say “vote for me.”
  •   An Independent Expenditure Only Multicandidate Non-Connected Political Committee
  • Speech Now v. FEC that if independent expenditures could not be limited as to the amount that could be spent because they are not corrupting, then there is no justification for limiting the amount that can be raised for those expenditures
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Members of Congress facing re-election in 2012, speaking on camera (or in voice-over, in the case of a radio advertisement) about one or more legislative or policy issues
    Super pac, pac, elections, politics

American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 1 views

    • cjohnson2004
      Start of Civil War
  • In response to the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States, 11 southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America
  • n April 1861, Lincoln announced the Union blockade of all Southern ports; commercial ships could not get insurance and regular traffic ended. The South blundered in embargoing cotton exports in 1861 before the blockade was effective; by the time they realized the mistake it was too late. "King Cotton" was dead, as the South could export less than 10% of its cotton.[134]
Benjamin Hare

2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map and History of the Electoral College - 86 views

    270 to win looks at the electoral college maps of the United States.
Nigel Coutts

Politics, Education and Lessons from 2016 - The Learner's Way - 15 views

    It is difficult to have not noticed that the Presidential Election in the United States of America has been somewhat controversial. The same conclusion can be drawn about 'Brexit'. The implications of these events will keep historians, political analysts and indeed educators busy for many years. Regardless of your political leanings there are genuine implications for educators in these events and a considered response now and in the coming months (even years) will be required. 
Kathleen Howard DaQuanno

untitled - 11 views

    presidential election, candidate match
Martin Burrett

Teachers as Advisors and Mentors by @RTBCoaching - 3 views

    "During the last 18 months, I have served as the mathematics teacher for an alternative high school in Nederland, CO. Our school operates with three full-time instructors and several support staff who teach various electives. One unique feature of our school is the advisory program. New students, within the first week of attendance, must interview each staff member. This provides an opportunity to meet every adult in the school and assists in the advisor-advisee matching process. The students provide three choices of adults to serve as their advisor until graduation."
Siri Anderson

MEN - Scene on Radio - 4 views

    Share with anyone who might want to learn something new before this next election cycle has come to a close. Great content for teachers in many disciplines to understand and teach around the historical and present constructions of gender in varied fields and by many different people across time. Stories of women who have accomplished many things you likely haven't heard previously.
Robert Wells

The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1343-1400) [Chaucer Biography] - 42 views

  • Chaucer went to the war in France.
    • Robert Wells
      What prompted Edward III to pay ransom for Chaucer's release? Did someone have the King's ear or was he a valued servant of the court?
  •   In the grant of his pension Chaucer is called "dilectus vallectus noster," our beloved yeoman; before the end of 1368 he had risen to be one of the king's esquires.
  • ...21 more annotations...
  • Michaelmas,
    • Robert Wells
      Michaelmas = the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel.
  • In the second quarter of 1374 Chaucer lived in a whirl of prosperity.
  • During the next twelve or fifteen years there is no question that Chaucer was constantly engaged in literary work,
  • bundant f
  • In October 1385 Chaucer was made a justice of the peace for Kent.
  • Philippa Chaucer
  • In August 1386 he was elected one of the two knights of the shire for Kent, and with this dignity, though it was one not much appreciated in those days, his good fortune reached its climax.
  • While on the king's business, in September 1390, Chaucer was twice robbed by highwaymen,
  • In 1397 he received from King Richard a grant of a butt of wine yearly. For this he appears to have asked in terms that suggest poverty, and in May 1398 he o
  • btained letters of protection against his creditors, a step perhaps rendered necessary by an action for debt taken against him earlier in the year.
  • he died, on the 25th of the following October. He was buried in Westminster Abbey, and his tomb became the nucleus of what is now known as Poets' Corner.
  • the king granted him a pitcher of wine daily,
    • Robert Wells
      His literary period.
  • The development of his genius has been attractively summed up as comprised in three stages, French, Italian and English,
  • Boccaccio's
  • Petrarch's sonnets,
  • occaccio's Decamerone, a book which there is no proof of his having seen.
  • avour was shown him by the new king
  • On the 8th of June he was appointed Comptroller of the Custom and Subsidy of Wools, Hides and Woodfells and also of the Petty Customs of Wine in the Port of London.
  • ars old, and that he was still unma
Dean Mantz

grhartman's Bookmarks on Delicious - 0 views

    Here is a list of website resources for Presidential Inauguration via GHartman on Twitter.
Ed Webb

The Trouble With Twitter - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 0 views

  • To those who Twitter, the reporter who investigates a story before offering it to the public must also seem tediously ruminant. On Twitter, the notes become the story, devoid of even five minutes of reflection on the writer's way to the computer. I can see that there are times —an airplane landing in the Hudson, a presidential election in Iran—when this type of impromptu journalism becomes a necessity, and an exciting one at that. Luckily, reporters still exist to make sense of information bytes and expand upon them for readers—but for how much longer? I worry that microblogging cheats my students out of their trump card: a mindful attention to the subject in front of them, so that they can capture its sights and sounds, its smells and tactile qualities, to share with readers. How can Twittering stories from laptops and phones possibly replace the attentive journalist who tucks a digital recorder artfully under a notepad, pencil behind one ear, and gives full attention to the subject at hand?
  • I went home after the lecture and—hypocritically, I admit—updated my Facebook status and my blog to declare how much I despise Twitter.
  • Twitter serves as a source of links to longer news stories.
    • Ed Webb
      Which is one of its main uses in journalism. As Jay Rosen (@jayrosennyu) and others have put it, through services like Twitter and, indeed, Diigo we edit the web for one another. We can see it as acting as human filters, intelligent gatherers and sifters of information for the various networks in which we are nodes.
Fabiola Berdiel

A Meeting with Elders | International Field Program Seminar-Spring '11 - 8 views

  • The importance of a respect for elders was illustrated as soon as the meeting started. Mr. A introduced us to the community leaders, and made sure that highest ranking leader was invited to say his piece first. Once he did that the discussion became lively and we were all encouraged to contribute. Understanding the cultural norms around formal meetings and political discussions is good manners, but it also will help us understand the social norms during our work, as well as help us better analyze the upcoming election process. It is social norms such as respect for elders that informs the political practices built into Liberian society, and the manner in which democracy functions.
  • I’m personally interested in the existence of generational gaps in West Africa, especially around conflicting notions of the role of youth in society.
  • I’d specifically like to explore the impact of the spread of a global youth culture facilitated by communications technology on youth voice in both Monrovia and New York’s Liberian community.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • A Meeting with Elders
  • As my name is common in Liberia, and is associated with specific ethnic groups between Sierra Leone and Liberia, it will be interesting for me to navigate these issues from a personal standpoint.
  • I also believe that through religious institutions is the best way to really get to know members of any community.
Maureen Greenbaum

Daniel Pinkwater on Pineapple Exam: 'Nonsense on Top of Nonsense' - Metropolis - WSJ - 18 views

  • An agent I had years ago said just because it’s nonprofit and educational, don’t let them not pay you, because they’re making money.
    • Jolynn Asato
      Wow. What is done in the name of "educational". So much exploitation by an industry that makes much money off the misery of high stakes accountability!
  • They basically turned it into test-ese.
  • and I must interject that I admire the job they did, because it makes even less sense than mine
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • We don’t count that against the kid’s grade, we put that there as a sort of brain teaser to show them that not everything is quantifiable, and to let them have a little fun,” then I’ll retract all my aspersions about how they’re money-grubbing b——- and overcharge for this stuff and sell it over and over again and underpay the poor authors they buy it off of
  • those stupid tests — and you can quote me, stupid tests
  • maybe I misjudged them. Maybe somebody working on the test was slowly going crazy, and wanted to put in something amusing for him or herself, and also for the kids.
  • I’m on this earth to put up a feeble fight against the horrible tendency people have to think that there’s a formula. “If I do the following things, I’ll get elected president.” No you won’t. “If I do the following things, my work of art will be good.” Not necessarily. “If I follow this recipe, the dish will come out very delicious.” Maybe. Trust me, there is no formula for most things that are not math.
    "Daniel Pinkwater on Pineapple Exam: 'Nonsense on Top of Nonsense'"
Steven Young

Demography and the Future of Secularism - - 1 views

    • Steven Young
      The American Enterprise Institute is one of the leading conservative think tanks. The AEI, and the conservative movement in general, have an interest in a more religious population, since religious voters are more likely to vote Republican and for conservative parties elsewhere in the world. Therefore, one needs to skeptical of research emanating from a think tank with a strong ideological bias; especially when that research serves the interests of the institution.
  • Across the world, "population change is reversing secularism and shifting the center of gravity of entire societies in a conservative religious direction." The same will be true here in the United States, where religious families have more children than non-religious ones.
  • It's easy to underestimate the role that population change can have in social change, Kaufmann says, but it can have a huge role, especially when differences in values drive differences in fertility
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • -- demographer
  • Americans and Europeans
  • Americans and European
  • the fringe of ultra-Orthodox pupils in Israel's Jewish primary schools in 1960 has ballooned: they now comprise a third of the Jewish first grade class. They are gaining power: in Jerusalem, Haredim rioted in late December, demanding the right to segregate women on buses, and have already elected the city's first Haredi mayor.
  • the ultra-Orthodox may form a majority of observant American and British Jews by 2050
  • In the United States, Republicans have a similar values-driven fertility advantage -- an advantage, Kaufmann argues, which will outweigh the Democratic advantage of increased immigration, in part because many immigrants are conservative on social issues and maximalist in their family planning.
  • "In Seattle, there are nearly 45 percent more dogs than children. In Salt Lake City, there are nearly 19 percent more kids than dogs.”
    Summary of article from the American Enterprise Institute journal, "The American", that claims that future of the U.S. is more religious than secular due to the large family size of religious fundamentalists.

Well Endowed By Our Creator: Did George Washington Really Invent Viagra? | text2cloud - 6 views

    Can we use the current primary season to turn attention back to primary sources from U.S. History--the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the writings of the nation's first president? I'm trying to find a way to write about these matter that has a chance high school and college students. Thus, satire, parody are in the mix.
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