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Lauren Rosen

Unhangout - 68 views

    Combines with google hangouts to create small groups within a larger class session. Ability to start session with a presentation, move participants into groups, and then broadcast a message for everyone to return to the large class session area. Meant for all students to be on their own devices.
Lauren Rosen

Pear Deck - 34 views

    Great tool for distance learning if you want to have students responding as you are presenting. Also good for in class 1-1 settings. That's what it is designed for however, it becomes a question of whether or not you gain what you want by having a silent class simply responding on their screens. Google for login is required but integrates with Google apps, upload ppt. or create your own within pear deck
Lauren Rosen

Blending Face-to-Face and Flipping -- THE Journal - 54 views

    In depth article including advantages and disadvantages of flipped lessons and combining flipped with traditional.
Karen Davis

Open Your Classroom Door to 'Be Better' - 50 views

    • Karen Davis
      I've been dying to try a backchannel in my class discussions...wouldn't it be great to have support with this!
BalancEd Tech

Education Week: Framing the School Technology Dream - 1 views

    So that's why decisions are made that way ...
Mark Gleeson

Education Week Teacher: Why Twitter and Facebook Are Not Good Instructional Tools - 84 views

    It's about effective use of edtech. Read the comments. More thought provoking than the article - a valuable discussion on the topic. 
Matt Renwick

Education Week Teacher: How to Make the Most of Your Professional Learning Community - 33 views

  • During our first meeting of the school year, we jotted down on sticky notes what each of us wanted to accomplish in our weekly meetings. Three main ideas rose to the top and have driven our work together ever since: support for each other, help with pacing an overwhelming curriculum, and detailed plans to implement with our students. Everything we do as a group addresses one or more of these three objectives.
  • Talking about the issues and pressures of teaching—always in a solutions-focused way, of course—is cathartic itself.
  • PLCs must find ways to share the workload, not increase it.
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  • Effective PLCs must focus on student learning. It's no use becoming bogged down in issues or procedures that are out of our control as classroom teachers.
  • To keep ourselves on track, we examine our students' strengths and weaknesses, creating plans that maximize student success.
Erik Stafford

Education Week: Realizing the Promise of New Education Technologies - 31 views

  • A Web-browser-based tutoring platform called ASSISTments. Developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ASSISTments, as its name suggests, performs tasks that extend the teacher’s reach in and beyond the classroom. As it generates sets of practice math problems geared to a range of skills, ASSISTments provides hints to students when they cannot answer problems correctly and then furnishes teachers with updated assessments of each student’s progress, as well as aggregated data on the entire class’s performance. The system prompts students to describe the logic they employed in answering specific problems, and teachers can communicate weekly or even daily with parents about their children’s work.
Philip Pulley

Education Week: School Administrators Seen to Embrace New Digital Devices - 1 views

    • Philip Pulley
      Ours use them, often school provided/paid for. We will be in the top 15% next year by providing laptops?
    • Philip Pulley
      Or do we the administrators get the best "toys" first. Shouldn't these be in the hands of the teachers to make changes in how they teach so that the learning experiences can be improved FOR THE STUDENTS?
    High tech use by administrators, more than general public.
Trevor Grimes

Education Week: Data Tools Aim to Predict Student Performance - 47 views

    Great read
Trevor Grimes

Education Week: Battle for Whiteboard-Market Supremacy Heats Up - 2 views

  • "There's still a place for the main focus of the class to be on a shared screen, whether that's an IWB [interactive whiteboard], an interactive monitor, or whatever," says Danny Nicholson, the author of The Whiteboard Blog, in an email.
    Whiteboards in the classroom
Peter Beens

Education Week: 'Curriculum' Definition Raises Red Flags - 36 views

    Calls for shared curriculum for the common standards have triggered renewed debates about who decides what students learn, and even about varied meanings of the word "curriculum," adding layers of complexity to the job of translating the broad learning goals into classroom teaching.

Education Week: Effective Use of Digital Tools Seen Lacking in Most Tech.-Rich Schools - 100 views

  • Those factors include integrating technology into intervention classes; setting aside time for professional learning and collaboration for teachers; allowing students to use technology to collaborate; integrating technology into core curricula at least weekly; administering online formative assessments at least weekly; lowering the student-to-computer ratio as much as possible; using virtual field trips at least monthly; encouraging students to use search engines daily; and providing training for principals on how to encourage best practices for technology implementation. Only about 1 percent of the 1,000 schools surveyed by Project RED followed all those steps, and those that did “saw dramatic increases in student achievement and had revenue-positive experiences,” Ms. Wilson said.
    • Adam Truitt
      Data drives decisions....or at least should
  • cut their photocopying and printing budgets in half.
    • London Jenks
      The "paperless classroom" or the "not so much paper as before" classroom
    • tab_ras
      This is similar to what is happening in Australia, particularly NSW, I think.
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  • requires leadership,professional development, collaboration, and new forms of pedagogy and assessment
    Most schools that have integrated laptop computers and other digital devices into learning are not following the paths necessary to maximize the use of technology in ways that will raise student achievement and help save money, a report concludes."We all know that technology does things to improve our lives, but very few schools are implementing properly," said Leslie Wilson, a co-author of the study, "The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness," released last month. She is the chief executive officer of the Mason, Mich.-based One-to-One Institute, which advocates putting mobile-computing devices into the hands of all students.
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