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Keep Students On the Cutting Edge of Learning - Tech Learning - 9 views

Maggie Tsai - Sanity to Insanity - Diigo: powerful tool, so much underrated - 4 views

  • A powerful Social Annotation and Research Tool - DIIGO! Well indeed Diggo is the coolest tool I have ever come across on the web2.0 scenario. It is a social annotation tool, social book mark tool and a online notes. Fits good to the best researchers online, it is a team tool, that leverages the time spent online. You do not waste a single minute and not waste the time spent in finding data and loosing it. Find it, mark it, send it, store it, import it!! surprising, this is all accomplished by a single tool and it is so much under rated.
  • With Diggo you can be rest assured you have the data saved and sent in seconds! Once your fellow researcher (or a friend) gets online on the same page, knowing or by chance, he can see that you have left a message for him. All you need is, both of you will have to install the Firefox/Internet Explorer/Flock/Opera browser toolbars. These toolbars will make sure both of you do not note the same or miss an important data.
  • That is why "Ramanathan of TechnoPark" claims this tool is under rated, I kinda more than agree with his view
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  • Not only researchers, or known friends, but also strangers with same interest can make use of (rather exploit) this tool and do wonders. Say for example a bird watching community is on the prowl for a rare bird, or the very famous Flamingos, they all land up in a page that has abundance of information about the Flamingos, they can mark certain text in the page and leave a comment. Say a professor is leaving a comment about the Flamingos, and their migratory pattern, the others can see this note, respond to it! Later people with the same tool (Diigo toolbar) come to the page can see the conversation that has happened on the web, and note that this page is quite popular.
  • once this tool is leveraged the right way, this tool would rock the world. The world (read Internet) would be a better and wonderful place to live in.Imagine you stumble upon a web page and think no one has ever come into this page before! or Come into the page and see how many people have come in and left comments on the same page, and information. It is up to the Netizen to decide how good this tool can be put to use, and not destroy the beauty of this Web2.0 tool! >

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018 | Cult of Pedagogy - 57 views

    #2 is Insetlearning this is an extension tool you add to your Chrome browser. You can take a page from the Internet and turn it into a lesson.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this information! I have already been using FlipGrid for quite a while - an excellent site. As for the rest, I am going to give them a try right away.
Paul Beaufait

10 Student-Tested Chrome Extensions | Edutopia - 26 views

    All free or with premium options!
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