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Virginia Meadow

Frames - Animation and Digital Storytelling Software | Tech4Learning - 6 views

  • Introducing Frames 4! Frames is educational software for stop-motion animation, claymation, and digital storytelling. Creating illustrated animations, movies and digital stories engages students in the curriculum, encourages problem-solving, promotes creativity, and helps students develop 21st-century communication skills. Students can use Frames to create movies, animated GIF files, and Flash animations to share with the world.
  • dents more than creating clay animation. With Frames as the foundation in the clay Animation Kit, this motivating process transforms your classroom into an active learning
  • Clay Animation Nothing engages stu
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  • Communicating visually is an essential 21st-century skill. With Frames integrated drawing tools, students can illustrate their own animated diagrams, graphs, procedures, and more, helping them understand concepts that are difficult to explain using text alone. (L
  • ents more than creating clay animation! Use Frames to transform your classroom into an active learning environment and begin having your student develop exciting cross-curricular group projects that incorporate writing and technology skills. (Learn More)
    Frames is educational software for stop-motion animation, claymation, and digital storytelling. Frames helps students develop 21st-century communication skills.
Martin Burrett

Clay Yourself - Avatar - 153 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 28 Jun 11 - No Cached
    Make a 'Wallace & Gromit' like clay Avatar of yourself or your class with this superb tool. Great if you are not able to show photos of your children on the Internet.
Justin Medved

Not an Upgrade - an Upheaval -by Clay Shirky - 0 views

    The hard truth about the future of journalism is that nobody knows for sure what will happen; the current system is so brittle, and the alternatives are so speculative, that there's no hope for a simple and orderly transition from State A to State B. Chaos is our lot; the best we can do is identify the various forces at work shaping various possible futures. Two of the most important are the changing natures of the public, and of subsidy.
Marsha Ratzel - 1 views

    Hands-on 3D clay model of the earth (proportionally accurate)
Susan Harari

Clay youself - 154 views

    How would you look as a Claymation figure?
Mark Gleeson

Data Portability is the Clay Feet of iPads in the Classroom - The Digital Reader - 0 views

    An example of bad iPad management at school level. need to know how iPads work and apps that help before setting up iPad program at school. 
Roland Gesthuizen

7 Tips for Citing an App in MLA Format | edSocialMedia - 83 views

    Clay Shirky famously pointed out that the problem in the information landscape today isn't necessarily that there is too much information but that our filters aren't any good. Students feel this problem acutely due to their perpetual crunch for time and lack of nuanced Google skills. So where does a responsible student go for reliable information she can use in an academic context?
Randy Yerrick

Animated Chemical Bonding | Creative Educator - 13 views

    I like this idea of having the students write a narrative for how the bonds form and creating a model for it.  I think it would be better if there was some type of computer program where they can create the model electronically instead of using clay.
Thieme Hennis

Educade | Find, create and share lesson plans and teaching tools to empower your classroom - 3 views

    DIY Lesson plans and materials for K12 and above. Very cool platform. Example project: USE MAKEY MAKEY TO DESIGN A VIDEOGAME CONTROLLER Students design and make controllers with clay, Play-Doh, bananas, or whatever they desire and link their controller through circuits to their laptop with this innovative circuit board kit. GRADE LEVEL: 4-9 Created by Agustin Molfino Curriculum Writer PLATFORM TYPE LIKE SHARE
Tony Iannone

Moving Toward the Paperless Institute - National Writing Project - 16 views

  • But in our 2007 summer institute, we facilitators wondered aloud, "What if these responses could be put online?" Within minutes, Eric ignited a sea of change in Red Clay by creating a way for fellows to answer these questions via an online survey tool. Now, instead of mad scribbling, happy goodbyes, and plans for beer that night, the sounds at the end of any day in the summer institute have become mad typing, happy goodbyes, and plans for beer that night."
    This quote gets me thinking about ways that our own Writing Project is moving towards a paperless institute.
Maggie Tsai

Steli Efti: You do what you do and Diigo what we do! - 1 views

  • Diigo let´s you bookmark, highlight and sticky-note the Internet! A really remarkable research tool that should be used by every teacher and student worldwide! > What´s really exciting is that you can share these annotations by making them "public" with everyone using Diigo or even create/join a group. This means if you use Diigo and visit a website I highlighted some text and made a sticky note about - YOU CAN SEE IT TOO:) > I just created the > Education Revolutionaries Group > at Diigo: > "This Diigo Group is all about new and innovative education solutions on the Internet. Search, bookmark, highlight and sticky-note the world of online education together with us. Let´s Rock´N´Roll!" > You can > join the > Education Revolutionaries Group > if you like :) Everyone interested in education is welcome! > Kudos to Jim > for making me aware of this killer tool for research - you > won´t believe it but there are people out there never heard of Diigo > before! I knew one of them - me ; ) And > Kudos to you Clay > for making the > cool Diggo video. >
DebbieAnne Baione-Doda

Clay Shirky: How social media can make history | Video on - 0 views

    We're all in this together.
Martin Burrett

Word Wars - 117 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 14 May 12 - No Cached
    A fun HTML5 word game where players connect letters to spell words. Just enter a name in the bottom box to get started.
Caroline Dutton

Health - 0 views

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that exposure to smoke from the simple act of cooking is the fifth worst risk factor for disease in developing countries, and causes almost two million premature deaths per year – exceeding deaths attributable to malaria or tuberculosis.
  • Women in developing countries are also at risk of head and spinal injuries, pregnancy complications, and maternal mortality from the strenuous task of carrying heavy loads of firewood or other fuels. Frequent exposure to cookstove smoke can also cause disabling health impacts like cataracts, which affect women more than men, and is the leading cause of blindness in developing countries.
  • Rudimentary wood-fired cookstoves and open fires emit fine particles, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants at levels up to 100 times higher than the recommended limits set by WHO
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  • A randomized-control study in Guatemala led by the University of California, Berkeley, found that halving exposure to indoor air pollution with a chimney stove brought about a reduction in severe pneumonia, and that larger reductions in exposure had more pronounced effects. A systematic review of all available studies on the link between solid fuel use and child pneumonia has found an almost doubling of risk for those exposed.
  • Nearly all of the existing evidence is based on observational studies that compare groups using open fires and traditional cookstoves with those using cleaner fuels, with very little being directly obtained from studies that directly measure the effects of interventions.
  • While the link between exposure to cookstove smoke and a wide range of health problems such as pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer is well established, the current body of evidence linking cookstoves with other potentially important health effects is compelling but less documented
  • Burns from open fires and unsafe cookstoves are another insidious risk faced by poor households dependent on kerosene, open fires, and unstable metal or clay cookstoves, contributing to a substantial percentage of the estimated 300,000 burn deaths that occur annually
  • More evidence is needed to demonstrate that the levels of exposure reduction delivered by clean cookstove and fuels will result in declines in related illnesses and deaths.
    This is the Global alliance for Clean Cookstoves website. They offer much information about the issues surrounding the topic and their action plan for affecting change!
Celia Emmelhainz

» Napster, Udacity, and the Academy Clay Shirky - 1 views

    • Celia Emmelhainz
      And we've done all of that with education!
  • An organization with cost disease can use lower paid workers, increase the number of consumers per worker, subsidize production, or increase price
  • Cheap graduate students let a college lower the cost of teaching the sections while continuing to produce lectures as an artisanal product, from scratch, on site, real time
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  • We ask students to read the best works we can find, whoever produced them and where, but we only ask them to listen to the best lecture a local employee can produce that morning.
    • Celia Emmelhainz
      Which is why I think amazing lectures and lecture-notes followed by in person discussion could be powerful. Like a reading group (aka english class) but for video.
  • he very things the US News list of top colleges prizes—low average class size, ratio of staff to students—mean that any institution that tries to create a cost-effective education will move down the list.
  • hese are where most students are, and their experience is what college education is mostly like.
  • a good chunk of the four thousand institutions you haven’t heard of provide an expensive but mediocre education
  • That’s because the fight over MOOCs is really about the story we tell ourselves about higher education: what it is, who it’s for, how it’s delivered, who delivers it.
  • OOCs expand the audience for education to people ill-served or completely shut out from the current system, in the same way phonographs expanded the audience for symphonies to people who couldn’t get to a concert hall, and PCs expanded the users of computing power to people who didn’t work in big companies. Those earlier inventions systems started out markedly inferior to the high-cost alternative: records were scratchy, PCs were crashy. But first they got better, then they got better than that, and finally, they got so good, for so cheap, that they changed people’s sense of what was possible
  • n the US, an undergraduate education used to be an option, one way to get into the middle class. Now it’s a hostage situation, required to avoid falling out of it.
  • Open systems are open. For people used to dealing with institutions that go out of their way to hide their flaws, this makes these systems look terrible at first. But anyone who has watched a piece of open source software improve, or remembers the Britannica people throwing tantrums about Wikipedia, has seen how blistering public criticism makes open systems better.

the Truth About Being a Hero - WSJ - 14 views

  • We all want to be special, to stand out; there's nothing wrong with this. The irony is that every human being is special to start with, because we're unique to start with.
  • n the military I could exercise the power of being automatically respected because of the medals on my chest, not because I had done anything right at the moment to earn that respect.
  • I knew many Marines had done brave deeds that no one saw and for which they got no medals at all.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • "A lot of people have done a lot more and gotten a lot less, and a lot of people have done a lot less and gotten a lot more."
  • I got my medals, in part, because I did brave acts, but also, in part, because the kids liked me and they spent time writing better eyewitness accounts than they would have written if they hadn't liked me
  • The only people who will ever know the value of the ribbons on their chests are the people wearing them—and even they can fool themselves, in both directions.
  • he whole assault ground to a halt, except for one kid named Niemi, who had sprinted forward when we came under the intense fire and disappeared up in front of us somewhere.
  • alking to a group of us about when it was a platoon leader earned his pay. I knew, floating above that mess, that now that time had come. If I didn't get up and lead, we'd get wiped.
  • I'm most proud of is that I simply stood up, in the middle of all that flying metal, and started up the hill all by myself.
  • I did it for the right reasons.
  • At this point I saw the missing kid, Niemi, pop his head up. He sprinted across the open top of the hill, all alone.
  • He was a black kid, all tangled up in black-power politics, almost always angry and sullen. A troublemaker. Yet here he was, most of his body naked with only flapping rags left of his jungle utilities, begging for a rifle when he had a perfect excuse to just bury his head in the clay and quit. I gave him mine. I still had a pistol. He grabbed the rifle, stood up to his full height, fully exposing himself to all the fire, and simply blasted an entire magazine at the two soldiers in front of us, killing both of them. He then went charging into the fight, leaving me stunned for a moment. Why? Who was he doing this for? What is this thing in young men? We were beyond ourselves, beyond politics, beyond good and evil. This was transcendence.
  • Crashing out of the clouds into this confusion came a flaming, smoking twin-rotor CH-46 helicopter.
  • I saw Niemi pop into sight again. He sprinted to the downed chopper.
  • the only thing he could think to do was sprint across the open hilltop to see if he could find a place from which he could lay down fire to protect them.
  • Niemi got a Navy Cross.
  • I got a Navy Cross.
  • elicopter pilot
  • ont-page story
  • The kid who borrowed my rifle didn't get anyt
  • hing.
  • It was just about that time I got knocked out and blinded by a hand grenade. I came to, groggy.
  • hen a kid I knew from Second Platoon, mainly because of his bad reputation, threw himself down beside me, half his clothes blown away. He was begging people for a rifle. His had been blown out of his hands.
Devin Page

Henry Clay and the American System for kids *** - 6 views

  • Taxing all foreign goods, to boost the sales of US products and protect manufacturers from cheap British goods
  • ● Introducing a protective Tariff to enable the nation to raise money from these taxes and at the same time protect the nation's goods from cheaper priced foreign items
    • Devin Page
      Which region of the country did not like tariffs that were meant to help manufacturers in the north?
  • Roads and canals were built that enabled Americans to travel and the Cumberland Road, the Erie Canal were constructed
    • Devin Page
      Where did the Cumberland Road take travelers? How about the Erie Canal?
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • The American System helped to fuel the belief in the Manifest Destiny of the United States
    • Devin Page
      So which region probably benefited from the American system?
  • The American System helped to fuel the belief in the Manifest Destiny of the United States
  • ● Henry Clay's American System eventually ran out of steam during the administration of President Jackson
    • Devin Page
      Which region of the country seemed to most supprt Andrew Jackson?
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