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Free Technology for Teachers - 125 views

  • skip to main | skip to sidebar Pages Free Downloads Job Board Google Tools Tutorials Video Creation Resources Develop a PLN Work With Me Advertise Monday, June 21, 2010 Measure the Impact of Asteroids & Atomic Bombs Carlos Labs, a data architecture and data integration firm in Australia, has developed two Google Maps-based widgets that demonstrate the range of atomic weapons and the size of areas that could be affected by asteroid impacts.Ground Zero
  • size of an area that
  • TimeMaps is best described as a mash-up of encyclopedia
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  • Investopedia
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  • the new version of Google Earth is now a core component of G Suite for Education. This means that your students will be able to use Google Earth with the same account that they use for Google Drive, Classroom, Keep, and other core G Suite components.
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    Free resources and lesson plans for teaching with technology
    Good blog about free technology teachers can access for education
Randy Yerrick

Misconceptions of Science: what is a chemical bond - YouTube - 8 views

    Because of the way bonding is taught in high school, many students believe chemical bonds isa form of matter holding them together. Students do not understand bonding is more of an attraction holding the atoms together.
Matt Renwick

When a Bookstore Closes, an Argument Ends - The New Yorker - 21 views

  • once a bookstore is gone we lose the particular opportunities for adjacency it offers,
  • Restaurants, bookstores, cafés—on a grander scale railway stations, on a lesser one chessboards near park benches—are the sinews of civil society.
  • Enlightenment happened more often in a café than a classroom.
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  • By atomizing our experience to the point of alienation—or, at best, by creating substitutes for common experience (“you might also like…” lists, Twitter exchanges instead of face-to-face conversations)—we lose the common thread of civil life.
  • Books are not just other luxury items to be shopped for. They are the levers of our consciousness.
Marci Farmer

Educators - The Molecularium Project - 3 views

    A fully developed hands on activity to learn about molecules.
Amy Burns

Welcome to NanoSpace! - 63 views

    Very engaging activities!
Martha Hickson

Official Blog: Learn about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the Google Cultural Institute - 1 views

    seven new online exhibits on the Google Cultural Institute that help tell the story of the two cities and their tragic fate.

Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month] : Bonica (Joe) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive - 38 views

    This archive--the pre linger--is filled with government and educational films. Great period pieces for history teachers.
Marc Patton

Miami Museum of Science - The Atoms Family - 1 views

    online science labs
Martin Burrett

Magnifying the Universe - 6 views

    A great resource for viewing the very biggest and very smallest things in the universe, ranging from galaxies to insects, nebulae and stars to molecules and atoms.
Gerald Carey

Magnifying the Universe - 4 views

    Terrific interactive showing the size of various items from atoms to the universe. Great for a white board! Hat tip to Free Technology for Teachers - a great resource and blog.
Doug Henry

Chemorphesis - 6 views

    Anthropomorphizing chemical concepts to make them understandable to everybody - puts atoms, molecules, and even generic concepts into human terms, using comic book graphics
Jude Kesl

Build an Atom - 116 views

    This webpage allows students to view the structure of atoms from simple hydrogen and Helium all the way up to the complex Ununoctium.

Students and Technology: an Infographic - 80 views

    Students today are using more tech in more places than even Popular Science imagined back in the atomic age. 98% of students own a gadget and 70% of them use a gadget in class-some for note-taking and study, some for poke wars on Facebook during lecture. And while the time spent online in a day might set off some warning bells, the good news is that a breakdown of that time shows much of it is spent learning.
Martin Burrett

Air Pressure Simulation - 70 views

    A simple but useful simulation of how air pressure in effected by space and temperature.
Martin Burrett

The Scale of the Universe - 118 views

    An amazing resource which shows the relative scales of things in the universe and guaranteed to make you feel insignificant. But wow it's good.
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