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Trevor Cunningham

60second Recap® Video Notes. Everything you need to wow your English teacher! - 111 views

    Be sure to diigo this site! You'll love it!! It recaps all your "favorite" novels!
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    60second Recap™ wants to make the great works of literature accessible, relevant, and, frankly, irresistible to today's teens. Through 60second Recap™ video albums, we seek to help teens engage with the best books out there ... not just to help them get better grades, but to help them build better lives.
    Recaps many novels in a high school English curriculum
    Video generated study guide for some of the top literature reads.The 60second Recap™ makes literature accessible, relevant, and, frankly, irresistible to today's teens.
    Jenny goes beyond the books to help you excel in class. Tips on reading, writing, and more.
    While it certainly satisfies a new low in apathy and lethargy, eclipsing the likes of Sparks and Cliff Notes, it does present an outstanding project idea for a literature class.
Marc Patton

Children's Literature Assembly - 0 views

    The Children's Literature Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English advocates the centrality of Literature for teaching children. We believe every teacher needs a wide and extensive knowledge base of books published for children and young adults.
Mark Gleeson

iPads (or other devices) and Literature Circles - co-starring Edmodo. - 139 views

    Enhancing the Literature Circle experience with iPads, computers and Edmodo
Gene Tognetti

Adding Tech to Literature Circles from Common Core & Ed Tech - 9 views

    Many web tools that support effective Literature Circles.
Letitia Burton

Meeting the Needs of ELL Students in the Literature Classroom - 43 views

    This article emphasizes that ELLs benefit when literature teachers include techniques that make the learning more accessible. I like the idea of connecting the literature to a real project. I do this same activity with my adult ELLs every semester. For example, this semester they are reading "Breaking Through", a true story about a boy whose parents are undocumented agricultural workers. It is a great story of perseverance and "grit" that shows how immigrants make this country stronger. I am going to pair the reading with a group project called "The Immigrant Experience in Houston". My students will research an immigrant group and chronicle the melting pot that is Houston. They will create a Power Point Presentation and share their research with the class. Food samples always get 5 extra points!
Margaret FalerSweany

Text to Text | 'The Giver' and 'The Dark Side of Young Adult Fiction' - - 59 views

  • ideas for connecting it to a larger discussion about the popularity of dystopian literature, as well as options for going further
  • Key Questions: Why are dystopian novels so popular among young adults right now?
  • What can dystopian fiction show or teach us that, perhaps, other kinds of stories cannot
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  • In this forum, seven experts discuss the questions, Why do bestselling young adult novels seem darker in theme now than in past years? What’s behind this dystopian trend, and why is there so much demand for it?
  • Connecting “The Giver” to Other Dystopian Literature
  • Censorship and the Novel
  • An Ending for “The Giver”
    New York Times discussion of why young adults read dystopian stories such as "The Giver." The Author talks about the book and a panel of 8 experts discuss dystopian literature. Exercises are provided that students can use when studying such stories and novels.
Cara Whitehead

Literature Based Word Lists | Articles - 170 views

    Literature-based word lists for all grade levels (kindergarten through high school).

Literature-Map - The tourist map of Literature - 10 views

    If you like an author, put their name in and it will give you a word cloud of other authors that might interest you.
    a network of similar authors.
amendiol - 21 views

    A complete list of the works of literature tested by the AP literature exam since 1971
Enid Baines

10,000 Retired Books Create 'Literature Versus Traffic' Installation | Inthralld - 3 views

  • a simple objective for the installation: “literature took control of the streets and became the conquerer of the public space.”
Judy Robison

ReadCube for Researchers - 86 views

    suite of scholarly literature tools with a new release of the free ReadCube desktop application; ReadCube Pro, a premium add-on to the desktop version; ReadCube iOS apps; and SmartCite, a Word-compatible citation tool. Available free for both Mac and PC, ReadCube's desktop application allows researchers to organize and manage their scholarly article libraries, and discover new literature through searches and daily personalized recommendations.
victoria waddle

How books can sap the soul and poison readers with i... - 28 views

    Novels have power and influence. Interesting look at the darker side of the author's power over the reader in an age when we insist that all reading is goodness and light. Not a call for censorship by any means--just a reflection on how truly powerful literature is.

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students. - 24 views

    Video of how to create a literature review
raya samet

Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free - 134 views

    A list of free (and largely public domain) audiobooks that you can download. Comprised mostly of classic literature, many of which are featured in school literature courses.
Virginia Meadow

eChalk: Teaching resources for interactive whiteboards and data projectors - 2 views

    Powerful interactive resources designed for whole-class teaching. Online educational games, classroom resources and lesson activities for interactive whiteboards and data projectors. Put some fun into your lessons with our exceptional science, maths, English language, literature, history, music physical education and modern foreign languages software." />/css/resourceList.css
Marc Safran

A Model for the Process of Informational Research - 3 views

    A Model for the Process of Informational Research -A tutoial that looks at informational research, such as that done in the humanities and in literatures reviews in the social sciences and sciences.
    A Model for the Process of Informational Research\n-A tutorial that looks at informational research, such as that done in the humanities and in literatures reviews in the social sciences and sciences.
Tracy Tuten

Reading and the Web - Texts Without Context - - 18 views

    This article describes a new book, Reality Hunger, which is essentially a mashup of quotes from other sources. The article discusses how are culture of short-form writing and reading is changing literature and reading. The book reminds me of elements of a Humument, which also took the work of another and then augmented that work into a new story and art form.
Beth Panitz

ATN-reading-lists - home - 48 views

    A collection of different reading lists -- 1400 of them.
    All Together Now maintains this list of Children's literature for use by librarians and educators. The wiki format allows the list to grow.
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