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Ed Webb

It Hurts. Please, Make It Stop. | FunnyMonkey - Click. Connect. Learn - 0 views

  • The web opens up an array of options for teaching, learning, and connecting, but we need to remember that learning should be organized around the needs of the student/learner. The cost of joining a website should not be complete loss of control over your content, and as technology advocates we need to become more aware of the ramifications of data control and data portability within networked learning environments. In short, learners deserve better than the terms offered at StudyBlue, Facebook, Ning, etc. Why should a prerequisite of social learning be the loss of control over how your work is used/reused? By promoting sites that are predicated on an intellectual land grab of learner-created content, we perpetuate the lie that this is acceptable behavior.
Martin Burrett

light-bot-20-6061.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) - 45 views

    A superb game for anyone teaching the 'control' section of ICT. Move your robot around the scene using a string of commands. A great introduction to programming.
Tim Cooper

BerryIO - 22 views

    interface to control raspberry pi through the web
Matt Renwick

What Happens When Students Control Their Own Education? - The Atlantic - 64 views

  • some staff members rejected
  • eliminated the principal position and instead installed two deans at the helm
  • strong leaders, supported teachers, and an engaged community
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • no longer in the bottom 5 percent
  • incredibly freeing
  • I’m a better teacher
Steve Ransom

Over the web, loose lips can sink more than ships - 40 views

    Cautions to be taken when making information public or "private". Either way, all control is lost over information once it is made available online.
Sue Dowdell

Any Elementary Teachers using Diigo? - 100 views

I've used Diigo teacher account to set up accounts for my 105 fifth graders this past spring. I put all students in a main group (Colonial Resources) and then students studying a particular colony ...

Elementary intermediate

Roland O'Daniel

My StoryMaker : Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - 66 views

    y StoryMaker lets you control characters and objects - and creates sentences for you! Once you are done with your story, you can print it out. You cannot go back and edit a story once you have ended it but, if you click "yes" when asked to share it with others, you can print it out again by entering the magic number it gives you in the box on the right. Since lack of space forces us to delete story files older than 1 month, please save the .pdf file that prints to your own computer.
Roland Gesthuizen

BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - Futuristic school has circular classrooms - Maths - 42 views

    As building work gets underway for a new school, Gareth Nutt, head of property and regeneration at Neath Port Talbot council, describes its unusual circular design. The classrooms in this new school will be circular so all pupils feel included. The building environment is controlled with windows which automatically open when rooms get too hot. This clip was first published on BBC News Online on 15 January 2009. Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
Diana Irene Saldana

That's Not Cool - 6 views

    Where do you draw your digital line? Your mobile, IM, and online accounts are all part of you. When someone you're dating is controlling, disrespecting, or pressuring you in those spaces, that's not cool.
Lee-Anne Patterson

Facts4Me - A Safe and Secure Research Site - 1 views

    Subscription site for Primary Students to find out information. Simple language and quality controled. Can email suggestions for topics to Sandy Morgan. Open to people helping contribute. No ads!
Tony Baldasaro

Putting the Ning into 'Learning' | Why did the Chickenman cross the road? - 0 views

  • for a completely free service
  • Recently some of my students were creating podcasts or videos for their own revision, they then posted it to their ning community and other students looked at them and downloaded them for their own revision then left comments on what they thought of it and how it could be improved.
    • Tony Baldasaro
      Sounds like a great way for students to collaborate.
  • More recently with the new instant message chat facility I have conduced some live out of hours revision sessions for students literally sometimes the night before an exam.
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  • other students supporting their classmates
  • I have gone away from ning and tried other ways of working with collaboratively with students but I keep going back to it.
    I have been using Ning with my students for the last couple of years and I have to say for a completely free service it is amazing! For any of you who have never come across it - you can sign up for free and for within a matter of minutes you can create your own online community that looks and feels like facebook or bebo. You can then make it completely private to protect say your students and you then can control who joins the community in fact you can invite people only if that is how you want to work it.
Kathleen N

TabUp - Keep Tabs. - 1 views

    This is a fantastic start page option for teachers and students. It has everything teachers want (widgets, privacy controls, booksmarks, calendar, RSS, mini blog(journal), notes, to-do, video, and more). The file upload is a big bonus. Students and teachers can personalize the designs and add/share tabs. You can make each tab public or private and grant specific privileges for the tools (widgets).invitIe students individually or bulk upload from a file.
Ann Steckel

endofweb / FrontPage - 0 views

    The scenario: It's 2020 and the world has changed. Some say for the better, for others it is the worst. The internet, the technology that connects us, will be turned off in 60 days. The world leaders, controlled by BIG BUSINESS, have agreed that the internet is making the world worse, and is now too big and too powerful. It must be stopped. The resistance force, always on the move, known as the Wireless Underground will seek to rally others to form their own resistance groups and to eventually form a new www based on connecting rogue sites. Each group will have limited range of access but can extend through connecting with other groups. They say official orders have been given. The Internet is closing down, to be replaced by a single information service called the "Alternet". The underground predict that G8 world leaders will make an the announcement in Feburary 2021, but this could just ne a hoax ... but what if it's true? What will be your story?
Doug Brunner :: What are YOU creating today? - 42 views

    Description: Wallwisher is an online post-it board. It can be used for making announcements or for posting polling questions. No user registration is required. Works like a notice board. You can choose the level of control; who can view, who can post, and authorize all posts before they go "live". Visit my wall to post your thoughts about this Web 2.0 tool. You can link your sticky notes to videos, images, and websites.
    Description: Wallwisher is an online post-it board. It can be used for making announcements or for posting polling questions. No user registration is required. Works like a notice board. You can choose the level of control; who can view, who can post, and authorize all posts before they go "live". Visit my wall to post your thoughts about this Web 2.0 tool. You can link your sticky notes to videos, images, and websites.
    I think its great for back-channelling and group brainstorm. Also, its great for feedback and for communication in staff meetings.
Richard Bradshaw

The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics | The Heritage Foundation - 33 views

  • Government had to be limited both because it was dangerous if it got too powerful and because it was not supposed to provide for the highest things in life.
  • In Progressivism, the domestic policy of government had two main concerns. First, government must protect the poor and other victims of capitalism through redistribution of resources, anti-trust laws, government control over the details of commerce and production: i.e., dictating at what prices things must be sold, methods of manufacture, government participation in the banking system, and so on. Second, government must become involved in the "spiritual" development of its citizens -- not, of course, through promotion of religion, but through protecting the environment ("conservation"), education (understood as education to personal creativity), and spiritual uplift through subsidy and promotion of the arts and culture.
  • Progressives therefore embraced a much more active and indeed imperialistic foreign policy than the Founders did.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • The trend to turn power over to multinational organizations also begins in this period, as may be seen in Wilson's plan for a League of Nations, under whose rules America would have delegated control over the deployment of its own armed forces to that body.
  • The Progressives wanted to sweep away what they regarded as this amateurism in politics. They had confidence that modern science had superseded the perspective of the liberally educated statesman. Only those educated in the top universities, preferably in the social sciences, were thought to be capable of governing.
  • Government, it was thought, needed to be led by those who see where history is going, who understand the ever-evolving idea of human dignity.
  • Politics in the sense of favoritism and self-interest would disappear and be replaced by the universal rule of enlightened bureaucracy.
  • Today's liberals, or the teachers of today's liberals, learned to reject the principles of the founding from their teachers, the Progressives.
  • That is the disparagement of nature and the celebration of human will, the idea that everything of value in life is created by man's choice, not by nature or necessity.
  • Liberal domestic policy follows the same principle. It tends to elevate the "other" to moral superiority over against those whom the Founders would have called the decent and the honorable, the men of wisdom and virtue. The more a person is lacking, the greater is his or her moral claim on society. The deaf, the blind, the disabled, the stupid, the improvident, the ignorant, and even (in a 1984 speech of presidential candidate Walter Mondale) the sad -- those who are lowest are extolled as the sacred other.
  • The first great battle for the American soul was settled in the Civil War. The second battle for America's soul, initiated over a century ago, is still raging. The choice for the Founders' constitutionalism or the Progressive-liberal administrative state is yet to be fully resolved.
  • The Progressive system managed to gain a foothold in American politics only when it made major compromises with the Founders' constitutionalism.
  • Sober liberal friends of the Great Society would later admit that a central reason for its failure was precisely the fact that it was an expertise-driven engineering project, which had never sought the support or even the acquiescence of popular majorities.
    I hope you know better than to use any resource from such a biased source in the classroom without one from the opposite side, say the Brookings Institution in this case. I found your posting of this article from this anti- free thought organization that is a puppet of big business and the far right on an education site plain wrong.
    Well, the truth is I did not intend to share this bookmark with Diigo Education, but somehow it was posted in the group. I had intended it only for myself as part of research I am doing.
Steve C

RemoteDroid » Use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard and mouse to remote control your computer - 43 views

    Looks like it would be great for the classroom, controlling Smartboards, playing DVDs, showing PowerPoints, etc.
Dimitris Tzouris

Camera Mouse - 79 views

    Control a computer using head movements.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Blog U.: Barefoot Teaching - University of Venus - Inside Higher Ed - 18 views

    "it's women who worry most about maintaining "authority," which simply reinforces "patriarchal" teaching methods and squelches critical thinking among students. I know that as a rookie teacher early in my graduate career, I was terrified of losing any control because it would reveal my inexperience. I think that is a fairly common phenomenon for any young teacher (take a look at how harshly grad TAs tend to grade, for example), not just women."
Steve Ransom

Classroom Creativity : The Frontal Cortex - 87 views

    Yes.. I think most prefer compliance than creativity... or at least teacher-defined and controlled creativity...when it fits and is convenient.
Martin Burrett

Data Dreamer music - 37 views

    A fun musical application using the position of 'instrument' dots to control musical sounds.,+Sound+&+Podcasts
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