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Cindy Edwards

Tools for the TEKS: Integrating Technology in the Classroom - 109 views

  • Education in the twenty-first century should focus on the development of authentic literacy skills for students.
  • . Podcasting is cheap
  • Podcasting invites a global audience
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • . Podcasting provides a window into the classroom
  • Podcasting is digital storytelling
  • Audio podcasting encourages no-frills communication
  • Podcasting involves few privacy concerns
  • Podcasting can educate about copyright
  • Podcasting can be interactive
  • Podcasting can be creative
  • Podcasting can be fun!
    Great information and links to motivate educators to begin producing podcasts in their own classroom!
Holly Barlaam

Texas ACE (Afterschool Centers on Education) - 19 views

    Lots of searchable activities for academic assistance, enrichment, college and career readiness, etc, aligned with Texas state standards. All subject areas.
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