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Roland Gesthuizen

Schools are key to safeguarding runaway children | Education | - 0 views

  • Schools, police, and care agencies are all required to collect data on runaways, but the information is often not pulled together effectively or properly exchanged between the services.
  • Schools are on the frontline of safeguarding these vulnerable children. Teachers are in a prime position to identify children who are upset, under stress or frequently missing school. These are the children who are most likely to run away from home.
  • For Stansfield, the "key issue" is that schools know who to call, and that they call them as soon it becomes clear that someone has run away, even if it has been for just a few hours, as this behaviour can "quickly spiral"
    The Children's Society is calling for better training for teachers so they can help to identify children at risk of running away and take preventive action
Ed Webb

Dawn of the cyberstudent | University challenge | - 0 views

  • students often have more experience of using new technologies than many university managers — even if they need guidance in using them effectively
    • Ed Webb
      And there's the rub. Students can often read, too, in the basic sense. But our job as higher educators is to get them to really read, to read critically and do something with that reading. So, too, with the affordances of web2.0.
  • the research process is likely to become much more open
    • Ed Webb
      We can hope
  • "If you are in Second Life listening to a lecture, your ability to fly through a bush isn't that relevant,
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • a balance that suits them, which may lead to more varying degrees of face-to-face and online contact,
  • All this will put added pressure on university staff, with increasing demands to respond to students 24/7. Read suggests one answer could be for universities in different parts of the world to share the load so that, as often happens already in industry "the work moves around with the sun".
    • Ed Webb
      Interesting concept. Dickinson and other internationally-connected institutions would be in good shape to innovate here.
  • learning culture
    Guardian on how higher ed will have to adapt. Not sure the revolution is here quite yet.
    "Cyberstudent" is a hideous term.

The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age | Science | The Guardian - 13 views

    Guardian article on Anthropocene
Roland Gesthuizen

Why are new teachers leaving in droves? | Education | The Guardian - 57 views

    Nearly half of all newly qualified teachers leave the profession within five years. Charlie Carroll went on the road for a year, working in the most challenging schools, to find out why
paul lowe

A report says universities' use of virtual technologies is 'patchy' | Education | The Guardian - 1 views

    The "Google generation" of today's students has grown up in a digital world. Most are completely au fait with the microblogging site Twitter; they organise their social lives through Facebook and MySpace; 75% of students have a profile on at least one social networking site. And they spend up to four hours a day online. Modern students are happy to share and participate but are prone to impatience - being used to quick answers - and are casual about evaluating information and attributing it, and also about legal and copyright issues. With almost weekly developments in technology and research added to increasingly web-savvy students' expectations, how are British universities keeping up? Pretty well, according to Sir David Melville, chair of Lifelong Learning UK and author of a new report into how students' use of new technologies will affect higher education.
Martin Burrett

24 hours in pictures - 120 views

    The Guardian newspaper produces a set of photos from around the world for each day. Many are from the news, while others show far off places and interesting things.
Donal O' Mahony

Can you enforce a policy for parents/guardians of school-children? | eLearning Island - 16 views

    Can you enforce a policy for parents/guardians of school-children? i would like to hear your answers. Thank you!
Roland Gesthuizen

Techno-toddlers: A is for Apple | Technology | The Guardian - 37 views

    In the last chapter of her novel A Visit From The Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan imagines a dystopian near future in which toddlers in the year 2020 download music to their ubiquitous "kiddie handsets", which also feature "finger drawing, GPS systems for babies just learning to walk, PicMail". But if that's the future, it's already here.
Andrew Williamson

Pupils to study Twitter and blogs in primary shake-up | Education | The Guardian - 0 views

    This article is interesting but seems to miss the point about progressive pedagogy
Kate Tabor

Ten rules for writing fiction | Books | - 42 views

    Writers give advice - re: writing fiction - part 1
Raymond Andrew

Mightier than the kirpan | Hardeep Singh Kohli | Comment is free | The Guardian - 7 views

    All about secular common space.
Gerald Carey

The Amazonian tribe that can only count up to five | Science | The Guardian - 31 views

    Interesting but long article describing the mathematical skills of Amazonian tribes people. Their understanding of maths is very similar to kindergarten and Year 1 students.
Florence Dujardin

Florence Nightingale, datajournalist: information has always been beautiful | - 13 views

    Florence Nightingale was a master in visualising statistics - see how she did it + interactive updates to her coxcomb diagram
Gerald Carey

Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man | Science | - 25 views

    What is our definition of intelligence? It's getting harder to find things that only humans do!
Keith Bryant

TED's Chris Anderson: the man who made YouTube clever | Technology | The Observer - 1 views

    How YED Talks started and the founder.
Gerald Carey

Favourite chemical reactions [video] | GrrlScientist | Science | - 1 views

    A neat collection of the favourite chemical reactions of...chemists!!
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