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Martin Burrett

Write a Sci-Fi Story - 74 views

    Make a customise sci-fi story with this great English resource.
Wayne Holly

Sci2ools - Free Online Suite of Productivity Tools | Browserland - 112 views

    Sci2ools is a free online suite of productivity tools that are very useful for your daily use such as, Convert scanned documents into editable text - OCR, Convert Latex equations to high resolution images to embed in documents, Convert web page to printer friendly PDF, Convert web page to high resolution image or wallpaper, Split and Merge PDF, Extract Images from PDF as JPEG, Convert PDF to Thumbnails, Text, or Postscript, Repair Corrupted PDF if possible, Convert Office Documents to PDF, Image Converter, Converts Latex Documents to RTF, and much more.
Marianne Hart

STEM Game Ideas - Evaluation - 64 views

  • A sciTunes Human Body Adventure By sciTunes | January 05, 2011 @ 21:36:30 A sciTunes Human Body Adventure is an interactive videogame package for pre-K ? fourth grade students that includes six games related to the main systems of the human body. Each game includes a clever, catchy, scientifically accurate song in the background that reinforces the main components of that human body system. The ability to select a difficulty level for each of the games will ensure that the younger children will not become frustrated and that older children will not become bored.
    Great game - sci-Tunes A Human Body Adventure Click the Applaud button to vote.
Martin Burrett

Doodle on Maps with - 1 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 17 Jul 11 - Cached
    A easy to use, versatile mapping tool. Students can annotate and draw on the maps. Great with an interactive whiteboard. Because this site uses Google Maps you can not only use a map of Earth, but the Moon, Mars and the sky too. Great for Sci-Fi creative writing.,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
Jennifer Diaz

ZOOM . activities . sci | PBS Kids - 50 views

    Cool ideas for a Science Project day.
Randy Yerrick - 19 views

    This article explains how children create their perceptions only on their experiences because that is meaningful to them.  Teachers must allow students to explore to make sense of science through experience.
Ed Webb

Pronto* - 0 views

  • rigid disciplinary boundaries.
    • Ed Webb
      Hang on, wasn't this about how Poli-Sci can contribute as a discipline? In fact, I'm totally down with destroying the silo structure of the disciplines, but it does seem there is an internal contradiction here.
Gregory Louie

Curriki - TerrariumsandVivariums - 1 views

    In this comprehensive five to ten week unit, late elementary students (grades 5-6) will plan, create and observe three different environments: woodland, desert, and tropical. Each environment provides opportunity for activities studying adaptations of plants and animals, with focused activities on the earthworm and isopod. Humane treatment of organisms is stressed. This resource includes correlations with NY state standards. Each "kit" in the Curriki repository includes a teacher's manual and student activity book. The teacher's manual includes a unit overview, scheduling information, extensive and clear background information materials, preparation instructions, discussion questions, an assessment, cross-curricular extension ideas, a glossary and teacher references. Each student manual includes clear, reproducible student handouts and a glossary. The last section in the "kit" is a wiki, and Curriki members are encouraged to edit and build up the existing curriculum. It may take some time initially to organize and order all the necessary supplies, but these written materials are excellent and can be used immediately in the classroom.
Martin Burrett

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time - 64 views

    An online Dr Who adventure game from the BBC. Solve the mystery to save the day.
Roland Gesthuizen

What Comic-Con Nerds Know About Getting Kids Hooked on Reading - Education - GOOD - 52 views

  • "The Nerd in the Classroom: Sci-fi as an Educational Tool"
    "if we want students to improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills- and truly fall in love with literature-we need to bring a genre that makes adults want to dress up as their favorite superhero into the classroom."
Martin Burrett

ZOOMsci - 100 views

    A simple collection of ideas for science experiments and activities to use in class.

Paul Zakcalls oxytocin the "moral molecule" - 26 views

    Studies on the role of hormones of behaviour
Michele Brown

Bite Sci-zed - YouTube - 74 views

    Videos that cover a variety of science topics.  Exploring the wonder of why.  YoutTube Next EDU Guru
Deborah Baillesderr

The Common Core Conversation - Common Core Conversation - 32 views

    Lots of resources!
Janet Bailey

Earth Science Regents Resources - 7 views

    • Janet Bailey
      Links to many useful resources here.
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