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Michele Brown

Zombies: STEM Behind Hollywood by Texas Instruments - US and Canada - 47 views

    This looks really cool. "Zombie Apocalypse, a Hollywood-inspired TI-Nspire™ math and science activity, models the transmission of a hypothetical zombie contagion through the human population, the infection rate and logistics patterns due to resource limits."
Rachel Hinton

Colleges rush to create cybersecurity soldiers - 17 views

    The now infamous computer hacks infuriated consumers who had personal information compromised and Hollywood honchos who had embarrassing emails made public. But headline-grabbing computer intrusions are only a fraction of what is going on in the Wild West of cybercrime. According to Nextgov, the online resource for federal technology decision makers, energy giant BP faces 50,000 attempts at cyberintrusion a day. The Pentagon? Ten million a day. The National Nuclear Security Administration? Another 10 million. Dramatic websites from two major computer security companies, Norse Corp. ( and Kaspersky Lab (https://cybermap.kasper display vivid real-time maps of ongoing cyberwarfare being waged around the globe. That has sparked a mad dash for cybersecurity experts - and another mad dash to recruit and educate students in that field.
Mark Gleeson

The Literacy Shed - A great new resource for Visual Text Literacy Teaching - 123 views

    The site is organised into 24 different 'sheds", each providing a selection of quality visual texts (mainly 3D animations) accompanied by very useful teaching notes (Note to Grammar Gurus/Spelling "Nazis" -  ignore the occasional typo in the notes) outlining how you can use the clips in exploring themes, characterisation, narrative, plot, mood, use of audio, body language, inferences,deductions, predictions  - the notes cover just about everything. It's equally useful for reading comprehension and writing development. The use of the resources also go beyond just Literacy. Many of the resources are also useful for Humanities subjects as well and Smith points these links out in detail. What I especially enjoy is the number of foreign animations that expose students particularly in USA and Australia, my home, to different cultural and creative perspectives beyond Hollywood story telling.
Quynh Vu Do

What YouTube and Hollywood Divas Can Teach You About Active Learning | EdSurge News - 10 views

    "Some of the most dynamic thinkers and doers in education today are pioneers in active learning. Their pedagogy promotes the four Cs that the National Education Association (NEA) deems necessary "for success in college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century": critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration."
Ann Steckel

Harvard Study Finds Teens Online Lack Ethics - 72 views

  • In their research, the team has found that most young people are devoid of ethical thinking or consideration for others when using the web.
  • encourage us all to mentor young people on using social media for social good.
  • The online behaviors of youth and how to improve and correct them are part of how James feels new media can be used to address the world’s challenges
    The biggest take-away for me was that adults were largely lacking presence in the online life of youth. And, even though this was less true for tweens, the focus was primarily on consequences for poor choices, not digital citizenship. For me, this reflects a larger cultural shift that is occurring and the continued blurring of ethics/morality and the destructive influence of Hollywood.
Steve Ransom

AASA :: Public School Bashing: A Dangerous Game - 58 views

    One of the best articles that I have read on change, reform, school bashing, Waiting for Superman,...
    Really liked this! I sent it to all my teacher friends. She does a good job addressing a much better way to enact change in our districts than the method used by media and Hollywood. I think Waiting for Superman is a cop-out. A bonafide cop-out. It's so easy for the media and entertainment industry to just throw sticky-bombs at public schools. The ironic thing is there are so many privileged individuals in the media industries that were taught in elitist environments. When is someone going to make a movie bashing parents who do nothing to help their children succeed? Lastly, I loved her comment about the decision being dumber the further the person making is from a real classroom. Classic. Thanks again for sharing.
    Glad you found it helpful. I thought it was very clear, well written, and offers some solutions... solutions that require social and moral change, not just political and hegemonic change.
Marc Safran

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - 1 views

  • Our students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.
  • today's students think and process information fundamentally differently from their predecessors
  • we can say with certainty that their thinking patterns have changed
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • The importance of the distinction is this: As Digital Immigrants learn - like all immigrants, some better than others - to adapt to their environment, they always retain, to some degree, their "accent," that is, their foot in the past.
  • There are hundreds of examples of the digital immigrant accent. 
  • our Digital Immigrant instructors, who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age), are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language
  • Digital Immigrant teachers assume that learners are the same as they have always been, and that the same methods that worked for the teachers when they were students will work for their students now. But that assumption is no longer valid. Today's learners are different.
  • So what should happen?  Should the Digital Native students learn the old ways, or should their Digital Immigrant educators learn the new? 
  • methodology
  • learn to communicate in the language and style of their students
  • it does mean going faster, less step-by step, more in parallel, with more random access, among other thing
  • kinds of content
  • As educators, we need to be thinking about how to teach both Legacy and Future content in the language of the Digital Natives.
  • Adapting materials to the language of Digital Natives has already been done successfully.  My own preference for teaching Digital Natives is to invent computer games to do the job, even for the most serious content.
  • "Why not make the learning into a video game!
  • But while the game was easy for my Digital Native staff to invent, creating the content turned out to be more difficult for the professors, who were used to teaching courses that started with "Lesson 1 – the Interface."  We asked them instead to create a series of graded tasks into which the skills to be learned were embedded. The professors had made 5-10 minute movies to illustrate key concepts; we asked them to cut them to under 30 seconds. The professors insisted that the learners to do all the tasks in order; we asked them to allow random access. They wanted a slow academic pace, we wanted speed and urgency (we hired a Hollywood script writer to provide this.)   They wanted written instructions; we wanted computer movies. They wanted the traditional pedagogical language of "learning objectives," "mastery", etc. (e.g. "in this exercise you will learn"); our goal was to completely eliminate any language that even smacked of education.
  • large mind-shift required
  • We need to invent Digital Native methodologies for all subjects, at all levels, using our students to guide us.
    Our students have changed radically. Today's students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.
Enid Baines

Louis Zamperini's epic life may finally get its Hollywood movie - Press-Telegram - 16 views

    Loved "Unbroken." Hard to put down. Glad to see it headed for the big screen w/Angelina Jolie as director.
Iain Williamson - 60 views

    Useful online film course in storytelling, sound and color
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