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Nigel Coutts

Contemplating questions of work life balance - The Learner's Way - 16 views

    Oddly lately I have been pondering how schools responds to the question of a work life balance. Let me try to explain my thinking. I am still trying to clarify my thinking here, so please bear with me. What does it mean to achieve work life balance, and should we want to?
Martin Burrett

Nine ideas that senior school staff can do to truly make a difference to the work life balance of teachers - 28 views

    "what strategies and plans can senior staff follow to ensure that they are truly making a difference to the work-life balance of teaching colleagues? Following a recent #UKEdChat session (click here to view), our community came up with a collection of ideas which you can adapt yourself, or share with the senior leaders in your school to set into motion to help improve the work-life balance of all staff."
Lauren Ktytor

balanced-assessment - home - 75 views

    Increase knowledge of types of assessment, Make connections between 21st-century learning and assessment, Explore research to support balanced assessment and technology integration in assessment, Recognize the impact of Higher Order Thinking Skills in effective integration of technology into assessment, Demonstrate activities that integrate technology tools, Discuss questions related to the implementation of assessment supported by technology tools
    balanced assessment wiki

Make 2016 the year you get the 'balance' right….by @FloraBarton - - 20 views

    So, I have been asked by a few people to provide a further update to the 'worklife balance' issue.  As many of you will now know, when I started my first headship (the one I'm currently in) just over two years ago, I started my first Inset day by te…
Martin Burrett

Pareto Knew How To Balance It All by @ArtyTeach79 - 18 views

    "In an ever demanding world the need to balance school and home life has never been greater. Recently I explored and shared with staff the 80/20 principle."
Martin Burrett

Promise yourself more 'me' time in 3 simple steps - - 10 views

    "Teaching and leading within an educational setting can demand a copious amount of time, and many educators struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance. In fact, previous research has shown that striving for a positive work/life balance is an unobtainable myth, and with constant mobile notifications, e-mails, along with the never-ending pile of marking and planning that needs doing, how can you stop working when you're off the clock?"
Martin Burrett

Bunny Balance - 49 views

    A maths game for younger students where player must balance or unbalance the seesaw with bunnies of varying weights.

How to Make a Fork and Spoon Appear to Defy Gravity: 7 steps - 1 views

  • An alternative technique is to use two forks and put a quarter (or other medium-sized coin) between the middle slot of the two forks when they are held together and balance this in the same way
  • Yet another alternative: Create the fork and spoon "boomerang" with one matchstick as before. Stick another matchstick upright in the top of a heavy salt shaker. Balance one matchstick on the point of the other. If you're lucky, the center of gravity will work so as to allow you to Balance the point of one matchstick on the point of the other at close to a 90-degree angle. This one takes a bit of experimentation.
Gerald Carey

Balancing Chemical Equations - Reactants, Products, Chemical Reactions - PhET - 76 views

    Another terrific PhET production. Good for introductory chemistry.
Glenn Hervieux

The phrase "CIPA complaint content" can be misleading - Balanced Filtering in Schools - 2 views

    Great article that I think will help clarify for school admin., tech coordinators, teachers, students, etc. what our responsibilities and roles are in digital citizenship with regard to appropriate content. is a grassroots campaign to promote Balanced content filtering in schools which complies with the law, promotes accountability, and encourages responsible digital citizenship.
BalancEd Tech

Are We Outsourcing Our Memories? - 52 views

dennis deets

Smarter Balanced Assessments | Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium - 77 views

    • dennis deets
      This has the example ELA Items
    • dennis deets
      Here are the math items
    This page has all of the SBAC Item Specs goto sites. Go to the ZIP and look at your grade level/content.
Jennie Snyder

SCOE: Resources: Instruction: Technology for Learners: Smarter Balanced Assessment - 46 views

    A resource page posted by the Sonoma County Office of Education on the Smarter Balanced Consortium assessments.
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Rubrics Fail as a Means of Measuring Documentation Quality | I'd Rather Be Writing - 3 views

  • Almost nothing can be broken down into a list of parts that, when properly assembled and in the right balance, create a perfect whole.
  • if we want to measure effectiveness of something, it should be measured against its goal
  • that’s the direction any rubric should go — toward the user’s perspective, not evaluated from an internal perspective
    "One of my issues with using rubrics to assess anything - documentation, essays, support sites - is that, at least for me, judgment is not so mechanical. Almost nothing can be broken down into a list of parts that, when properly assembled and in the right balance, create a perfect whole. "
Martin Burrett

Teaching vs. Everything Else - 17 views

    "Teaching, if you let it, will take over your life. Too many of us can think of times when family were put into second place behind our teaching commitments, not to mention our health, diet and sleep. Despite all the talk of wellbeing, a culture of 'look how hard I work' pervades our profession. Not surprising when this is often encouraged and rewarded. In this UKEdChat we will discuss the merits and pitfalls of navigating this difficult balance and, together, find some solutions."
Peter Beens

Teacher Magazine: Stepping Aside: The Art of Working With Student-Teachers - 1 views

    Stepping Aside: The Art of Working With Student-Teachers\n\nTeacher Leaders Network Although traditional teacher-education programs rely on veteran educators to invite student- or "practice-" teachers into their classrooms, many skilled professionals can be heard expressing some reluctance about sharing instructional responsibilities with green recruits. They may be concerned about their ability to mentor an inexperienced colleague effectively, or simply hesitant to relinquish control of instruction in an atmosphere of high-stakes accountability.\n\nIn a recent post to the Teacher Leaders Network Forum daily discussion group, veteran teacher Vicky expressed some reservations of her own about working with a student-teacher and asked for help.\n\nI may be getting the opportunity to work with a student-teacher. I was wondering about your ideas for starting the year off right, helping the student-teacher, and balancing the load of mentoring the student teacher and teaching the students myself. I'm excited about the possibility, but I'm also a pretty hands-on control freak kind of person, so I want to alternately challenge and excite the intern but not be unfair or scary. Tips?\n\nNancy, a veteran K-12 music teacher, replied:\n\nGreat questions, Vicky. My first suggestion would be adopting the perspective that you will learn as much as the novice teacher-about yourself, your beliefs, and your practice. The first step is probably building a relationship in which the novice teacher trusts you enough to share real information and opinion (and vice-versa).\n\nCreate a safe space to communicate honestly, in both directions. A student teacher who feels comfortable enough to share fears, anxieties, confusion, and frustration-and knows that he or she is not being judged, but honored as a learner by a veteran teacher who also has fears and frustrations-will be a student teacher who can grow.\n\nMy second thought is that from your students' perspective there should be two experts
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