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Adobe Museum of Digital Media - 106 views

    A-B-C Atoms (physical) Bits (Virtual) C (craft) Craft? The New Craft: Virtual and Physical blended together. The tools and the media are converging. This site puts you on a high hill giving you a much better viewpoint of the horizon. A new view showing how technology and design are beginning to work together in today's world: A-B-C Enjoy.
Martin Burrett

Air Pressure Simulation - 70 views

    A simple but useful simulation of how air pressure in effected by space and temperature.
Martin Burrett

The Scale of the Universe - 118 views

    An amazing resource which shows the relative scales of things in the universe and guaranteed to make you feel insignificant. But wow it's good.
Doug Henry

Chemorphesis - 6 views

    Anthropomorphizing chemical concepts to make them understandable to everybody - puts atoms, molecules, and even generic concepts into human terms, using comic book graphics
Marc Patton

Miami Museum of Science - The Atoms Family - 1 views

    online science labs

Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month] : Bonica (Joe) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive - 38 views

    This archive--the pre linger--is filled with government and educational films. Great period pieces for history teachers.
Jac Londe - 12 views

  • All the news about WikiLeaks in one place,
Justin Medved

Cell Size and Scale - 94 views

    This is amazing!
Matt Renwick

When a Bookstore Closes, an Argument Ends - The New Yorker - 21 views

  • once a bookstore is gone we lose the particular opportunities for adjacency it offers,
  • Restaurants, bookstores, cafés—on a grander scale railway stations, on a lesser one chessboards near park benches—are the sinews of civil society.
  • Enlightenment happened more often in a café than a classroom.
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  • By atomizing our experience to the point of alienation—or, at best, by creating substitutes for common experience (“you might also like…” lists, Twitter exchanges instead of face-to-face conversations)—we lose the common thread of civil life.
  • Books are not just other luxury items to be shopped for. They are the levers of our consciousness.
Amy Burns

Welcome to NanoSpace! - 63 views

    Very engaging activities!
Marci Farmer

Educators - The Molecularium Project - 3 views

    A fully developed hands on activity to learn about molecules.
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