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Phil Taylor

4 Tips for Integrating Social Media Into the Classroom - 45 views

  • Instead of dismissing social media as distracting or destructive, schools should embrace it as an essential part of the curriculum. Not only does this limit the potential for students to abuse the technology, but it opens a new set of valuable educational tools.

Skype to Introduce Ads? - 23 views

shared by C CC on 10 May 10 - Cached

The Case for the Virtual Classroom - 65 views

    Online education is often dismissed as a pipeline for expensive degrees of little value and a sponge for veterans' tuition payments. But while it's true that for-profit universities have made a hefty business out of e-learning, it's becoming apparent that learning online can also benefit almost everyone else.
SJCNY Trainers

Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know - 153 views

    "We've entered Facebook's maze of privacy options and came out on the other side bruised, battered, but with 10 essential settings in our hands. Disregard them at your own peril!" Accurate as of Feb 2011
    Share this post with your preservice student teachers (and current teachers on FB as well). The maze of privacy settings can be a challenge to negotiate. This post helps.
Adam Hildebrandt

HOW TO: Build a More Beautiful Blog - 138 views

    HOW TO: Build a More Beautiful Blog -
Bob Rowan

Twitter Reacts To Massive Quake, Tsunami In Japan - 25 views

  • Twitter users shared the tsunami’s estimated times of arrival on U.S. shores — before an official government tsunami warning
    worth noting for volume of Twitter posts following 2011 tsunami in Japan, use of Twitter following phone outages, and sharing expected arrival time of waves in US before official government announcements
Lauren Rosen

How To Embed Practically Anything On Your Blog or Website - 169 views

    Embedding made easy. You can embed almost anything anywhere just by providing the URL in embedly
Steve Lissenden

7 YouTube Alternatives & Why They Make Sense - 268 views

  • are some things that YouTube can’t do, or doesn’t do so well
    • webExplorations
      I started my online videos using but videos kept breaking and they kept turning closed captioning on and off. I have a deaf student and this became a real show stopper. When I switched to YouTube I was pleasantly surprised on how friendly the user control panels were and how easy (and fast) it is to maintain my video library. (Here's my channel: The features on YouTube far surpass for me.
Glenda Baker

Back to School: 42 Digital Resources for Students & Parents - 188 views

    inspiration to share 
A Gardner

12 Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials - 174 views

    I did not see which is totally free and you can either link or download an .mp4.
Glenda Baker

Rebecca Black Quits Middle School After Bullying - 114 views

    Real world example of the change social media has on students.
Craig Blewett

How the World Uses Social Networks [INFOGRAPHIC] - Summify - 6 views

    Interesting infographic on how various (first world) countries makes use of Social Media
tom campbell

How Schools Can Use Facebook to Build an Online Community - 101 views

    This article should start some chatter!
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