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Holly Barlaam

VCU Life Science Videos - 109 views

    Life science videos from VCU covering topics such as evolution, genetics, biotechnology, research careers. I really like how the videos aren't just informative but focus on relevant or interesting topics, giving a real-world connection for students. For example, within the biotechnology videos, there is a focus on topics such as silk making, individualized drugs, tissue engineering, alternative transplants, etc. Videos tend to be short as well and won't take an entire period but can easily be incorporated into your lesson at any point.
    Nice get! You need Realplayer installed to play the videos online or when you download them.
Jay Swan

ActionBioscience - 52 views

    A great resource for articles on biodiversity, environment, genomics, biotechnology, evolution and what is coming in the future of biological sciences. Also includes educator materials. Also available in Spanish.
Holly Barlaam

PCR Song - 19 views

    Song about PCR (polymerase chain reaction)--not extremely educational but humorous!
Philip Vinogradov

MetaBlast - 8 views

    The last remaining plant cell in existence is dying. An expert team of plant scientists have inexplicably disappeared. Can you rescue the lost team, discover what is killing the plant, and save the world? Meta!Blast is a real-time 3D action-adventure game that puts you in the pilot's seat. Shrink down to microscopic size and explore the vivid, dynamic world of a soybean plant cell spinning out of control. Interact with numerous characters, fight off plant pathogens, and discover how important plants are to the survival of the human race.
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