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Mrs. Lail2

The History of Digital Storage [INFOGRAPHIC] - 96 views

    Infographic of Digital Storage

Twitter Boosts College Grades and Class Engagement [STUDY] - 1 views

  • Christina Greenhow, an assistant professor of education at Michigan State University, discovered that students using the microblogging service as part of their education are more engaged and have higher grades. In fact, she considers it “a new literary practice,” as she explains in her study “Twitteracy: Tweeting as a New form of Literary Practice.”
Roland Gesthuizen

What Kind of Watch Does an Astronaut Wear in Space? - 39 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Why not just say London? .. odd way to word this.

Why Smartphone-Obsessed Generation Y Can't Put Down Their Phones - 95 views

  • The smartphone: man's new best friend -- at least for Generation Y.
Tony Baldasaro

HOW TO: Build Community on Twitter - 1 views

    Your Twitter community is your life line. The strength of your community determines overall what you will (or won't) get out of the microblogging platform. What do you want to use Twitter (Twitter) for? I wanted to build a community where I could engage in dialogue, stay ahead of the social media curve, and share some laughs.
Thane Magelky

5 Innovative Classroom Management Tools for Teachers - 264 views

    "Few teachers are drawn to the profession for its administrative duties. But the reality of attendance taking, lesson planning, grading and parental communications is that they're a big part of the job. These tasks, however, need not take over. With help from the many online services and mobile apps designed for teachers, it can be easy to efficiently organize and complete classroom management responsibilities. Here are five of our favorite virtual tools for tackling some of the most common classroom chores."
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